As special as pregnancy and childbirth are, make no mistake: You'll feel like your body has been through the wringer. Between raging hormones, a growing belly and the stress associated with adding a new life to the world, it's no wonder this series of events represents one of the toughest times in a woman's life.

And all the changes that take place during pregnancy don't disappear when the baby arrives.

While it's important to prioritize the needs of your new arrival, and it's easy to get distracted by major life disruptions that leave a new mom sleep-deprived and struggling to find time to eat, you shouldn't ignore the postpartum needs of your body's largest organ. Raging hormones, stress and a baby belly are all normal parts of pregnancy, and they all directly impact your skin, making postpartum skin care an important part of the recovery process.

Don't be surprised by new skin care challenges

As your pregnancy was drawing to a close, you probably started paying more attention to the way your skin was affected. Maybe your belly started to itch as your skin stretched. Maybe you noticed stretch marks start