Lola Méndez

Lola Méndez is an Uruguayan-American freelance journalist. She writes about sustainability, travel, culture, and wellness for many print and digital publications such as CNN, USA Today, InStyle, Refinery29, in addition to her responsible travel blog, You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @LolaAnnaMendez.

Why Fibroid Awareness Matters

Sharing information about this common condition leads to earlier diagnosis and better treatment.

By Lola Méndez

Your Guide to Finding Nonjudgmental Abortion Support Services

Despite recent legislation and judicial rulings, supportive resources are available.

By Lola Méndez

Keep Your Vagina—and the Planet—Happy with Biodegradable Products

If you want to decrease your landfill contribution, plenty of green period items are available.

By Lola Méndez

Eating Dark Chocolate May Just Ease Your Menstrual Cramps

Key nutrients such as magnesium and calcium might make your PMS symptoms more bearable.

By Lola Méndez

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

With Home Birth, Preparation Is Key

Forgoing a hospital setting is fine for many women, but having a plan in place is vital.

By Lola Méndez

You Don't Need to Plan Your Life Around Your Cycle

To avoid menstruation, skip the placebo pills and go straight to the next pack.

By Lola Méndez

WTF Is Ear Seeding—and Can It Help Fibroid Pain?

One woman's experience with auricular acupuncture, a form of traditional Chinese medicine.

By Lola Méndez

For Three Years, I Didn't Know I Had a Tumor in My Womb

Symptoms of uterine fibroids are often dismissed as period pain.

By Lola Méndez