Since the global coronavirus pandemic took hold more than a year ago, online dating sites have reported record numbers for enrollment, virtual dates and messaging. This surge in online dating is unprecedented, but how could it not be? I mean, the last pandemic that might have led to such activity occurred more than 100 years ago, long before dating apps were invented.

The concept of online dating during a time when we are being instructed to keep our social interactions to small groups seems like a good fit. Even given its relatively short life, though, online dating is rife with myths. Some of the most common misconceptions are highlighted below, and we've taken the time to debunk them for you.

Myth: I can't meet anyone in person anyway, so now is not the time to start anything via online dating.

Reality: While safety is paramount, meeting in person isn't taboo, given the right precautions. Communicating with a potential partner and building a foundation of trust are vital