Your vagina is self-cleaning. That’s to say that glands inside your vagina and cervix produce discharge that cleanses old cells and pushes them out. If the vagina is working as it should, this process repeats every day.

The amount of discharge produced varies from woman to woman and shouldn’t be concerning.

Vaginal discharge is a good thing

You may see discharge on your underwear or toilet paper after wiping, and this is a good thing. Discharge shows that your body is working effectively. You can learn a lot about your body by paying attention to your discharge as it changes in viscosity and color throughout the month.

In addition, you’ll notice that throughout the menstrual cycle, your hormone levels fluctuate, which results in varying amounts of discharge.

During your menstrual period, blood will cover any discharge, so you’re unlikely to notice the cervical mucus while menstruating. Immediately following your period, however, your body returns to normal hormonal levels and won’t produce much discharge at all. It’s perfectly normal to see no