Here is what you need to know if you're feeling uncomfortable and inflamed 'down there.'
When the vaginal microbiome gets unbalanced, common medical approaches can clear it up.
When the vaginal microbiome gets unbalanced, common medical approaches can clear it up.
Discharge, burning and a bad odor sound bothersome, but this condition is usually resolvable.
The condition is extremely common. Here's what you need to know about symptoms and treatment.
The genetic condition can impact menstruation, fertility and more.
Make sure you keep your vagina healthy by taking good care of your accessories.
Make sure you keep your vagina healthy by taking good care of your accessories.
Here's what the experts have to say about the impact of thrush on your love life.
This common inflammatory skin condition can be treated and even avoided.
Irritation and UTIs could be some results you didn't expect.
Take care of your mental health or you may see the ramifications in your vagina.
Thrush is not just for women, so reduce your chances for fungal growth around your penis.
A mild scent is normal, but if you notice any changes, it's time to see a doctor.
But Vivjoa comes with a few catches, including who can use it safely.
People prone to yeast infections may be tempted to turn to probiotics, but here's what to know.
You might want to still get your doctor's professional opinion.
This unpleasant condition is common, but the addition of blood may indicate a further problem.
More research is needed, however, before doctors start prescribing the live bacteria.
You should be aware of these 8 ingredients before a 'glove' goes on or in your body.
Maintaining your vaginal microbiome is important for your whole body.
Having a bun in the oven brings on a bunch of bodily developments.
When your member is buried, it's still there but no longer visible on the outside.
Understanding the differences between these conditions can help you determine the best treatment
Beware of marketing ploys and pay attention to the ingredients before using these risky items.
Proceed with caution when putting nonregulated objects in your vagina.
When you just can't shake yeast overgrowth, your mood may be next to go.
Certain products can irritate your lady parts, so it's good to know what you're buying.
Understanding your vagina is important but experts say you won't find answers with this product.
If you're dealing with genital itching that just won't quit, don't put off seeing a doctor.
Got questions about this itchy and uncomfortable skin disease?
Check out this handful of surprising scourges—there are many—that can affect your 'handful.'
FDA-approved in June 2021, this new drug is great news for people prone to yeast infections.
Preventing inflammation is key to keeping you safe from further complications.
Everybody poops, but not everybody knows what to avoid when cleaning up.
Learn how simple lifestyle changes can help prevent this uncomfortable condition.
Here's what to do if you've been overenthusiastic or careless with your friend downstairs.
It's a fast solution for unwanted smells. Here's how it works and why you should avoid overuse.
By assessing the type of pain you're feeling, we can narrow down the cause.
No one's genitals are immune to this irritating fungus. But you can do something about it.
Hormonal contraceptives are linked to candidiasis, but other factors can cause them, too.
It’s about to get real—let’s talk about vaginal discharge.
Social media videos swear by these moisturizing aids, but take caution.
It may be time to spruce up areas you've been neglecting during the pandemic—just not this one.
Candidiasis may start as a minor bacterial infection, but it should be taken seriously.
With pleasure sometimes comes pain. Here's why you may get yeast infections after oral sex.
What you do after sex can make a world of difference in protecting your health.
The answer may surprise—and free—you. Here are some do's and don'ts for going au naturel.
It may feel awkward but it’s not painful. A Pap smear should top your list of essential tests.
An intimate night shouldn't leave your vagina feeling like it survived a high-intensity workout.
Simple diet choices can make a big difference in avoiding and beating candidiasis.
Incorporating certain foods into your diet can help keep your vagina healthy.
Women can keep these common items on hand for quick, safe and easy remedies.
Optimal underwear can lead to a healthier vagina in terms of sex life and fertility.
Men can get yeast infections, too, and just knowing that fact can help you prevent them.
Though less common today than it was in the 1980s and '90s, toxic shock syndrome is not gone.
Sexually active? Keep your pH balanced and your vagina healthy with these tips.
Users claim these non-medical suppositories change a woman's smell and taste.
We’re all highly susceptible to these common infections, so be prepared with the facts.
Vaginal discharge cleans and protects the cervix, and can also alert women to potential issues.
Though common, candidiasis is a condition to take seriously.
Sex toys are fun, but it’s essential to clean them well so you can avoid spreading infections.
Pubic hair grooming habits are constantly evolving. What pubic practice is best for you?
Increase vaginal health with fewer products and more nurture.
The extra layer of skin on an uncircumcised penis can cause some specific health issues for men.
Penis discomfort is not uncommon, but it’s important to identify the problem and seek help.