Although OCD can be hard to manage, relationships and fulfilling sex lives are within reach.
Can this frustrating, addictive and emotional roller coaster of a relationship all be worth it?
Can this frustrating, addictive and emotional roller coaster of a relationship all be worth it?
Can this frustrating, addictive and emotional roller coaster of a relationship all be worth it?
Finding new love can be challenging but healing—if you're ready for it.
Finding new love can be challenging but healing—if you're ready for it.
Finding new love can be challenging but healing—if you're ready for it.
Educate yourself first, and only then tell your date or partner about the virus you have.
Prevention can be tough, but the disease doesn't have to control you or your relationships.
We no longer seek mates solely for our survival. We're influenced by culture and society, too.
We no longer seek mates solely for our survival. We're influenced by culture and society, too.
TikTok advice says don't cook a new partner their favorite dish right away, but does it work?
Research highlights the 'singles tax,' the high cost of handling finances without a partner.
Friends with benefits sounds like the perfect arrangement, but there’s work involved.
Friends with benefits sounds like the perfect arrangement, but there’s work involved.
Get ready for a year of 'wanderlove,' 'edudating,' 'dating up' and more.
Get ready for a year of 'wanderlove,' 'edudating,' 'dating up' and more.
Get ready for a year of 'wanderlove,' 'edudating,' 'dating up' and more.
You can implement these dating experts' techniques if you can't afford to hire one.
You can implement these dating experts' techniques if you can't afford to hire one.
You can implement these dating experts' techniques if you can't afford to hire one.
We've all made mistakes. The trick is to learn from those experiences and become a better lover.
We've all made mistakes. The trick is to learn from those experiences and become a better lover.
We've all made mistakes. The trick is to learn from those experiences and become a better lover.
Are they cosmic connections or just a Machine Gun Kelly song?
A survey of more than 5,000 people reveals how the court ruling is changing love lives.
Gen Zers are being open and honest about finances with potential partners.
Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship, but fighting well is a skill to develop.
We asked the experts how they might help a commitment-phobe.
You're starting a relationship with a new partner, but kids are in the equation. Are you ready?
Intimate relationships can seem intimidating when you have an STD, but don't feel ashamed.
Here are some signs that you're being used like an old coat.
Here are some signs that you're being used like an old coat.
Turns out, superheroes are better at saving cities than coping with their emotional trauma.
Studies reveal the real impact of swiping on self-esteem.
Creating a truly secure space is important for any long-term partnership. Find out how to do it.
It's not easy to communicate with teens, especially about their relationships. Here's how.
We've heard of red flags, green flags and pink flags—now there's a sign of a different color.
Does it really take only seconds to fall for someone? Or is it just lust?
How do you tell your partner they're not a good lover? More importantly, how do you change that?
Historically, getting cuffed goes further back than we think.
You can't undo the past, but you can learn to make peace with it.
No chronic health condition should be granted the power to end a promising love life.
The reason could be hybristophilia, a shared trauma or an attraction to 'bad boy' behavior.
Some viewers may agree the advice is typically bad, so take it with a grain of salt.
Though apps have made meeting new people easier, in-person meet-cutes are still fun.
Author and dating coach Connell Barrett has tips for guys looking for love.
Finding love while living with a rebellious immune system is complicated but not impossible.
A cross-cultural study indicates that men tend to say those three little words before women.
It's time to get off the couch and date. Whether you go out or stay in, here are some ideas.
How much of a difference is too much for a relationship to endure?
If incredible sexual chemistry is a couple's only redeeming quality, experts have some advice.
It's important to be honest, but really, does your partner need to know everything about you?
Welcome to the era of breadcrumbing, soft launching and virtual dating.
The mind is fast, but the body is faster. Nonverbal communication can say a lot about people.
Looking to the past may be affecting your dating life more than you realize, and that's OK.
Your relationship is in a good place. Should you risk spoiling that by moving in together?
Can questionnaires really tell you if you're perfect for your partner?
The causes are too many to count, but overcoming them is crucial to a healthy relationship.
Here are 5 tips to help you crush a first date and remind yourself that you're a great catch.
In any relationship, couples feel pressure to be who they 'should be,' not who they want to be.
The earth didn't move, no stars in their eyes: Here are the real signs of the lovestruck.
You don't have to scrap your relationship, but you will need personal accountability.
'Masturdating' may be the answer for loneliness if you're willing to accept who you are.
Here's how to tactfully deal with inquisitive family and friends regarding your love life.
A chronic illness should not be given the power to snuff out a love life.
Thanks to online dating and a shifting culture, bedroom eyes may be harder to come by.
Wearing vaginal fluid as perfume isn't new but it's having a resurgence, thanks to influencers.
TikTok jumps on the spiritual wellness bandwagon as some people rethink sexual connections.
Ending a relationship is a big decision. Here's how to make the right choice.
When I was diagnosed at 17, I didn't realize the impact it would have on my intimacy.
Mental health conditions complicate life but they don't have to be a curse on your romances.
COVID-19 has left us craving real connections—and honesty—more than ever.
Complicated notions about what it means to be a man can make separation tougher to handle.
Lonely hearts and videocassettes paved the way for dating app ads.
No partnership is perfect. Know what to look for when you need help from a top professional.
No matter how strong a relationship is, you're not a substitute for your partner's therapy.
Audible and physical tics do not have to spell an end to romantic fulfillment.
From accusations of cheating to creating unrealistic expectations, take care with pornography.
From accusations of cheating to creating unrealistic expectations, take care with pornography.
If a potential match shows these signs, do yourself a favor and swipe left.
Are young people really embracing 'feral dating' this year?
Forget red flags. Less obvious signals need to be addressed in a relationship, too.
Getting to know the real you better can be a game changer when you're looking for a new partner.
Netflix's most toxic dating show reveals the thorny truth about the tactic.
It's a new dating term for an ages-old practice of not publicly declaring a relationship.
Is the grass really greener on the other side? Maybe you need to look inward to find out.
Are lesbians rushing into commitment or just letting their relationship run its course?
Are lesbians rushing into commitment or just letting their relationship run its course?
Whether you're jaded or just rusty, these expert tips could help you get back in the game.
Intense pain and other side effects shouldn't keep you from making a meaningful connection.
What comes after you decline sex matters to your partner and your relationship.
The anxiety is pervasive, yet length is far less important than he probably thinks it is.
The trendiest bedding item of the moment can be therapeutic for some.
Keeping in touch with almost-romantic partners is more common than you might think.
Finding the right partner is already difficult. HSV-2 doesn't have to make it harder.
If you're considering opening up your relationship, it's important to be informed.
Impulsivity, difficulty focusing and emotional dysregulation are just the start.
Dating has always been exhausting. Do the apps make it better or worse?
Here's how to nail this highly intense, multiplayer sexual experience—even if you're nervous.
The real question is how closely—and what you're willing to do to find out.
Go beyond the dreaded standalone, 'Hi,' by asking questions and showing you're interested.
The friends-to-lovers pipeline is much more popular than we ever thought.
Whether giving or receiving, here are the facts to do things safely.
The reasons are many, but it's probably not the best long-term habit.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: Freedom and fantasy are a fun combination.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: Freedom and fantasy are a fun combination.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: Freedom and fantasy are a fun combination.
Not wanting to be touched sexually is a valid boundary worthy of respect.
With rates at record highs, don't use squeamishness over talking about your status as an excuse.
A connection can manifest in a multitude of ways. Exploring new avenues can renew closeness.
Birth control cessation can have some unintended consequences.
Public displays of affection: You either love them or hate them.
Learn how to use this ancient Chinese practice to create a more sensual environment.
Listen to their words; they may help you get in touch with your sexuality and fantasies.
Here's how to tackle the challenges of starting to date while using a mobility aid.
Buzzwords range from funny (hesidating) to fishy (kitten fishing) to frightening (submarining).
Neurodiverse minds encourage an unconventional approach to intimacy.
Feeling joy for others may just be a polyamory trend, or it could be a path to a whole new you.
Yes, you can reveal your secret, spicy daydreams—even if the thought makes you cringe.
Both external and internal prejudice need to be dismantled to have a fulfilling partnership.
Learn new tools to take care of someone while also caring for yourself.
More stiff joints don't have to equate to less sex. Confidence and some assistance can help.
Stepping out on your partner is often the result of a much deeper issue within a relationship.
If chronic pain gets in the way in the bedroom, there are other wonderful ways to stay close.
Trauma-based fear can cause a communication breakdown between you and your partner.
Spontaneous posting can have long-term consequences, so control what you share online.
Psychological manipulation is as insidious as it is harmful, but there are ways to recognize it.
Reevaluate your expectations of sex to make it less of a competition and more about intimacy.
From foxy Robin Hood to Jasmine from 'Aladdin,' is it normal to find them hot?
A study indicates a link between meeting online and potentially unsafe behavior—use your head.
Platforms can both help and hinder a romance—it all depends on how you use them.
A negative view of your body could have a negative impact on your erections.
If your partner has sleep apnea, prioritize their health over inconveniences in the bedroom.
Mutual attraction can be nice but it's not the be-all and end-all of intimate partnerships.
The third film in Joachim Trier's trilogy successfully pulls off 'womansplaining' female desire.
Flip the script and look for some positive signs the next time you're on a date.
Polyamorous creators hope to improve representation, even with hurdles ahead.
You don't have to be a pro to create an unforgettable experience. Try these 7 steps to heaven.
If you and your partner resemble, say, brother and sister, there may be subconscious factors.
While we expect people to put their best foot forward, some photo alterations distort reality.
Don’t fear the worst. There are many other ways to express love, affection and ecstasy.
If you don't want to be swindled on Tinder or tricked into paying for a fake heiress, read this.
A standout profile isn't just for twenty-somethings. A good bio and photos can draw attention.
You're going to want to set a reminder for this.
Feeling jealous is a normal emotion, but unchecked it can do more harm than good.
A painful climax does not mean a permanent ban on pleasurable experiences.
Brain regions are linked with motivation, addiction and physical pain.
A skin condition is not an immovable barrier to romantic fulfillment.
I can’t tell if there’s something wrong with me, my vagina, or the sex I’m having.
Make the most of this romantic holiday, even when you're stuck at home.
Make the most of this romantic holiday, even when you're stuck at home.
These tips may sound good in theory but are guaranteed to fall flat in action.
If someone showers you with affection and then disappears, you may be a victim of love bombing.
Your genes govern appearance and blood type, but they're also responsible for a whole lot more.
Get ahead of the post-relationship blues by bringing in a professional.
It may be fun in the moment, but that naughty nude may come back to haunt you.
Gynecological pain may feel like the end of your sex life—but it doesn't have to be.
What has the virus really done to us? How will this affect our ability to handle after-crisis?
Jumping from one relationship to the next isn't always bad, but it wasn't working for me.
When it comes to STI prevention, education beats criminalization.
Studies indicate that divorce rates are six times higher if couples meet on a dating app.
What feels like butterflies in your tummy is actually a cocktail of chemicals in the brain.
Honesty is not straightforward for some people. Empathy could help them break the lying habit.
Helping people feel safe and comfortable while they explore sexual interests is crucial.
Establishing healthy communication techniques includes understanding bad ones.
Bust your sexual anxiety by tackling internalized fatphobia.
Romantic aloofness can be an effective dating strategy—sometimes.
Why do beats and tunes get us in the mood?
Let's take a closer look at reality TV's unintentional romantic hellscapes.
A look at life inside the seduction community from the men who got out.
Can love survive when your SO can't stand your four-legged best friend?
They're narcissistic, Machiavellian and even a little bit psychopathic.
No, you're not imagining it—dry spells can affect your mental and physical well-being.
Genitalia clichés are based on dubious research, but their impact is no less real.
Honest communication and an open mind are key when meeting a potential lover.
Knowing how to support someone who's grieving isn't always easy.
Deciding what to divulge on dating apps means anticipating ableism.
Getting older does not have to be the end of romance. Shed the stigma with a dose of confidence.
No longer could I tame first-date anxiety by getting tipsy. I had to learn some do's and don'ts.
How neurotypicals can come to better understand partners with autism spectrum disorder.
Here's a useful guide for managing expectations in a 'situationship.'
COVID-19 forced a lot of couples to get serious, fast. Perhaps it was a good thing.
Experts reveal a 5-step plan for achieving great casual sex.
Can you really fall in love over a picture of Spongebob?
When overthinking gets in the way of intimacy, it's time to take a step back.
Therapy with a significant other can help men cope with—or maybe even improve—erectile problems.
Saying I'm sorry the wrong way can sometimes do more harm than good.
From 'lover' to 'daddy,' learn what they want to be called during sex.
Cyber-flashing may give you a momentary thrill, but it's not worth the cost.
Too much cuddling or sweet talk outside the bedroom might throw cold water on your relationship.
Being on the spectrum can be tough, especially navigating the complexities of a relationship.
The physiological and psychological effects can have major effects on intimacy.
Multilingual romance can be magnifique—it just takes a bit more patience and effort.
No medical condition has to be the end of your dating life.
The extreme behaviors associated with the condition make day-to-day life difficult.
Find satisfaction through family and friends, but don't forget to give back in equal measure.
Strike a balance between privacy and honesty to build trust in your intimate partnerships.
Sex therapists sign off on the idea of implementing touch without a taskmaster's hand.
Adult intimacy is a little more complicated than preschool rules teach us.
You're as old as you feel, yes? And the right moves, will keep you from generational conflict...
If you're happy with one partner or more, you may be ambiamorous—here's how to communicate that.
Sex isn't always necessary to achieve climax. Sometimes all it takes is some fun and relaxation.
Life-like robots evoke science fiction, but some real people prefer sex with high-tech toys.
Making a splash outdoors sounds adventurous and sexy...but can it lead to diseases and STIs?
Despite being rarely discussed and understudied, 'laughgasms' are definitely a thing.
Testing positive should not signal the end of romance in your life.
Playtime without commitment can be a fun way to spread your wings—if you do it the right way.
For some, a kiss is the real indicator of closeness.
'I was so tired of rejection...I turned to steroids to improve my physique.'
From 'pencil dicks' to 'chodes,' the truth about average girth might surprise you.
Here's why a distant feeling of disgust for your otherwise perfect partner may be important.
They're different from appreciating compliments, and like other kinks, they can make sex hotter.
Having more than one partner may sound like a lot of fun, but it's not as easy as it sounds.
Children should understand sexual consent long before they understand sex.
Most are curable, but when left untreated, secondary complications can be life-threatening.
Ready to explore? Learn how to experiment with your sexual identity—the kind way.
The 'LA's Finest' actor opens up about his relationship and talking to his teens.
The comedian shares how he raises his kids—and how despite divorce, they 'came from love.'
Maybe it's not an unending search for love that keeps you hitting 'download.'
Straight couples have a responsibility to treat their third wheels with respect.
Three women explain how having a taller partner impacts their sex lives.
Tips for incorporating erotic language into lovemaking—even if the idea makes you squirm.
Whether you want a personal Cupid or have picked your prize already, use your brain first.
When anxiety becomes compulsive, seek help to learn how to embrace uncertainty.
There are many reasons couples break up, but infidelity seems to be a hard line.
Without critical learning experiences, LGBTQIA+ folks face unique challenges coming of age.
Quitting or losing a job can strain a marriage, but communication can help avoid catastrophe.
If it's not a "Hell, yes," it's a no.
'I never felt like I wasn't married to him, even when we got divorced.'
Vaginal health issues do not have to be a death sentence for your sex life.
There’s a difference between appreciating a larger body and objectifying it.
From mood swings to shifting sex drives, the first few months can complicate your social life.
Breaking down taboo subjects is the first step to a fulfilling sex life.
Expert secrets on setting up a successful three-way—and making sure everyone has a good time.
Explain how vaginismus impacts your life—and how it can affect your partner—before having sex.
Helping your loved ones is good, but helping yourself may be best for all.
Your romantic life doesn't have to fizzle just because you're in different cities.
A cultural sea change against hookups is underway, and Netflix is riding the wave.
Experts weigh in on how to make love last when your libidos just don't mesh.
It's OK to miss being single when you're partnered up. And vice versa!
Almost half of American couples prefer to snooze separately—that's not news to take lying down.
The marriage is over, but the potential for a healthy future is good as you rebuild your life.
The road to mental health recovery is long, and dating along the way brings its own challenges.
If you and your roomie want to get it on, consider these tips before, during and after.
Whether it's helpful or harmful depends a lot on the couple, experts say.
Living with chronic fatigue doesn't mean sacrificing your sex life.
They may have 'relationship' in the name, but their work is more about you than your partner.
Communicating your turnoffs can make sex a lot less awkward.
How sharing experiences can disarm gender-based abuse.
Emotional highs and lows don't solely affect the patient.
Your craving is about much more than just being deprived of physical contact.
You're not a failure if you don't climax. There are much more important qualities to consider.
Finding someone special is difficult enough, let alone trying to date when your ways are set.
The person behind your eyelids isn't the person next to you in bed. Should you be worried?
The symptoms can complicate a lot of things—including your romantic life.
Consider your motivation before erasing all signs of your ex.
Once stereotyped, lesbian characters are finally receiving more accurate representation on TV.
Asking about a new partner's testing habits is an awkward but necessary part of dating.
Communication and caution are some of the smartest routes to a happy dating life.
How changing your mindset can help you escape a cycle of unhappy relationships.
Services use DNA profiles to match dream lovers, but does science back them up?
Scared of the apps? Don’t be—meeting people online is possible even if it's new to you.
When you have a gay daughter—who uses TikTok—the standard sex talk isn't going to cut it.
If you date at all, you can use a dating app, especially with the range of options available.
Dating is hard, but knowing your attachment style can help prevent problems early on.
Having the same beauty standards can lead to comparison, but education and therapy help.
If you're looking to strengthen your emotional ties, flip that switch.
Post-coital cleanings can feel good, but some experts question if they're necessary.
Despite being stereotyped as promiscuous, some LGBTQ people are embracing abstinence.
Are your arguments escalating? Research shows how you can resolve them effectively.
The two identities often come in conflict with one another at their points of intersection.
A distorted view of your body can cause chaos in your life and relationships.
Reclaiming your life is a process of rebuilding independence and preventing future harm.
Pandemic pounds or single slump be damned, it’s time to get out and enjoy yourself.
You met, you're dating, it's going well—is it time to get intimate?
You may not love your partner's family, but mutual respect is essential for a happy marriage.
Which of the three styles are you? Define your relationship needs to find the right partner.
Gone are the days when sapphic films were joyously curious about sex.
A TikTok meme has breathed new life into an old desire to change how throats work.
From dim lighting to messy backgrounds and a lack of consent, these are the pitfalls to avoid.
Ditch the textbook first date of drinks and dinner and try something else.
Dating apps are daunting enough. Now add the obstacle course of socializing while plus-size.
Doing the right thing for a loved one may not mean playing the hero.
Here are steps to take, and not take, if a partner tells you they're battling depression.
Here's what might be causing your bad breath and how you can get rid of it.
Media encourages men to dominate, but listen and learn from your partner about what they want.
Discussing your eating disorder with your partner is vital to your health and your relationship.
Celibacy has been redefined and is more prevalent than society recognizes.
You’ve tried your hand at online dating, but what about good old-fashioned real life?
Circumstances keep changing now that we have vaccinations, so where do you begin?
You don't need to be on thin ice to benefit from it.
Sex may change with age, but these six tips will help keep you active and satisfied.
Four millennials prove sex under your parents’ roof isn’t off the table.
They're universally used, but love languages may hinder more than help your relationship.
You've just gotten used to ghosting. Now you have zombieing to worry about.
Abuse of all forms can create vicious cycles. Know when to step away.
Why don't dating apps provide helpful information about STIs and STDs on their platforms?
Try these affection alternatives when being physically intimate is out of the cards.
You're better off single if you're missing sexual communication with your partner.
And why sleeping with a post-sex partner can create a big divide.
Divorce doesn't have to be an agonizing event. Try these tips to navigate the process.
A herpes diagnosis doesn't have to mean the end of sex for either of you.
Whether it’s a different sex drive or sexual preference, you can still stay on the same page.
Transitioning from romance to friendship can be difficult. We’ve got you covered.
Sex dreams might be awkward, but they help you process complex emotions.
Five tips for crafting naked pics that will have them moaning, not groaning.
FOD is a sexual disorder that can seem overwhelming without the right approach.
The art of conflict resolution is one of the most valuable tools you and your partner can share.
If you need to bond with someone before being sexually attracted, you might be demisexual.
It's normal to be curious about your partner's sexual history, but be careful how you ask.
Applying new facets of intimacy to your relationship can keep the embers burning.
Taking SSRIs doesn’t have to wreck your sex life.
Beloved by many, polyamory requires understanding and ethics before joining the crowd.
Keeping your relationship fresh doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
Interested in a three-way? Learn the basics before diving into bed with your partner, plus one.
Not heterosexuality and not homosexuality, bisexuality is often misunderstood and ignored.
In person and sooner rather than later are kinder ways to start both partners on a new path.
It’s never been more important for partners to set aside time for intimacy.
Sometimes, exploring your desires can lead to questions about your sexuality—and that's OK.
HIV detection and treatment have come a long way. Here’s a primer on HIV causes and stages.
Despite a pandemic that has necessarily limited in-person meetings, you can still date safely.
While infection is prevalent, mostly harmless, there are some important reasons to tell your par
Eczema, psoriasis...or syphilis? A blood test may reveal what's really causing your skin rash.
From dryness to pain, sometimes the body knows what the heart wants.
Dating can be exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful—and, in the worst cases, scary.
Marriage rates have been declining for years, so what exactly are people doing instead and why?
Making such a move during an argument can sometimes be a sign of power, strength and commitment.
This is how four people handle wandering thoughts during intimate moments.
Young adults are upsetting sexual norms and changing how older generations talk about sex.
They don't call it a 'game' for nothing—sort through some of the noise
If consensual nonmonogamy is difficult to comprehend, here's a good place to start learning.
Meeting the parents looks a little different for people who have more than one partner.
If the emotional support is gone and you feel better off alone, perhaps it's time to reassess.
Fight much? There's a quick but not-so-easy remedy that will help in a major, mature way.
The rise of STDs in gay and bisexual men creates more risk for HIV and other complications.
Moving in with a partner changes a relationship's dynamic, for better and worse.
Erectile dysfunction may be unknown territory for some men, but time is a great guide.
Being intimate is great, but you may not want the kids, roommates or parents to hear it all.
It's not uncommon for a period of mourning to ignite your sexual desire.
Affairs are usually complicated situations, and sexual dysfunction can play a role.
The biggest surprises were…well, just read on and you might be quite surprised, too.
If you find yourself wondering what else is out there in relationships, you're not the only one.
Cheating may be an alluring idea, but the painful ramifications are not worth it.
Stigma is the main killjoy holding back anyone with a stoma from enjoying time in the bedroom.
Relationships can be terrifying when you have social anxiety. Banish the fear and trust romance.
More traditional matchmaking hasn't vanished in the digital era, but it has evolved.
The signs of abuse follow a relatively predictable trajectory from courtship to control.
Though LGBTQIA+ people have come far in public acceptance, there's still a lot of work ahead.
If you've never desired a relationship or been attracted to someone, perhaps you're aromantic.
While treatable, syphilis can cause major long-term health problems if not addressed quickly.
You're never too old to live the life you were meant to live.
Period sex has tons of perks from more intense orgasms to relieving menstrual cramps.
Opening up about your desires and needs could lead to a relationship with hotter sex.
How do you keep your love life alive in an increasingly virtual world? Here are some ideas.
'What's your love language?' has become a common dating question, but what does it really mean?
The world of online dating can seem scary at first, but don't panic—we're here to help.
If you feel like you're sacrificing your needs for other people, you may need to set boundaries.
Painful sex isn't the end of intimacy—you just need a new approach.
You're in bed, but your partner can't get or stay hard; and won't talk about it. Now what?
Get comfortable talking about consent, sexual preferences and bodies with your companion.
I never got the fuss around sexy celebrities and mysterious strangers. I needed something more.
Sexting that special photo is a sincere expression of your love today. But what about tomorrow?
Technology can help you find love, but don't listen to everything you hear about dating apps.
Dating has never been without risk, and then COVID-19 added new challenges. But don't despair.
A rebound may make you feel better for now, but experts say it’s probably just a distraction.
Understand the ins and outs of online romance before you look for love on your smartphone.
ED doesn’t have to kill the moment, if you know what to say and do when it happens.
Dating is stressful enough without having to teach your partner all about your ED.
Condoms have been a 'no-brainer' method of birth control since the 1980s—what happened?
Long-distance relationships should be easier to maintain in the digital age. Are they?
The timing depends a lot on gut instincts regarding your partner.
Keep irritable bowel syndrome at bay and your social life active with five helpful tips.
Learn how to adapt your love language in a relationship and communicate this with your partner.
Want to stand out in the crowd? Try these tips to improve your online dating profile.
Health pros advocate for disclosure from individuals who have HSV. Some sufferers disagree.
It’s embarrassing…but common. Despite changes, herpes doesn’t have to destroy your sex life.
If your kinks are must-haves, you need to address them early with new partners.
To mate for life or for a season? Learn more about the science of back-to-back relationships.
You don’t have to be polyamorous to take advantage of some poly-centric tips.
Public perception regarding polyamory, or consensual nonmonogamy, has shifted over time.
No, not everyone feels sexual attraction. Asexuality is as normal as any sexual orientation.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
Facing COVID-19’s social restrictions as a single woman taught me valuable dating lessons.
Sex stops for nothing, not even a pandemic. But you can be smart about it.
You love each other but express it differently. How do you make sure you’re on the same page?
Dating online opens the world for potential partners, but strangers are strangers. Stay safe.
Despite different communication styles, with patience and openness you can reach understanding.
It doesn’t always roll off the tongue, but dirty talk is possible even for the shiest of us.
Communication about your sexual needs can lead to a more fulfilling and engaging partnership.
Be open and honest with your partner to build a foundation for healthy and rewarding sex.
People have different motivations for cuddling, but the benefits are fairly universal and fun.
A dirty picture in your inbox can be exciting, but how can you feel safe when you send one?
A partner's infidelity can hurt. But you can find love again, in this relationship or a new one.
Emotional abuse can be subtle. Know the signs to watch for and the ways to get help.
Getting tested is easy, and talking to your partner about it should be easy, too.
Dating apps are more common and convenient than ever. Here’s a guide to help you jump in.
Let's clear the air and reframe some of the most common misconceptions about BDSM.
There’s no reason for sex to be routine or boring. Perhaps all you need is a new direction.
Communication and self-examination are key to polyamorous relationships.
Talking through your sexual insecurities is good for the soul and the best way to overcome them.
Success in the dating app world depends on the app. Use our tips to choose wisely and safely.
More couples are assessing the role of love languages in their relationships—and in the bedroom.
If you’re considering the procedure, it’s time to learn the pros and cons of circumcision.