What is hyperglycemia postprandial meaning, the treatment for it, and how you know you have it.
Pregnancy-related deaths have declined, but stark disparities remain.
This common parasitic infection can affect pregnancy and your sexual health.
The number of U.S. births per year dropped three percent, according to new CDC data.
These conditions can be severe and last for years after the 6-8 week postpartum period.
The leading causes of infant death were maternal health complications and bacterial sepsis.
Certified doulas aren't medical professionals but can provide needed emotional support.
Certified doulas aren't medical professionals but can provide needed emotional support.
This global issue affects women regardless of their socioeconomic status.
This global issue affects women regardless of their socioeconomic status.
From pooping to orgasm during birth, we've asked the experts so you don't have to.
From pooping to orgasm during birth, we've asked the experts so you don't have to.
Staying on top of your recommended vaccine schedule can protect you and your baby.
Some women experience far more than the usual breast growth during pregnancy.
Depression and the medication used to treat it can complicate intimacy and pregnancy.
Depression and the medication used to treat it can complicate intimacy and pregnancy.
Consuming nutrient-dense foods helps support your baby's health in childhood and beyond.
It's fine to use hair dye or bleach during pregnancy as long as you follow these tips.
Everyone's family-building journey is different. Let's explore the options.
EMDR can be used for all kinds of reproductive trauma, from infertility to stillbirth.
Read the personal accounts of actual women who have worked with these pregnancy helpers.
Can a fetus living in a 'townhouse' rather than a 'big house' cause pregnancy complications?
New research suggests maternal immunization has long-lasting benefits.
Understanding what vaping does to your body is important, especially if you're pregnant.
Understanding what vaping does to your body is important, especially if you're pregnant.
All three offer various kinds of support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
Why do the Kardashians eat placenta? Plus, vaginal seeding and lotus births.
Having sex during pregnancy is fine, and there are strategies that can diminish cramping pain.
Having sex during pregnancy is fine, and there are strategies that can diminish cramping pain.
As the average maternal age has increased, so has the demand for fertility treatments.
These positions may be a useful tool to turn to if your labor isn't going as planned.
Vitamin D supplements may reduce the risk of complications for the baby and mom.
Staying cool is the best way pregnant women can beat the heat during extreme conditions.
Staying cool is the best way pregnant women can beat the heat during extreme conditions.
Pregnant women who eat chocolate may help lower preeclampsia risk—but there are caveats.
Pregnant women who eat chocolate may help lower preeclampsia risk—but there are caveats.
It feels real, but before you drive to the hospital, ensure it’s not a false labor.
Ask good questions, provide good information and be prepared for several examinations.
Lose a nipple? Sweat blue while pregnant? Misinformation is rampant on social media.
Lose a nipple? Sweat blue while pregnant? Misinformation is rampant on social media.
Make sure you're getting the nutrients you and your growing baby need.
Make sure you're getting the nutrients you and your growing baby need.
If you run into trouble when trying to deliver your baby, a vacuum extractor may help.
If you have RA and are concerned about infertility, here's what you need to know.
Effacement is an important yet often misunderstood part of the birthing process.
Staying connected to friends and family improves your mental well-being.
FOP is a disease that causes a loss of mobility, but does it also prevent pregnancy?
A 2023 study suggests preterm delivery can increase the risk of early death by up to 109 percent
A 2023 study suggests preterm delivery can increase the risk of early death by up to 109 percent
If delusions set in after childbirth, it could indicate a serious mental health condition.
Microbiome composition may increase risks for preterm birth and preeclampsia.
Microbiome composition may increase risks for preterm birth and preeclampsia.
A new study highlights growing health disparities among pregnant American women.
Hormonal and dietary changes can lead to this common condition during pregnancy.
Hormonal and dietary changes can lead to this common condition during pregnancy.
Knowing when you're ready to deliver can help ease the pregnancy process for first-time mothers.
During pregnancy, you may hear doctors refer to the cervical os. What is it and what does it do?
Allergy symptoms you experience may not affect your baby, but take care with medications.
Using five criteria, the Bishop score is used to calculate your proximity to labor.
Using five criteria, the Bishop score is used to calculate your proximity to labor.
Does pineapple induce labor or cause miscarriage? Find out if you can give in to your cravings.
Does pineapple induce labor or cause miscarriage? Find out if you can give in to your cravings.
Seizure disorders can complicate fertility matters, but healthy pregnancies are possible.
Eating ripe papaya during pregnancy is fine. Unripe papaya, not so much.
Eating ripe papaya during pregnancy is fine. Unripe papaya, not so much.
Feeling anxious or depressed? You have treatment options (even when you're pregnant).
This temporary organ plays a powerful role in the health of your pregnancy.
It's rare, but knowing the treatment options can help you better decide your course of action.
People with preeclampsia or eclampsia are at highest risk, a study suggests.
You may need to get used to the idea of having a different physician in your birthing room.
You may need to get used to the idea of having a different physician in your birthing room.
A short delivery may seem like a dream come true, but that’s not necessarily the case.
A short delivery may seem like a dream come true, but that’s not necessarily the case.
Body modifications can be a cool way to express yourself, but are they safe for pregnant people?
How good sleep habits can reduce your risk for certain conditions during your pregnancy.
How good sleep habits can reduce your risk for certain conditions during your pregnancy.
Keeping the placenta attached to your baby after delivery may bring more problems than benefits.
Keeping the placenta attached to your baby after delivery may bring more problems than benefits.
When egg implantation occurs outside the uterus, medication or surgery may be required.
No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy.
Before scheduling an appointment, it's important to know if there are any risks involved.
AI is a powerful tool capable of helping patients, from preconception to childbirth.
AI is a powerful tool capable of helping patients, from preconception to childbirth.
The tightening you're experiencing isn't labor, but it may not feel so great, either.
You can still conceive at a later age, but you might need a little more patience than you think.
Your grief won't suddenly stop, but it's OK to feel hopeful about the future.
Feel twinges below your navel? Implantation pain may indicate pregnancy.
Just because you are already a parent doesn't mean conception problems will be easy to handle.
People with cardiac issues are at higher risk when carrying a baby and in the postpartum period.
The loss of a baby is devastating for families, but there are also many physical side effects.
It's time to consult your doctor if you experience more than one of these red flags.
The unusual event can happen due to a number of factors, including timing and user error.
With the right positions, sex won't hurt mom or baby, but it can be intensely pleasurable.
With the right positions, sex won't hurt mom or baby, but it can be intensely pleasurable.
With the right positions, sex won't hurt mom or baby, but it can be intensely pleasurable.
Taking care of yourself and your baby involves more than just your physical well-being.
Although rare, this condition is a psychological and emotional affliction that needs attention.
The reality star had a lifesaving procedure that is hard to obtain in states with abortion bans.
Here's a guide to navigating the 'fourth trimester' and keeping yourself and your baby healthy.
Here's a guide to navigating the 'fourth trimester' and keeping yourself and your baby healthy.
There are many ways to lose a pregnancy early, but you may be able to reduce your risk.
During labor and delivery, you need a partner who's 100 percent able to support you. Here's how.
A new study finds the threat level remains high even 20 years after delivery.
While your baby's health is a priority, your mental and physical health remain important, too.
While your baby's health is a priority, your mental and physical health remain important, too.
Take your time and follow the experts' advice to help yourself heal physically and emotionally.
Products with many additives have been linked to poor health outcomes for moms and babies.
From diet to exercise, here's how to look after yourself and your baby during pregnancy.
Author Jordan Davidson's book may help you decide if parenting is right for you.
Following a pregnancy loss, having sex and trying again should go at your own pace.
Having a newborn after losing another is a unique experience filled with conflicting emotions.
Your schnoz can grow when you're pregnant. Don't fret, it returns to normal after childbirth.
Rates of adverse pregnancy outcomes are high, and racial disparities contribute to the risk.
Here's everything you should and shouldn't say when discussing in vitro fertilization.
Are you depressed or is it the in vitro fertilization?
Early pregnancy loss can be a strain on mental health, but rest assured it's no one's fault.
The singer reveals what she thought was menstrual blood actually was implantation bleeding.
The year after giving birth could include issues with both physical and mental health.
Symptoms can differ for everyone. Here are some ways to manage them.
The loss of a baby can lead to depression, anxiety and trauma symptoms.
In vitro fertilization is highly successful, but educate yourself on the risks and benefits.
This fatal pregnancy outcome is often unexplained, but be aware of the risk factors.
We explain when to have sex while ovulating. It's all about finding the fertility window.
A fertilized egg that implants outside the uterus is rare but can be serious if left untreated.
Coughing and sneezing? Find out what the experts say about it.
Did you know a person could have two uteruses? Just think about carrying a baby in each one.
An eight-week wellness course improves mothers' mental health in the long term.
An eight-week wellness course improves mothers' mental health in the long term.
Eating plant-based foods may lower the chances of adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Eating plant-based foods may lower the chances of adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Chemicals found in everyday items could put your baby's health at risk.
Research finds participation in the supplemental nutrition plan is beneficial.
Some mothers face a dilemma with prolonged pregnancies.
Here's everything employees and employers need to know about the newly passed amendments.
While light bleeding between periods is common and benign, it can sometimes be a red flag.
While light bleeding between periods is common and benign, it can sometimes be a red flag.
It's important to be informed of the benefits and risks of controlling the labor process.
Explore your options beyond throwing this amazing organ away.
There's a lot of confusion surrounding fertility and the years leading up to menopause.
Experts warn that hospitals and birth centers are still the safest sites, even amid a pandemic.
There’s no need to put off trying to get pregnant again for six months, research says.
Although not usually serious, they can become a cosmetic problem.
Newborns are expensive, and if you are feeling the added effects of inflation, you're not alone.
Structural changes are detected in fetuses whose mothers consume less than a drink per week.
Mothers-to-be in states where weed is legal are more likely to use it despite the risks.
Mothers-to-be in states where weed is legal are more likely to use it despite the risks.
Rethink puff-puff-passing while expecting. Research on the effects is lacking.
Many people feel anxious while pregnant, but there are tools to help.
Using 'common knowledge' for family planning is a recipe for failure. Experts provide the truth.
Here's how to change your lifestyle habits to prevent a common but uncomfortable condition.
You're eager to see the new baby but remember to respect the parents' wishes.
The unexpected sources of this neurotoxin can impact you and your baby.
This procedure can result in the spontaneous onset of contractions.
Even consuming less than the recommended limit of coffee is associated with shorter children.
Study: Fertility issues, miscarriage, stillbirth are associated with a greater chance of stroke.
Don't worry, those little rhythmic jumps in your womb are totally normal and safe.
Some women still have to pay for it. Several rights organizations are fighting for them.
The Plan B pill and birth control pill often work alone, but can you take them with each other?
Mothers may be able to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease later in life, research finds.
Does your illness impact your maternal health? A good medical team can help.
If you are expecting twins or more, you need to cover a higher metabolic demand.
Both require similar treatment, and some patients who miscarry are having trouble getting help.
ITP is a rare autoimmune bleeding disorder that is sometimes diagnosed during pregnancy.
We're here to help you pack for labor, delivery and homecoming.
The first question: What kind of contraceptive have you been using?
Here's what you need to know about the chance of fertilization during menstruation.
Cytomegalovirus, a little-known but common virus, can risk the well-being of babies.
A trip to the dentist is never fun, but your growing baby may be impacting your oral health.
Are you pregnant? There are some common symptoms women experience that may give you a hint.
If you're a fan of black pepper and other seasonings, we've got good news for you.
The practice of transferring flora may have benefits, but the risks might be too high.
A syndrome that affects the liver and the blood can be dangerous for you and your baby.
This rare congenital irregularity can cause complications in some pregnant women.
Obstetric anal sphincter injuries are a rare but serious complication of vaginal delivery.
The right education can help you feel confident and prepared for labor.
Hair loss after giving birth is scary, but the condition should gradually go away on its own.
Hair loss after giving birth is scary, but the condition should gradually go away on its own.
Discussing health concerns and lifestyle adjustments before getting pregnant is critical.
A voyage through the back door can end in fertilization, but only if semen takes a detour.
Experts offer an explanation and tips for managing the burn.
Freebirth is a high-risk, high-reward option for labor, but medical experts advise against it.
With virus cases on the rise, it's important expectant moms know how to keep themselves safe.
Wondering how to tell the difference between true labor pain and Braxton Hicks? Read on.
Labor and delivery don't always go as planned, so it's important to speak up for what you need.
The desire for a family is more complicated for queer couples than for others.
New research indicates that tracking readings at home doesn't prevent preeclampsia.
Doctors caution against anything penetrative due to the increased risk of infection.
DVT can lead to strokes, pulmonary embolisms and death—and it messes with your sex life, too.
Study: Treating BP before a hypertension diagnosis leads to better outcomes for pregnant women.
Buying breast milk from donors online is common, so we asked experts if it's worth the risk.
Has a loved one recently had a baby? It's time to dial up your stream of support.
This pregnancy complication is difficult to detect, but there are warning signs.
Your infant's position can impact the safety and ease of labor and delivery.
You might want to stay away from this popular fermented drink when you're expecting.
Warning: Natural bodily functions may occur during labor.
There may be an increased risk of preterm delivery, gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.
Updated parenthood, pregnancy and postpartum regulations give partners leave, too.
Dermatologists discuss dry skin and how to treat it.
This condition is rare but requires immediate medical attention to prevent severe complications.
Rolling out your mat when you're expecting can have advantages for body and mind.
Doulas discuss key ways to be ready for the pain of delivery.
Currently in trials, this promising drug could be a game-changer for the respiratory illness.
Often more affordable, minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization might be a good alternative.
Despite recent legislation and judicial rulings, supportive resources are available.
Preemies face unique health challenges, bringing stress to new parents. But you're not alone.
What you want to do with your baby's umbilical cord is something to consider before birth.
Are you taking contraception and didn't know you were expecting? Don't panic.
Here are five things your partner needs to hear—and five she doesn't—after giving birth.
If you experience pain with vaginismus and penis-in-vagina sex, this could be your chance.
Be gentle with yourself, mama. Don't fret about body image and find positive support.
Timing is everything for accurate results at home.
Two of the leading causes of pregnancy-related deaths are under-discussed and need attention.
The popular injectable is used to treat many conditions beyond aesthetics.
Research says women who use ART may face cardiovascular problems, but some doctors disagree.
Bottoms up or baseless belief? Are there health benefits to drinking sperm?
People of color are at higher risk for PPD, but face a disparity in treatment, research shows.
If you're craving candy, it may be best to forgo this controversial treat.
As pregnancy-related mortality rates among women of color rise, access to better care is vital.
COVID-19 changed our lives, but not always for the worse. I decided to have a beautiful baby.
There are no mandatory standards for the care of expectant prisoners.
Infants born to vaccinated mothers are less likely to catch the virus, new study finds.
Advancements in fetal procedures give mothers and their unborn babies new opportunities.
The ripple effect of COVID-19 has now reached every part of family planning.
Relaxation techniques could be the key to severing the link between stress and infertility.
TTTS is a rare condition that can be life-threatening without intervention.
Untangling the emotions of miscarriage is a challenge, no matter the timeframe.
Ending a pregnancy can seriously alter how you view intimacy—or have no effect at all.
Many people opt for a midwife during pregnancy, but some situations require extra assistance.
In an exclusive interview, Genevieve Grabman, a mother of twins, takes readers inside her book.
Fine particulate matter caused 5.9 million premature births in 2019, a recent study reports.
A modern look at pea protein and the infamous component that terrifies women trying to conceive.
The fear of childbirth, sometimes due to a traumatic previous pregnancy, affects many people.
Among fertility treatments, intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization are most common
Spotting in early pregnancy can be alarming. Here's what you need to know.
Advocates of hypnobirthing say the practice eases pregnancy-related fears, among other benefits.
A difficult delivery can cause PTSD, but healing is possible with the right resources.
While COVID-19 likely exacerbated the risks, numbers have been rising since 2000.
The 'Birthing-Friendly' hospital designation is intended to reduce mortality rates.
Many of these kitchen gadgets come with a warning, so let's take a look at the concerns.
Looking for ideas to support a new parent? We've got you covered.
Digital support can be a helpful tool but must be used mindfully.
Your prenatal care may include RhoGAM or Rhophylac injections to keep you and your baby healthy.
Experts weigh in on navigating anxiety when you're expecting.
Just because you've given birth before doesn't mean pregnancy will come easy a second time.
Skip the expensive labs and incubate your eggs inside the warmth and comfort of your own body.
While getting pregnant does get harder over time, there is no immediate drop-off.
The first baby born from IVF in the U.S. just turned 40, and so much has changed since 1981.
The physical, the emotional, the hormonal. Recovery involves many facets of the body and mind.
This tightly wrapped fabric can make you feel comfortable and boost your self-esteem.
The cervical cap and diaphragm are vaginal options that might be worth considering.
In this exclusive interview, Kate White, M.D., takes readers inside her first book.
Facial products absorb into the bloodstream, so it's crucial to ensure yours are newborn-safe.
Jumping under the covers might get your contractions started.
The practice is thought to diminish stress and increase bonding between parents and newborns.
While clotting is often a regular part of periods, you should see a doctor in some instances.
When it comes to having a baby—or avoiding one—every detail counts, including use of lubricant.
This common scarring occurs as your body grows to accommodate your growing baby.
Focusing on losing weight while nursing can be harmful. The experts explain why.
PPD is a common but often isolating experience. Help from others can make all the difference.
Choosing the birth control that's right for you doesn't have to feel like an impossible task.
PPD is surprisingly common in men, but it often goes undiagnosed.
It's not just a childbirth issue—menopause also causes problems—but prevention is possible.
Research has identified health benefits to induction, but it is not without risks.
Having a bun in the oven brings on a bunch of bodily developments.
Research indicates that vaccines continue to work, helping both mother and child.
The images in these parents' heads are terrifying, and professional help is vital.
There are some exceptions, however, so always talk to your doctor.
Reproductive rights hang in the balance as numerous states move toward tighter restrictions.
The majority of Americans support access to birth control, but many women face limited access.
HSV-2 has different considerations for people born with vaginas than for people with penises.
Hyperemesis gravidarum can be rough, but one mom found a silver lining.
Researchers are looking at a nonhormonal solution that might eliminate side effects.
Spotting mid-menstrual cycle isn't typically cause for alarm, but here's what to keep in mind.
It's an occurrence known as superfetation and it's incredibly rare—but shockingly possible.
The false-positive rate for rare disorders can leave parents-to-be with inaccurate information.
Some pregnant women develop a rare but dangerous condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.
Two experts share which baby items are useful and which are a waste of money, or worse.
Having a baby helped me realize how much I needed my gender transition.
Obstetric units continue to close as the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates systemic inequity.
The symptoms of PPD can be debilitating both physically and mentally, so seek the help you need.
While most of the claims you've heard can't really help, some induction methods might just work.
Baby tech is a $46 billion industry, but is it worth the expense it costs parents?
Mothers and infants bond in many ways, including through smell, scientists say.
There are many things to avoid during pregnancy. Making love isn't one of them.
This lesser-known contraceptive option offers convenience and efficacy similar to the pill.
While some women see a decrease in symptoms when pregnant, medication can complicate things.
Some people say Mucinex can help you get pregnant. The science, however, is unclear.
Vasectomy methods vary, but they all involve vas deferens modifications to keep sperm confined.
Everything is different now, and you're not the one setting the timeline.
You'll have difficult decisions to make, but you won't have to do so right away—or alone.
Research shows pollution, hazardous waste and climate change negatively affect pregnant people.
The FDA has provided general guidelines for women to go over with their doctor.
When the ibuprofen won't cut it, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation might help.
Modern medications and active management of the virus keep reproductive options open.
Researchers say hormonal contraceptive use by asthmatic women is linked to reduced flare-ups.
Find out how to lessen the risk of this common complication and tips for a smooth recovery.
Experts advise on how to help someone who's experienced pregnancy loss.
The condition can hit post-weaning rather than immediately after birth.
Though it's important to know about any dangerous side effects, this one is rare.
Exploring one of the weirder, and potentially dangerous, pregnancy complications.
Also known as a stealth or denied pregnancy, this condition is more common than you'd think.
Boob jobs are fine for moms-to-be if you watch out for these potential complications.
Forgoing a hospital setting is fine for many women, but having a plan in place is vital.
This treatment uses medication to induce ovulation and increase fertility.
A recent study shows a slight increase in cycle length.
To avoid menstruation, skip the placebo pills and go straight to the next pack.
A new paper reviewing multiple studies recommends specific mineral amounts for pregnant women.
Learn about your little one's movements to make sure they're happy and healthy.
Managing this condition can ensure your best chance of conception.
The 'This Is Us' actress is among the 25 percent of women to have an abortion in their lifetime.
The World Health Organization estimates up to 10,000 women develop this condition every year.
Research analyzing more than 51,000 pregnant people finds 'solid evidence' of the benefits.
According to the experts, it's not always a simple yes or no.
Parents of young children may feel overwhelmed by the lack of personal space.
They may look attached in those high school anatomy textbooks, but they’re actually floating.
Conflicting evidence shows Plan B may not work as well for some people—but you have options.
PFD interferes with quality of life and sexual enjoyment, but exercising correctly can help.
Infertility, pregnancy and postpartum life all have unique stressors, but help is available.
An insulin-like growth factor may encourage the rate of spontaneous twinning in tall women.
The latest research adds to mounting evidence Pfizer and Moderna are safe for pregnant people.
Treating infertility in patients with this condition has evolved over the years.
More than just relaxing, a professional massage can help with medical ailments, too.
Learn more about the different types of pregnancy loss and the symptoms that can occur.
Often misdiagnosed, PGP can be debilitating for pregnant women—but there are solutions.
While this kind of pregnancy loss is relatively rare in the U.S., more awareness is necessary.
Not yet fully FDA authorized, the medications are not recommended for expectant mothers.
Doctors suggest six weeks before engaging in postnatal intercourse, but what's the reality?
This natural family-planning option can help identify ovulation by observing discharge patterns.
This fertility option is becoming more popular—here's what to know when searching for a clinic.
What to expect when you're expecting? Possibly—a urinary tract infection.
Symptoms of uterine fibroids are often dismissed as period pain.
If you keep getting up through the night, it may be time to check your pelvic floor.
Without basic healthcare, women face higher mortality rates and other serious consequences.
Family planning isn't just for straight couples.
You'll have to consider your safety, if you can first get past the weird factor.
Increased awareness and the pandemic have contributed to this fertility safeguard's popularity.
Fertility treatments offer hope to many, but the expenses can be astronomical.
Research finds stigma hinders diagnosis and treatment for fat patients.
Recent research shows promise for hormone treatments to reduce risk of recurrent pregnancy loss.
Here's what you should know about the trendy delivery method.
Stress can be detrimental to mother and baby, but these expert tips can help.
If your semen levels are off balance, your gametes may not get to where they're going: the egg.
Testosterone supplements are not the solution when sperm production is the problem.
If you want to become a parent but struggle to conceive, it could be worth considering.
If infertility isn't an impetus to get vaccinated, how about potential erectile dysfunction.
COVID affected the availability of reproductive healthcare and worsened pregnancy outcomes.
The reality star is expecting her third child with her husband, Zach Roloff.
The CDC advises expectant women to get another dose for additional protection.
Learn more about the symptoms of the most common type of pregnancy loss.
The 'Selling Sunset' star finds solace in others’ stories after her pregnancy loss at 38 weeks.
While it remains a great option for prospective parents, you have to think of the child, too.
Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next step in your IVF journey.
Caring for a baby's sensitive epidermis can be stressful, but our experts are here to help.
While the diet may feel restrictive, it's worth it for the health of you and your baby.
While it's not something to add to your worry list, you should be aware of the symptoms.
Staying hydrated is important, but fortunately for your bladder, you don't need to go overboard.
Vice President Harris issues Call to Action to improve health outcomes for parents and infants.
Women living in poverty face significant barriers to access.
Taking an extra birth control pill is common and rarely cause for concern.
These professionals can help get your baby sleeping through the night.
The Illinois congresswoman candidly discusses her experience with IVF and pregnancy loss.
Though it can't cure infertility, Mayan abdominal therapy can reduce stress and help blood flow.
Despite the evidence, some still think emergency contraception causes abortions.
A man's fertility status post-chemo depends on a lot of factors, but parenthood is possible.
'If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power' is a gothic tale of pregnancy and identity.
Childbirth is difficult on the body and mind, but professional treatment can help with healing.
The unconventional menstrual cup method might just be worth a shot.
Round ligament pain can arise during pregnancy—communication and creativity are key.
Don't worry—you're not the first person to ask this question.
Science is starting to uncover the fascinating and terrifying truth about this vital organ.
Here's how to become a safe space so your friends and family feel they can open up.
A lot of sexual education involves villainizing teen pregnancy. But is that fair?
Women who choose to have babies later in life have more options than ever.
If you feel the urge to lick your baby, go ahead. It's a primal instinct that's relatively safe.
Learn more about the impact on menstruation, pregnancy and fertility—and possible solutions.
The journalist discusses her IVF struggles and finally becoming a mom in her late 40s.
When a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, it must be removed to save the woman.
Your baby's head pressing into your spine during delivery may cause serious pain.
Even with state-mandated screening, women in low socioeconomic areas may face hurdles.
Research results are conflicting, but doctors warn weed won't do you any fertility favors.
A healthy pregnancy is possible, but precautions are needed to avoid complications.
For her second home birth, the actor prioritized self-advocacy and comfort.
Stitching a person too tight after tears from childbirth can happen on purpose or by accident.
For couples with male-factor infertility, IUI and ICSI are good alternatives to traditional IVF.
As many as 36 percent of twin parents face the difficulty of this situation.
The actress aims to eliminate the shame around pregnancy complications.
While rare, this condition can have a devastating impact—but treatment is available.
Most products haven't been tested or researched, so do your homework and talk to your doctor.
Oral medications and nasal sprays create an innovative pathway for in vitro fertilization.
The model continues to be open about her experience with pregnancy loss.
You may not want to block out your calendar just yet.
Pregnancy puts women at high risk for severe illness. Vaccination makes a difference.
If you think you know what to expect with your next bun in the oven, think again.
Physical restrictions while pregnant are no fun, but there are ways to pass the time.
It's been more than 60 years since women got The Pill. What's the holdup for guys?
It's okay to imbibe a bit while breastfeeding—pumping and dumping isn’t the only solution.
A specialist can help expecting mothers with back pain—and encourage safe delivery.
Women facing the decision to abort often need emotional support—enter this specialist.
'I'm really tired and not a superhuman, and this is really hard.'
Unable to get pregnant while in remission, I turned to surrogacy—and received more than a baby.
The time it takes to physically heal after pregnancy loss can add to the emotional toll.
Robert Pitman has ruled SB8 unconstitutional, but the state is appealing the decision.
Sperm quality suffers when BMI is high. ART advancements may help, as can bariatric surgery.
Tylenol has long been recommended for pain relief during pregnancy, but now caution is advised.
A new study shows the unique challenges it posed to new moms.
Numerous stressors can negatively affect male fertility, so don't let the virus be another one.
OB-GYNs warn about the dangers and recommend clinics if you can't access your main provider.
Thyroid function is essential for getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
Certain activities aren't safe when carrying a child. Here's how to adapt.
A new study is trying to find answers so the profession can become safer for women.
These hidden building blocks of immunity protect babies in their first months of life.
SB4 takes effect Dec. 2 and is the latest addition to the state's strict abortion laws.
Your baby needs a lot of attention, but you deserve some, too.
This nutrient-rich golden liquid gives newborns natural protection in their first days of life.
To preserve fertility in the face of cancer or other issues, freezing some swimmers is smart.
IVF isn't for everyone—be sure to weigh the pros and cons.
Your step-by-step guide to finding the right person to record this very important day.
Those fluttering kick-like feelings are very real and can occur long after pregnancy.
The pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles together promote sperm and testosterone levels.
Men who want kids should know that getting their tobacco fix could be the same as getting fixed.
The comedian shares how he raises his kids—and how despite divorce, they 'came from love.'
A leading OB-GYN discusses vaccine hesitancy, latest research and the benefits of vaccination.
The 'heartbeat bill' may serve as a blueprint for restrictions across the U.S.
This form of abuse involves control, and it's happening all around us.
Though rarely discussed, antenatal depression may affect as many as 1 in 10 pregnant women.
As they seek more donations, official banks also stress the risks of informal sharing.
Here are some tips to help lighten the emotional load after a miscarriage.
Studies show this technique lowers the risk of tearing and postpartum complications.
Breaking a sweat regularly while pregnant can benefit you in delivery and postpartum recovery.
The reality star went through four rounds of IVF before getting pregnant.
The ultimate guide to healing so you can get on with your life.
A positive pregnancy test for non-fertile women is rare but could signal a serious condition.
The McCord List creator faced health complications along with COVID-19 restrictions.
Find the contraceptive method that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.
Struggling to get pregnant can be emotionally draining, but therapy may help.
This congenital condition is rare, but some men learn about it when they're unable to conceive.
Seven women share their journeys through recovery and looking past birth expectations.
While booking a birth has become increasingly trendy, cesarean section is not without danger.
A recently enacted law offers free health checkups for newborns and families following birth.
Considering your fertility before you want children can help inform your decisions.
IVF is a good option for some people, but 'family balancing' has sparked a serious conversation.
Finding a physician to perform a tubal ligation can be more difficult than the procedure itself.
Despite the risk of severe illness and urging from the CDC, only 22% are fully immunized.
Women in low-income, rural communities often face barriers to affordable contraceptives.
Data shows race plays a role in America’s climbing maternal mortality rate. How do we stop it?
Talk to your doctor about therapeutic interventions and lifestyle adjustments.
Policymakers hope the new law will help address the state's Black maternal mortality crisis.
Congratulations, you're pregnant! And, no, that doesn't mean you should stop having sex.
A seasoned doula weighs in on the benefits of looking at options before you're actually in labor
The growths can keep you from getting pregnant. Clinical trials show there may be a solution.
9 months. 40 weeks. What's the difference, and why does it matter?
More research is needed, but doctors say the data is real.
An osteoporosis drug is being studied for its potentially positive effects on male fertility.
The once-routine procedures used to be standard practice in childbirth.
With more and more women delaying pregnancy, the American birth rate is at an all-time low.
Be more empowered in your decision if the doctor recommends a cesarean.
The widening fertility window gives your biological clock a few more years to tick down.
Two lesbian couples discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy.
Doctors still don't know exactly what causes GD, but the condition can impact you and your baby.
Losing a pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the end of your parenthood journey.
Hulu's film 'False Positive' is just the latest in a long line of gestational terror.
This common condition affects 77 percent of women of childbearing age.
Nocturnal emissions continue through adulthood, and they're nothing to be ashamed of.
A doctor addresses just how aspiring moms can avoid giving the virus to newborns.
Congenital abnormalities—passed down from dad or mom—play a role in some infertility cases.
Modern medicine has reduced mother-to-baby transmission, but we're not out of the woods yet.
Keep these items on hand to manage tearing, bruising, sore nipples and other common troubles.
Women are reporting irregular periods and fertility concerns after getting their COVID-19 shots.
Here's what you should know if you're thinking of reversing 'the snip': It doesn't always work.
Travelers beware: The virus is still a cause for concern in many countries.
A doula serves as your advocate and guide during one of your most life-changing experiences.
Strengthening this muscle group is important for everyone, especially women entering menopause.
The Jill of all trades in women’s care is often underestimated and misunderstood.
Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, your sex life may be impacted.
Though the symptoms are similar to menopause, you may still be able to get pregnant with POI.
Science is giving mothers with certain genetic diseases the chance to have a healthy baby.
From position in the womb to method of delivery, fibroids can influence childbearing.
Just because it no longer dominates the news doesn't mean the risk of Zika is gone.
An arcuate or heart-shaped uterus is a common abnormality.
This permanent form of birth control comes with both risks and rewards.
Emergency contraceptives are available as a second line of defense to prevent pregnancy.
From smelling like soap to tasting metallic or turning pink, feeding time offers many surprises.
It’s a huge change for both parents, so you’ll need to support each other.
The way you care for your teeth and gums affects your baby, too.
A glass of wine a week isn’t worth the risk when you’re pregnant.
Understanding how to manage common complications is essential for a happy, healthy pregnancy.
Learning more about this common condition will help you be prepared throughout your pregnancy.
An emotional support professional can set the tone for a positive birth experience for women.
Understanding the dangers of 'trich' can help you protect your reproductive health.
Carrier screening, amniocentesis and other tests can prepare you for a lot, but not everything.
The fertility conversation is inevitably emotional, but it doesn’t have to freak everyone out.
The option to have children isn’t taken away from you when you’re diagnosed.
Mind over matter? Understand the role stress plays in your chances of becoming pregnant.
Can hard athletic training negatively affect your ability to get pregnant?
If you're a smoker, you could be putting your fertility and future children at risk.
The centuries-old profession is a critical part of the birthing process for many modern parents.
From finding a facility to providing blood and a semen sample, here's how the process goes.
Parenthood is a big decision, but not one that must be made right away.
Swollen veins in a man's scrotum can affect his life and, by extension, yours.
Exercise is excellent for your health, but is too much a bad thing?
Learn about the fertility options available to you after cervical cancer treatment.
How to find a doula to empower and protect you for a successful birth.
While often talked about as one type of procedure, there are actually options.
Careful decisions regarding conception and pregnancy are nobody's business but your own.
You can increase your chances of conceiving, even with polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Here are some key things to know about your DNA when trying to conceive.
Men who want to be a father can make lifestyle changes to ensure they produce quality sperm.
These tests provide access to tons of info, which can induce more than a little anxiety.
It’s like a monthly report card, telling you so much about your health.
Know where to start and what questions to ask before finalizing your fertility clinic choice.
Even after 'the snip,' you can still enjoy a robust sex life, without the fear of pregnancy.
You can't always prevent fertility problems, but you can avoid some of the risk factors.
Know what factors to consider when choosing your sperm donor.
Learn how the shape and swimming style of sperm affect male fertility.
When other solutions aren’t an option, surrogacy remains a dependable way to have a child.
Sometimes periods aren't as timely as they should be. What's to blame?
Why an increase in blood supply leaves your hands swollen and uncomfortable.
Sperm banks are an option to freeze sperm for future use, but get some facts straight first
These two bodily stages have overlapping symptoms, making it hard to determine their origins.
Having children isn't out of the question. Educate yourself on infertility treatments.
Your genetics may be causing infertility. Here's what you should know.
So, you want to become a midwife? Be ready to burn the midnight oil.
Restless legs syndrome sufferers have an uncontrollable urge to move their legs, even at night.
Affording in vitro fertilization treatments is possible but takes forethought and strategy.
New resources can help you decide if having a child is the right fit for you.
Bringing a baby into the world can bring emotional upheaval. Here's how to support your partner.
If needles make you squeamish, you may have trouble with some of these fertility medications.
Tackling infertility begins with understanding the possible causes.
As you create a new life, you'll have to navigate sex with a very different body.
Gain a better understanding of emergency contraception.
You can still maximize your chances of getting pregnant after the age of 35.
Exercise is important when you're expecting, but some activities do more harm than good.
Knowing actions to take when you forget to take your daily pill can help you avoid pregnancy.
Remedies in conjunction with antibiotics may help you bounce back faster.
Before making that dreaded trip to the drugstore, look online instead.
This shooting pain during pregnancy may not mean anything is wrong—but it still really hurts.
It's time for an honest conversation about pregnancy loss.
Endometriosis and PCOS can make it tricky to get (or stay) pregnant.
If your bleeding is excessive or your period painful, it may be time to consult your doc.
A brand-new, easy form of contraception has hit the market, but be sure to read the fine print.
Prevent and treat some of the unpleasant symptoms of maturing.
Many factors, including supplements, influence a child's health.
They may start as a minor fungal overgrowth, but yeast infections should not go untreated.
If you're considering this procedure for your reproductive health, here's what you should know.
These unpredictable attackers are a significant but often beatable factor in infertility.
Higher estrogen levels pose risks, but if the pill is not for you, alternatives are available.
Taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself don't have to be mutually exclusive goals.
Syphilis is an STD that can lead to serious complications. Know what to look for and get help.
Curing the disease can cause infertility, but it’s possible to minimize that risk.
You'll hear a lot of tales about pregnancy and postpartum life. It's time to get the facts.
Don't take chances with issues as serious as pregnancy and STIs. Let's get the facts straight.
Syphilis is a dangerous infection that can cause fetal deformities or death if left untreated.
Anticipate what's in store for this momentous step of the in vitro fertilization process.
Trichomoniasis causes premature labor and low birth rates, but treatment is effective.
Grief, doubt and frustration—heavy emotions can take their toll on a partnership.
Coping skills are essential to navigating fertility issues effectively.
For women surviving cervical cancer, pregnancy can still be an option, depending on treatment.
Learn the symptoms of HSV-1 or HSV-2 and how herpes can affect or cause damage to the brain.
It's normal to feel down sometimes when caring for a newborn. But at what point is it dangerous?
How to protect your emotional well-being before divulging the details of your family plan.
If you struggle with infertility, here's what you should know before heading in for treatment.
Here's how age, medical conditions and lifestyle choices may affect your fertility.
Systemic racism is seriously affecting fertility rates across the United States.
Gonorrhea is even more serious when you’re pregnant, so treatment is key to protect your baby.
All those clichéd healthy-lifestyle recommendations matter more when you're trying to conceive.
Consider several factors as you look for the perfect person to carry your child into the world.
Yes, your body changes during and after pregnancy, but you may be blaming the wrong factors.
You still have options—and alternatives—for becoming a parent when age is not on your side.
Experiencing the miracle of carrying a life may leave your breasts feeling less than perfect.
Your perspective on fertility treatments might be different the second time around (and beyond).
To protect your and your baby's health while breastfeeding, take action and be prepared.
Learn the truth about timing, frequency, supplements and other factors that affect fertility.
If you're a woman who's trying to conceive, you should first know these facts.
Pregnancy can be daunting. Here are some tips to help you make it through the long journey.
Health issues during pregnancy can go beyond morning sickness and swollen feet.
If you’re struggling to conceive, you still have many options to consider.
Eating for two comes with crucial responsibilities, some of which you may not expect.
You may be wary of epidurals, but they're a safe and effective way to manage childbirth pain.
Studies disagree on whether the traditional practice will solve your conception difficulties.
As long as humans have known how babies are made, we've looked for ways to prevent having them.
Every woman’s experiences with pregnancy are different—including how they feel about sex.
Here's what you need to know before you get this highly effective contraceptive.
While minoxidil won't affect your fertility, finasteride might.
The answer depends on your situation and comfort level. There's no right or wrong way.
Keeping nipples healthy during breastfeeding can prevent serious health complications.
While it doesn't automatically mean infertility, endometriosis may require immediate attention.
Expect the unexpected, and you'll be able to adjust to your ever-changing sex drive.
Scientific advances in conception continue to offer fresh hope for men facing infertility.
Fertility preservation may be the key to having a family after cancer treatment.
Adopting an embryo may provide a path to parenthood for couples with infertility issues.
Getting your 'tubes tied' is an effective and permanent way to prevent pregnancy (but not STIs).
Over 35 and pregnant? Here are tips and advice for moms-to-be.
Almost all mammals, except humans, eat their placenta after birth. Should we?
If you've thought about getting an IUD but feel a little unsure, here are some considerations.
During pregnancy, everything is always changing. Be prepared for your sex life to change, too.
While treatable, syphilis can cause major long-term health problems if not addressed quickly.
During pregnancy, intense specified hunger can go beyond just wishing for a cookie.
Most contraceptives work preventively, but the morning-after pill gives you more flexibility.
Here's what expectant mothers need to know about new over-the-counter remedies.
Insemination kits offer a convenient option for infertile couples and others who want children.
Here’s how to keep your caffeine intake within safe limits without experiencing withdrawal.
While IBD is a serious condition, knowing the facts will help you best manage your disease.
Find out the facts about preeclampsia—it could save your life.
The closer to the time of ovulation you have sex, the better the chances to conceive.
You had a vasectomy, but now you want to conceive. What are your options?
Having herpes can affect your pregnancy and your newborn, but the situation is manageable.
Multiple labor pain-management options exist, so here's what to consider for your delivery.
Women with HIV have a number of ways to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to their infant.
Patient advocates are finding creative ways to provide support when they can’t be present.
There are many choices and factors to consider after you decide to terminate a pregnancy.
Trichomoniasis can be symptomless, which makes awareness and routine screenings paramount.
You can navigate a healthy pregnancy even with eating disorders or body-image issues.
Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that can have adverse effects on a mother and her baby.
As long as your doctor is involved, there are many natural remedies for this common problem.
What do the success rates advertised by IVF clinics actually mean for prospective patients?
Here are a few tips for success when you’re planning to have children.
Ongoing depression during pregnancy and afterward is a common condition. Recognize the signs.
Full and round are features some women desire for their derriere. Brazilian butt lifts deliver.
Women may seek cosmetic surgery to improve their quality of life or for cosmetic concerns.
A ‘mommy makeover’ promises to restore your body to pre-pregnancy shape. Is it just hype?
States are trying to make intentionally slipping off or damaging your condom a criminal offense.
Through support and healthy adjustments, you’ll be more equipped for postpartum depression.
Breastfeeding is preferred in most cases, but for various reasons, not all mothers can do it.
You may never have heard of it, but protecting yourself starts with learning the trich basics.
Reality differs from our collective imagination of how an abortion looks and feels.
Regular checkups can help expectant mothers identify symptoms and protect against preeclampsia.
There are critical steps to manage PPD, a serious condition that affects moms after childbirth.
Being pregnant changes everything—including sex. You have questions; we have answers.