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Grace Gallagher is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her work covers reproductive health, relationships, parenting, beauty, wellness, and sometimes psychedelics. You can follow her on Twitter @gracegalla.

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

Urethral Stricture Has Many Complications and a Trio of Treatments

Find out what can cause this buildup of scar tissue and how doctors can repair the urethra.

By Grace Gallagher

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Excess Belly Fat's Relationship With ED

Midsection weight and girth affect vascular health, a known erectile dysfunction risk factor.

By Grace Gallagher

Understanding Men's Fertility

What Are the Side Effects of Vasectomies?

'The snip' is safe and highly effective, but like other procedures, it comes with minor risks.

By Grace Gallagher

What Men Should Know About Endometriosis

Understanding the basics of this uterine condition can help you better support your loved one.

By Grace Gallagher

'Focal Therapy' Means More Precise Prostate Cancer Treatment

Minimally invasive and multifaceted, this approach can be more efficient than others.

By Grace Gallagher

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

Say This, Not That, to Your Partner Post-Delivery

Here are five things your partner needs to hear—and five she doesn't—after giving birth.

By Grace Gallagher


What Men Need to Know About Menopause

You're not going to experience the life change, but you should have some basic knowledge of it.

By Grace Gallagher

Understanding Reproductive Health

6 Facts Men Should Know About Their Partner's IUD

What's the deal with this small but mighty birth control device?

By Grace Gallagher