Leah Emily Minoza
It's rare, but knowing the treatment options can help you better decide your course of action.
If you feel twinges below your navel, they might not be your usual period cramping.
While light bleeding between periods is common and benign, it can sometimes be a red flag.
Doctors pan home remedies and herbs to shrink breast lumps, but dietary changes can help.
Having more skin growths may indicate a greater chance of getting the disease, studies show.
Less invasive procedures are available for this painful and uncomfortable scrotal condition.
Obstetric anal sphincter injuries are a rare but serious complication of vaginal delivery.
Hair loss after giving birth is scary, but the condition should gradually go away on its own.
A thyroid disorder is often an overlooked cause of infertility issues in men.
Misbeliefs about fertility—and a man's role in it—persist, despite the information available.