Period panties may be the “new kids” when it comes to menstrual products, but they’re gaining in popularity every year. Not only do they offer the convenience of not having to change a pad or tampon—or menstrual cup—every several hours, they’re reliable, absorbent and built to last. What started as a one-off idea in the early aughts has now blossomed into a movement, with dozens of options to choose from.

When you're looking for a perfect pair of period panties, factor in the following: dependability, comfort, style and price.


We’ve all panicked over whether or not our pad or tampon will keep us leak-free, especially during our heaviest flows. All period panties are designed to prevent leakage, and then some. Made from a combination of fabric and plastic layers designed to contain moisture and optimize breathability, most can hold about as much as two tampons, and many makers of period panties offer versions designed to handle light, medium or heavy