One of the most pleasurable forms of self-care is taking a bath, and that's a hill I'll die on. The only thing that can make it better, other than a book and dimmed lighting, is a bath product. I'm talking bubble bath, bath bombs and bath salts—scented, of course. While hygiene alone can boost our mood, a bath product makes it more fun, right?

However, I've heard these products can be rough on your vulva, leading to infections. Is that an old wives' tale, or is it true? Bath products are sometimes marketed as "tested" and "pure"—more on that later—but we talked to experts to make sure.

I hate to burst your bubble (bath)…

To be clear, some people may be able to use these products safely.

"I don't find that there is a 'one fits all' rule. Not all vaginas and vulvas are created the same," said Angela Jones, M.D., a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. "Some may find that they aren't affected by the use of products with scents [and] perfumes."