There is no shortage of five-minute makeup routines and home spa tips for busy moms. Of course, those perks might not be important to all mothers. When you're a new mom, time and energy are scarce resources. Learning to prioritize what you care about will help you focus on making changes that matter.

Figure out a plan that works

If getting your hair and nails done makes you feel attractive, put those appointments on the calendar and make accommodations for child care. If money is tight, find acceptable at-home solutions and set reminders to accomplish these tasks and don't put them off.

If you love working out or want to improve your fitness level, find ways to do it that fit into your schedule. For some people, that means a mom-friendly exercise class or home workout routine with your infant. For others, a late-night spin class after the child's bedtime routine will be a better bet.

You may not have the same range of options you did before becoming a parent, but where there's a will, there's a way. Get creative and keep your goals on