You put your Sunday morning mimosa and your Friday night glass of wine on hold for nine whole months (or maybe more!) while your baby grew in your belly, but now that your little one is here…surely you can celebrate with a drink or two, right?

The short answer is "yes, of course," but the answer gets a little more complicated if you're breastfeeding. Especially if you're exclusively breastfeeding.

Just as alcohol enters your bloodstream, it also enters your breast milk, which is dangerous for your baby. So, if and when you do decide to imbibe, you just want to make sure you do it safely.

How alcohol enters your breast milk

When you consume alcohol, your body works to metabolize it quickly, which means it enters your bloodstream (and milk) faster than you might realize. But that also means as long as you're not drinking excessively, the alcohol leaves your body reasonably quickly.

"Alcohol transfers into breast milk within about 30 minutes, and is metabolized and out of the milk within two hours