Every day, women encounter advertisements for vaginal health products that are packaged appealingly, scented florally and promise to be a vital part of your self-care and hygiene routine. The reality is that many of these products have little to do with the health of your vagina and/or the vulva, the external surface around the vaginal opening that needs cleaning.

Your vagina is a self-cleaning wonder, and it isn’t supposed to smell like a field of flowers. Doing less, rather than more, and knowing your body’s normal functions can go a long way toward a happy, healthy vagina.

Let’s walk through the most commonly used “vaginal health” items and analyze which are worth using, and which need to leave your medicine cabinet ASAP.


Vaginal douches are one of the oldest products on the market, and many DIY family recipes still get circulated.

However, vaginal douching upsets the natural pH of your vagina, decreasing the healthy Lactobacilli bacteria that lives in