fbpx 7 Best Sex Positions for Menstrual Cramps & Period Sex

Menstruation - Tips | March 29, 2021, 12:59 CDT

7 Best Sex Positions for Menstrual Cramps & Period Sex
Period sex has tons of perks from more intense orgasms to relieving menstrual cramps.
A couple trying a shower sex position for menstrual cramps.

Period sex, whether it deserves it or not, gets a bad rap. In a 2016 survey by the Flex Co., 39 percent of participants said period sex was "kind of gross." Some women likely assume penetrative sex is painful while they're enduring menstrual cramps or the menstrual blood will leave a mess to clean up afterward.

Despite these popular misconceptions, period sex doesn't have to be messy from the period blood or always equal painful sex. Some positions may alleviate menstrual pain while offering immense pleasure, and a few doctors even think multiple orgasms can decrease the length of a menstrual period. As an extra bonus, menstrual blood acts as a natural lube, so you don't have to worry about vaginal dryness.

While you might want to avoid positions that put pressure on the ovaries and uterus that cause pelvic pain, we are here to offer seven period-friendly positions that are worth a try.

1. Spooning sex

This intimate sex position is more than just cozy; it's supersensual and snuggly. The woman should lie on her side with her knees bent while her partner spoons her from behind. From there, her partner can penetrate her as gently and slowly as she desires.

2. Standing in the shower

If either partner is worried about staining the sheets, a great option is the standing shower position. The penetrative partner should enter the woman from behind, which may reduce cramping. Shower sex isn't always as steamy and comfortable as it seems in the movies. This is because shower sex washes away the natural lubrication that causes friction and vaginal dryness-- but the menstrual fluid acts as the extra lube needed to make this sexual position as pleasurable in real life and not just in the movies. Additionally, if she's feeling bloated or unattractive, this position takes the spotlight off her front side.

3. Modified missionary

Liven up the traditional missionary position by having the insertive partner keep their weight off the tender pelvic region of the person below. This can be done by shifting their weight to their arms to prevent lying directly on top of the woman.

4. Cowgirl

Feel like taking a sexy ride? For this period-friendly sex position, the woman should mount her partner, who should be on their back, and keep one knee on either side of their body. To spice it up, the woman can face away from her partner for the reverse cowgirl position, which gives the woman total control of the stimulation, allowing her to make the experience as powerful or as gentle as she pleases.

5. The shoulder holder

This is yet another amazing position couples should put in their period sex playbook. To engage in the shoulder holder sex position, the woman lies on her back and throws her legs over her partner's shoulders. This helps alleviate cramps and soothe the pelvic muscles.

6. The chair

The penetrative partner should sit on the bed, maybe leaning against the headboard, with their torso straight and legs completely bent. The woman should then squat over them while facing away, lower herself into her partner's lap and lean back into their chest. The chair position is spooning sex comfortably turned upright, and it gives the partner with the period pain complete control over the vigor and depth of play.

7. The pillow booster

The woman should lie on her back with a pillow supporting her sacrum and lower back. To relieve period cramps even further, she can place a heating pad over the pillow. The pillow will relax the pelvic floor by allowing the "sit bones" to space out. Best of all, the tilted position can enhance G-spot stimulation for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Non-penetrative positions

If vaginal penetration is simply a no-go during your period, there are myriad other ways couples can give and receive pleasure. Some of these include anal sex or stimulation with a butt plug, or oral play, mutual masturbation and nipple stimulation.

No matter what positions couples decide to try, both partners should feel comfortable during period sex. To lessen worries about stains, couples can always put down old towels or invest in a designated sex blanket. And with these seven steamy period sex positions, couples can enjoy some time between the sheets every day of the month.

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