Dating at any age comes with a unique set of complications. As a teen, you're more insecure, perhaps struggling with your sexuality or just not yet sure of yourself. As a young adult, dating is romanticized, especially now in an age of social media where you can pick and choose what people see and when.

However, dating as an adult might be the most difficult. Your standards are higher, so it's more onerous to find someone to fit in with your already established life. There's also an element of the "ticking clock," as you may feel like you're running out of time to find the ideal partner. Each and every person has their own hurdles with dating after age 30.

Time to settle down?

"When you're a gay man in your 30s, it's inevitable to encounter a unique set of challenges," said Yuii Brown, a health enthusiast and the founder of Coffee Geek Lab. "Like many others in my situation, I also prefer to see younger guys. When you're 35 dating someone 10 years younger, it can either go amazingly well or horrendously wrong."

Brown described an encounter where he was actually robbed by his date and his date's friends. The