New research suggests dads have a higher risk of heart disease but better mental health.
Here's what an open adoption will look like in our family (plus some tips for you and yours).
Scared to bring a date to your new digs? Use these feng shui tips to spruce up the place.
Parents without partners face social stigmas, but still find ways to experience sexual pleasure.
Some parents may struggle to bond with their new baby. Here's what can help.
AASECT-certified sex therapist, Savannah Van Besien answers your most intimate questions.
AASECT-certified sex therapist, Savannah Van Besien answers your most intimate questions.
The Swedish adult filmmaker is calling for children to think critically about erotic content.
The Swedish adult filmmaker is calling for children to think critically about erotic content.
The Swedish adult filmmaker is calling for children to think critically about erotic content.
The Youth Sexpert Program is planning to transform teens into next-generation sex ed advocates.
How to ensure the young adults in your life have the sexual health information they need.
Although it’s a scary time, premature or sick babies have a team of helpers and many resources.
Although it’s a scary time, premature or sick babies have a team of helpers and many resources.
Feeling like you fall short of 'superparent' status? It might be more than just sadness.
When feelings of joy after birth don't end, it is a problem. Hypomania is surprisingly common.
Author Jordan Davidson's book may help you decide if parenting is right for you.
The impact on infant health is unknown, but experts say breastfeeding is still the best option.
The Paralympic athlete hopes to inspire peers and people with impairments to pursue motherhood.
Whether you have teens, youngsters or a baby, you need a strategy to keep up an active sex life.
Whether you have teens, youngsters or a baby, you need a strategy to keep up an active sex life.
When parents do drink, they drink more, new research finds.
Here's what parents can do to feed their children while production and accessibility ramp up.
Newborns are expensive, and if you are feeling the added effects of inflation, you're not alone.
If you find yourself drawn to narcissistic partners, there are ways to break the cycle.
Without access to an educational program, these individuals face a higher risk of abuse.
You're starting a relationship with a new partner, but kids are in the equation. Are you ready?
Soldiers speak out and the Army listens, enacting a new directive to help parents.
It's not easy to communicate with teens, especially about their relationships. Here's how.
Those uterine contractions while nursing does have a reason.
Find out what to expect when inducing lactation.
We're here to help you pack for labor, delivery and homecoming.
If you've recently been diagnosed with cancer, telling your children is an important step.
The right education can help you feel confident and prepared for labor.
The desire for a family is more complicated for queer couples than for others.
Nursing while diabetic is generally safe for both mom and baby. Here's what to keep in mind.
Has a loved one recently had a baby? It's time to dial up your stream of support.
You already have enough to figure out. Now here comes puberty.
Talking to your kid about this subject can be awkward, but it's essential for their safety.
Learn how to navigate the different state laws on nursing your baby outside your home.
Some history, a few innovative matrimonial designs and a look at wedded bliss in the future.
COVID-19 changed our lives, but not always for the worse. I decided to have a beautiful baby.
Consider these tips to stay sane if your baby won't feed.
Here's how to strike a balance between using breast milk and formula.
Every child should be equipped with comprehensive and inclusive information.
The fear of childbirth, sometimes due to a traumatic previous pregnancy, affects many people.
Take some expert advice for divorced parents on how to talk to your children.
Having 'the talk' doesn't have to be awkward.
Daily activities and model behaviors can help children establish boundaries.
When trauma is prolonged and repetitive, complex post-traumatic stress disorder can develop.
Forced sex occurs everywhere and doesn't discriminate across nations, societies or genders.
The practice is thought to diminish stress and increase bonding between parents and newborns.
PPD is a common but often isolating experience. Help from others can make all the difference.
PPD is surprisingly common in men, but it often goes undiagnosed.
The images in these parents' heads are terrifying, and professional help is vital.
There are some exceptions, however, so always talk to your doctor.
Prenuptial contracts aren't just for the rich and powerful anymore.
Postpartum time is stressful enough without worrying about setting a feeding schedule.
Hyperemesis gravidarum can be rough, but one mom found a silver lining.
The bipartisan legislation would prevent the sale of these items that increase the risk of SIDS.
The false-positive rate for rare disorders can leave parents-to-be with inaccurate information.
Two experts share which baby items are useful and which are a waste of money, or worse.
Baby tech is a $46 billion industry, but is it worth the expense it costs parents?
Mothers and infants bond in many ways, including through smell, scientists say.
Proposed legislation would provide breast pumps, supplies and lactation support to families.
Research provides the first evidence for the role of de novo mutations in male fertility issues.
Certain powdered infant formulas have resulted in 2 known deaths due to bacterial contamination.
…And what parents and teachers can do to help.
You've taken the most important step and sought a professional. When will it start to help?
Your genes govern appearance and blood type, but they're also responsible for a whole lot more.
Parents of young children may feel overwhelmed by the lack of personal space.
A revelation about a biological parent throws it all into question.
Research shows America will reap the benefits if it supports pregnant and postpartum women.
Cultural norms on bed-sharing differ across the globe, but how safe actually is the practice?
While this aid can help your lactation experience, it's not a perfect solution for everyone.
Sex may be evident at birth, but only you can be sure of your own identity.
If you want to become a parent but struggle to conceive, it could be worth considering.
The actress opened up about sex, fertility and what she wants to teach her teen daughters.
While it remains a great option for prospective parents, you have to think of the child, too.
Caring for a baby's sensitive epidermis can be stressful, but our experts are here to help.
The singer said watching explicit videos at age 11 'destroyed' her brain.
These professionals can help get your baby sleeping through the night.
Adaptability and good communication take a couple a long way down the right road of divorce.
It's not as easy as one, two, three, but legal separation doesn't have to proceed painfully.
The power lies in subverting pop culture tropes about love and sex.
The process can be challenging, but nurturing your relationship can help you cope.
Statistically, legal separations see an uptick after holidays, so what should you avoid?
What does a straight mother of a gay son need to know about the HIV prevention pill?
A lot of sexual education involves villainizing teen pregnancy. But is that fair?
If you feel the urge to lick your baby, go ahead. It's a primal instinct that's relatively safe.
Adult intimacy is a little more complicated than preschool rules teach us.
Almost half of new moms stay home after maternity leave ends—and many feel they have no choice.
Buckling your newborn in properly can be lifesaving. Luckily, there are resources available.
The model continues to be open about her experience with pregnancy loss.
If you think you know what to expect with your next bun in the oven, think again.
It's okay to imbibe a bit while breastfeeding—pumping and dumping isn’t the only solution.
When considering a lack of sexual education, porn literacy can help students fill the gaps.
Bass says he's 'never been so happy' after his first five days with his children.
Coming out is an achievement, but what kind of pressure does it place on a child?
Tylenol has long been recommended for pain relief during pregnancy, but now caution is advised.
Choosing the best device for your milk production is a big decision. Here's what to know.
Children should understand sexual consent long before they understand sex.
Your baby needs a lot of attention, but you deserve some, too.
The 'LA's Finest' actor opens up about his relationship and talking to his teens.
What do adolescents need to know now about grooming that'll serve them the rest of their lives?
Things are a little different than the days of 'Playboy'…but not as different as you think.
The comedian shares how he raises his kids—and how despite divorce, they 'came from love.'
Here are some notes on parenting and having kids later in life.
How TV host Barbarie balances work and parenting after a cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy.
Here are some tips to help lighten the emotional load after a miscarriage.
There may be a good reason for why your internal clock doesn’t always work the way you want.
Doctors weigh in on the viral TikTok and the benefits of topical breast milk.
The virus can cause cervical cancer, but is there any reason that boys should get vaccinated?
The MPAA keeps its ratings board hidden—where it wants to keep sex.
Lawyers can help you make the tough decisions, but they can't be your emotional support.
While booking a birth has become increasingly trendy, cesarean section is not without danger.
In life and on popular TV, it involves exploiting vulnerable people who need extra love.
A recently enacted law offers free health checkups for newborns and families following birth.
If your child has trouble breathing, check the context, know the triggers and go see a doctor.
'My body, my choice' applies to your little ones as much as it applies to you.
Spermageddon is here, according to harrowing headlines. Are we really facing a coming crisis?
Almost half of American couples prefer to snooze separately—that's not news to take lying down.
Make the most of this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime situation.
Talk to your doctor about therapeutic interventions and lifestyle adjustments.
Exercising with your children sets a positive example as you squeeze in a bit of self-care.
Staying in a marriage for your children might not be what's best for them...or for you.
With more and more women delaying pregnancy, the American birth rate is at an all-time low.
Two lesbian couples discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy.
A candid conversation about 'search machines,' suitors, pleasure and learning from experience.
Children of immigrant parents face additional barriers when discussing intimacy.
My friend's divorced parents have a great relationship years after separating. How do I do that?
Being diagnosed with general anxiety disorder has given my son and me healthy ways to cope.
The amazing triumphs of supercrips go viral, but just getting through the day is special, too.
When you have a gay daughter—who uses TikTok—the standard sex talk isn't going to cut it.
Parents play a significant role in how children perceive their bodies and develop self-worth.
Children will make it known when they're no longer comfortable with their parents' nudity.
From smelling like soap to tasting metallic or turning pink, feeding time offers many surprises.
It’s a huge change for both parents, so you’ll need to support each other.
The way you care for your teeth and gums affects your baby, too.
Chemotherapy can decimate your sperm count, but it doesn't spell the end of parental prospects.
Educating yourself about menopause can help you better embrace this new stage of life.
An emotional support professional can set the tone for a positive birth experience for women.
Misunderstanding of this neurodevelopmental condition makes life harder for people with it.
The rest new parents need is possible with these tried-and-true strategies.
Carrier screening, amniocentesis and other tests can prepare you for a lot, but not everything.
It's a challenging time, but it can be easier if you don't buy into generalizations.
Learn about the fertility options available to you after cervical cancer treatment.
For long-term health, encourage your children to focus on nutrition, not body image.
Careful decisions regarding conception and pregnancy are nobody's business but your own.
Taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself don't have to be mutually exclusive goals.
Raising a child when there’s no official playbook may be the greatest hurdle for parents.
Consider several factors as you look for the perfect person to carry your child into the world.
Experiencing the miracle of carrying a life may leave your breasts feeling less than perfect.
If you’re struggling to conceive, you still have many options to consider.
Being a divorced parent can be complicated, but you can still keep your kids' home life happy.
Almost all mammals, except humans, eat their placenta after birth. Should we?
Raising a child can be one of life's great joys, but presents challenges for people who identify
Having herpes can affect your pregnancy and your newborn, but the situation is manageable.
Patient advocates are finding creative ways to provide support when they can’t be present.