Biodegradable period products are the next big thing for menstruators who want to go green while also using reliable products that can manage their flow. Thankfully, from period panties to organic cotton tampons, biodegradable period products are readily available.

What exactly makes a product "biodegradable"?

If a product is biodegradable, it's compostable, but a compostable product isn't necessarily biodegradable.

A biodegradable item is made with materials that break down naturally as the original composition degrades into biomass, carbon dioxide, water and so on. Most biodegradable products don't naturally biodegrade quickly so they need to be composted—often through commercial composters and not residential composters.

Why go green?

Reusable biodegradable period products, such as period cups and panties, can be safely worn for up to 12 hours and reused over