For some people, the road to parenthood is much more difficult than they ever expected.

After all, they used to try so hard to prevent a pregnancy that actually getting pregnant should be easy. Right? That’s not quite the case. Each person experiences fertility differently, and because of that, it may be difficult to predict what comes next.

Typically, once you’ve consulted with a medical professional, you will follow a series of steps that will increase the chances for successful conception, trying the simplest and most cost-effective options first.

For most couples in which the woman is younger than age 35, infertility is defined as a failure to conceive after 12 months of frequent sex without using contraception. If you’ve been diagnosed as infertile, consider the importance of lifestyle modifications, including smoking cessation, reducing excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, and timing intercourse appropriately (one to two days before expected ovulation).

Beyond those lifestyle changes, you