Here's what the science says about the benefits of pubic hair.
From hormones to haircare, here's how you can help prevent losing more of your mane.
From hormones to haircare, here's how you can help prevent losing more of your mane.
Studies have suggested a link between straighteners and various reproductive health issues.
Keep your body hair if you want. Some people will find it incredibly attractive.
Is our obsession with clean-shaven bodies good for sexual health or just a fashion statement?
A trip to the dentist is never fun, but your growing baby may be impacting your oral health.
Hair loss after giving birth is scary, but the condition should gradually go away on its own.
The grooming products you use are probably damaging the environment—there are better options.
Dermatologists discuss dry skin and how to treat it.
Hormonal fluctuations during menstruation may cause scalp issues and hair loss.
The popular injectable is used to treat many conditions beyond aesthetics.
Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on your tresses, but treatment is available.
How the merkin has evolved: From medieval sex workers to modern-day movie stars.
These painful bumps are rarely serious, but in some cases, you should seek medical attention.
We got ripped: A cooler of beer, an overnight sitter and a home kit made for a memorable night.
Only you should decide whether it stays or goes.
Whether from the ravages of time or a medical condition, bald spots don't have to last forever.
An acclaimed burlesque performer finally finds her own truth: I am not my hair.
Facial products absorb into the bloodstream, so it's crucial to ensure yours are newborn-safe.
You don't need all the 'must-have' potions you see on social media.
Our scalps and locks take a beating every day, but there are ways to keep them healthy.
Yes, anal bleaching is a popular beauty trend, but is it right for you?
It's possible to elicit an allergic reaction on your partner with basic skin-to-skin contact.
Lichen sclerosus sticks around long term, so have a plan to manage the symptoms.
An infected Skene's gland may be the cause of your bladder discomfort.
You can tell a lot by looking at someone's fingernails—the good, the bad and the ugly.
Giving birth is a miraculous experience, but how it leaves your skin isn't quite so special.
Beware of marketing ploys and pay attention to the ingredients before using these risky items.
It's 2022, and we want to look beautiful all over—even where the sun don't shine.
Proceed with caution when putting nonregulated objects in your vagina.
Genital residue is often associated with penises, but vaginal smegma is just as common.
Shivering may not sound like the best way to start your day, but many swear by it.
As if you didn't have enough on your plate—your skin may be acting up, too.
When it comes to your body, turning 50 can be very different from turning 40.
How wet a woman gets during sex depends on a number of factors.
Hormonal imbalances can cause balding in aging women.
Differentiating between typical and atypical dermatology can save your life.
How you choose to style your pubes may impact more than aesthetics.
The actress shares her struggles with facial hair and adult acne.
If you feel the urge to lick your baby, go ahead. It's a primal instinct that's relatively safe.
A woman's hairy boob is totally normal. There is no typical when it comes to hair on the nipple.
A woman's hairy boob is totally normal. There is no typical when it comes to hair on the nipple.
Your shampoo, conditioner and soap shouldn't be in the same bottle.
Experts say good dental hygiene can have positive effects on both the mind and the body.
The common 'chicken skin' condition is stubborn, but it's treatable.
The actress is sharing candid photos of her experience with the disease on Instagram.
Celebrities may endorse skipping days or even weeks, but don't turn off the faucet just yet.
What do adolescents need to know now about grooming that'll serve them the rest of their lives?
Before you go, know the risks, considerations and outcomes of the procedure.
Want to stunt with shades on? Turns out this is more than a style choice.
From '70s bushes to bald as a badger, these are the era-defining styles for pubic hair.
There's a direct link between personal hygiene, self-esteem and mental health.
The way you remove pubic hair can vary significantly in price, pain and effectiveness.
They’re common, they’re annoying, but they can be a thing of the past.
There can be a fine line between pleasing your partner and compromising who you are.
Whether this skincare secret really works isn't cut and dried.
Brazilian, sculpted, full bush—I've enjoyed them all, but finally settled on a style.
Drinking water and knowing how to wash your face are not enough for flawless skin.
Alcohol has long been used for oral hygiene, but some dentists recommend safer alternatives.
Your oral health can tell you more about your overall health than you think.
Here are some options for unveiling a fresher face to the outside world.
There are pros and cons to each of these methods, but all of them may help boost confidence.
Taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself don't have to be mutually exclusive goals.
From haircare to hair removal, we get into the truth about daily routines.
It’s time to review your grooming and hygiene habits to improve health and happiness.
With so many choices in grooming practices and products, it helps to review what’s essential.
Make personal choice the foundation of your hygiene regimen—not ancient myths or current trends.
Both fillers and fat transfers can plump up and fill out your face. Which one is right for you?
You can lessen the impact of hair loss with good habits and medical treatments.
Your hair will shimmer and shine with appreciation under a natural touch.
It may make your daily routine easier, but there are risks. The facts can help you decide.
It's great to get all your cosmetic needs met in one place, but check some critical info first.
The cosmetic procedure promises big results, but it's not without drawbacks and considerations.
Dermal fillers may provide a more youthful appearance by temporarily plumping the skin and lips.
Weighing pros and cons, here's how women can make the best choice about embracing gray hair.
Sex, diet, exercise, stress, genetics and medications can all affect a person's body odor.
If you're worried about what you look like down there, stop stressing.
The trick to shopping for intimate hygiene and pleasure products: Keep it simple.
Before spending your hard-earned money on grooming or personal-care products, know the facts.
When it comes to dyeing your hair, consider henna, a natural option.
Looking for some variety down there? There’s more than one way to reach your pubic hair goals.
The natural habitat of pubic lice is in danger, but are those pesky crabs gone for good?
Pubic hair grooming habits are constantly evolving. What pubic practice is best for you?
Pubic hair grooming habits are constantly evolving. What pubic practice is best for you?