Fertility treatments are pricey and often paid for out of pocket.
As the average maternal age has increased, so has the demand for fertility treatments.
Data suggests the risk of developing hypertensive disorders may increase by up to 74 percent.
Data suggests the risk of developing hypertensive disorders may increase by up to 74 percent.
This new legislation will ensure donor-conceived individuals know their medical history.
The process can be rewarding in more ways than one. But it's not easy or risk-free.
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Skip the expensive labs and incubate your eggs inside the warmth and comfort of your own body.
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Careful decisions regarding conception and pregnancy are nobody's business but your own.
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Sperm banks are an option to freeze sperm for future use, but get some facts straight first
Creating a mutual support network is the first step.
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In vitro fertilization makes multiples more likely, although not as often as in the recent past.
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If you’re struggling to conceive, you still have many options to consider.
Whether you're trying to conceive or stay child-free, understanding your fertility is key.
Egg freezing offers an amazing—but risky and complex—choice for women's reproductive plans.
Egg freezing offers an amazing—but risky and complex—choice for women's reproductive plans.
Scientific advances in conception continue to offer fresh hope for men facing infertility.
Fertility preservation may be the key to having a family after cancer treatment.
Adopting an embryo may provide a path to parenthood for couples with infertility issues.
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IVF costs vary greatly, but it’s not out of reach for people serious about starting a family.
Thanks to embryo cryopreservation, you can safely put your future offspring on ice.
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