Shannon Jordan

Shannon Jordan is a freelance writer and editor, with particular interests in physical and emotional wellness and social justice. She has four children through birth and adoption, along with a pup, three cats, and a lapful of foster kittens.

She has a biology degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and a midwifery license from New Mexico. In alternate universes, she is an infectious disease specialist, photographer for Nat Geo, midwife, marine biologist, herbalist and whatever allows her to pet a tiger. But in this universe, she is happy to be a writer.

How to Recognize Sexual Coercion in a Committed Relationship

Nonphysical intimidation is the most common and least reported form of sexual violence.

By Shannon Jordan

What to Do When You Want Sex More (or Less) Than Your Partner

Can a couple find long-term sexual satisfaction so both have their varying needs met?

By Shannon Jordan

A Rare but Dangerous Complication of Syphilis: Meningitis

To prevent serious problems from this STD, early treatment and frequent testing are essential.

By Shannon Jordan

Use Emotional Regulation Strategies to Fight Fairly

Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship, but fighting well is a skill to develop.

By Shannon Jordan

Women's Grooming and Hygiene

'Green' Hygiene Helps You Look Good While Caring for the Planet

The grooming products you use are probably damaging the environment—there are better options.

By Shannon Jordan

Improve Brain Health With Memory Enhancement Strategies

Lifestyle changes and healthy habits in midlife can decrease your risk of developing dementia.

By Shannon Jordan

Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Preventing Heart Disease Is Simple, but Not Always Easy

Pick a heart-healthy habit to incorporate into your lifestyle today. Future you will thank you.

By Shannon Jordan

The Importance of Sunscreen by Complexion Type

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. and the U.K. Know your own risk factors.

By Shannon Jordan