With the current global pandemic, face masks have become part of our everyday lexicon. For beauty gurus, though, face masks will first and foremost be a skincare product. Depending on what you're looking to achieve, sheet masks can hydrate, exfoliate or dry out your skin. They typically consist of water, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and/or antioxidants. The face-shaped fabric—which has an opening for your eyes and mouth—will absorb into your face.

While face masks are a pretty common step in a beauty routine, when this mom on TikTok went viral (6.1 million views) for her video about creating a breastmilk face mask for her baby, the Internet and experts alike were shocked. "When your baby has acne so you make a breastmilk mask for him," the mom (who goes by ahlingaling on TikTok) captioned the clip. The baby is seen sleeping peacefully as his mom puts the face mask on his face. When the mask is removed, his face looks glowy and soft.