Vita Eizans, D.O.
Vita Eizans, D.O.
Social media influencers rave about the hormone-free birth control option. Is it worth the hype?
A wellness exam is an annual preventive screening to help catch problems before they start.
There's a lot of talk about vaginal pH and how to maintain it. Let's clear the air, shall we?
LARC methods provide reliable, convenient birth control with few side effects.
Your prenatal care may include RhoGAM or Rhophylac injections to keep you and your baby healthy.
Just because 28 days is the average doesn't mean yours has to be.
Pregnancy puts women at high risk for severe illness. Vaccination makes a difference.
Even light vaginal bleeding after menopause should be taken seriously and evaluated by a doctor.
While a cyst sounds scary, it's not always something to worry about.
We don't care if you shaved. We do appreciate clean feet.