Some women experience far more than the usual breast growth during pregnancy.
Low testosterone contributes to more than ED—it could be the cause of your 'moobs.'
Can diet and exercise, rather than plastic surgery, really help you drop a cup size?
Gynecomastia affects between up to 65 percent of boys and men. But is it a major health concern?
Gynecomastia affects between up to 65 percent of boys and men. But is it a major health concern?
Gynecomastia affects between up to 65 percent of boys and men. But is it a major health concern?
Experts explain how to find the best bra for big breasts.
Experts explain how to find the best bra for big breasts.
From breast cancer to breastfeeding, here's why breast health is crucial to women's health.
Forget everything you think you know about the ubiquitous undergarment.
According to the numbers, women may feel more terrible about their boobs than ever before.
According to the numbers, women may feel more terrible about their boobs than ever before.
The proposed USPSTF update lowers the age at which women should undergo biennial mammograms.
No, 'man boobs' don't just develop as a result of being overweight.
Plus, learn the potential complications, causes, treatment and other details you need to know.
DCIS rarely causes symptoms, so it's important to have regular screenings.
It could be months or it could be years, so here's a rough idea of what you might expect.
A lump or pain doesn't always mean cancer. It could be one of these things instead.
Whether solo or with a partner, here's how to check 'the girls' for potential issues.
Whether solo or with a partner, here's how to check 'the girls' for potential issues.
Even with proper maintenance, your augmentation won't last forever.
If you have a mutation passed down by a parent, you may have a higher chance of getting cancer.
Whether you've had an oncological or a reconstructive procedure, the recovery process can vary.
Your swollen and sore mammaries might just be caused by your period.
Here's the lowdown on the second-most common type of the disease.
Taking care of your body should always be a top priority, and your breasts are no exception.
With a higher mortality risk, Black women need greater participation in research.
Let's dispel myths: Breasts may change throughout your life, but you can't grow them with milk.
The protuberances have been minimized by evolution, but that doesn't mean they're functionless.
Doctors pan natural home remedies shrink breast lumps, but dietary changes can help.
The U.S. military branch is considering prototypes for an item that is long overdue.
Your breasts will thank you for following these expert suggestions.
The scientific field fails to latch onto a provable theory behind our permanent mammary glands.
The journalist says the diagnosis came as a shock, but she benefited from early detection.
If your montgomery glands get plugged up, don't panic. We've got you covered.
Here's how you can feed your infant—and keep your nipples safe.
Squamous cell carcinoma and various lymphomas have been identified in a small number of cases.
Most results are benign, but here's what to expect during and after the procedure.
Breasts can get bigger with age, so don't be surprised if you go up several cup sizes.
Breasts can get bigger with age, so don't be surprised if you go up several cup sizes.
A lack of milk-producing glands and ducts isn't often diagnosed until after birth.
All aboard the MammoVan! Hospitals are taking lifesaving technology on the road.
Your partner may need support, so uncover the facts about these breast exams.
This surgical treatment option removes cancer while preserving the aesthetics of your breasts.
Hormone changes can cause a variety of symptoms, but there are times you should see your doctor.
This syndrome can cause deep sadness, anxiety and anger when breasts are stimulated.
Focusing on losing weight while nursing can be harmful. The experts explain why.
There are some exceptions, however, so always talk to your doctor.
Time is not friendly to most of us, and as women age, the boobs start heading downhill.
An extra set of eyes can help alleviate anxiety during a sensitive examination or procedure.
This lesser-known contraceptive option offers convenience and efficacy similar to the pill.
Skin rippling and discomfort are common after submuscular implantation.
Detection rates, treatment options and outcomes all vary depending on where you live.
If nursing your baby has left your boobs uneven, you're not alone.
Survivors and alliances are raising awareness, so man up and learn about the disease.
Your family history can sometimes put you at a higher risk of developing the disease.
Boob jobs are fine for moms-to-be if you watch out for these potential complications.
These star-shaped scars on breasts are usually benign, but it's important to rule out cancer.
There's a serious shift in the bra market encouraged by the increase in work-from-home jobs.
While this aid can help your lactation experience, it's not a perfect solution for everyone.
Experts explain what to expect as you're recovering from this major operation.
The 19-year-old actress had an unexpected follow-up procedure to remove her lymph nodes.
These devices play an essential role in healing during the weeks following your operation.
Awareness campaigns largely targeted at women are leaving 1 percent of survivors behind.
Here's what to expect from this test and how you can prepare for it.
BII and other complications are leading to a major jump in explant surgeries, doctors say.
While generally harmless, it's necessary to rule out breast cancer in certain instances.
A woman's hairy boob is totally normal. There is no typical when it comes to hair on the nipple.
A woman's hairy boob is totally normal. There is no typical when it comes to hair on the nipple.
The 19-year-old star of 'Anne with an E' was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2021.
Scabs can result from both harmful and harmless factors, and at-home treatments can help.
3D technology has changed the game for detecting breast cancer, and insurance usually covers it.
Women with a higher genetic risk may want to avoid steroids, but more research is needed.
Recommendations may vary, but starting screening earlier saves lives.
The senator was diagnosed with breast cancer after delaying her mammogram.
Giddy talks with VP of Mission Delivery Janine Guglielmino about LBBC's community of support.
Test costs can be a barrier to care for women with dense breasts and other risk factors.
After breast cancer surgery, there are new factors to consider when shopping for underwear.
Here's what you should know before going under the knife for the procedure.
Even if you've tested normal for the BRCA mutation, doctors advise retesting for PALB2 variant.
Three women tell Giddy what they wish they'd known to expect following surgery.
Lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk of developing cancer.
It's okay to imbibe a bit while breastfeeding—pumping and dumping isn’t the only solution.
After her cancer diagnosis, the BBC host shared a topless photo before undergoing surgery.
Newsflash: Sometimes they don't point outward—and that's usually okay.
Unable to get pregnant while in remission, I turned to surrogacy—and received more than a baby.
Cancer treatment can come with traumatic side effects. Studies show this can help.
Giddy talks with BCA President Meg Russell about innovative early-stage research.
Can strength training tone your tatas? Experts weigh in.
Can strength training tone your tatas? Experts weigh in.
The actress is sharing candid photos of her experience with the disease on Instagram.
Stage IV takes the lives of thousands of women, and we don't talk about it enough.
In a catchy awareness campaign, the fashion designer reminds the Netflix characters to TTT.
Choosing the best device for your milk production is a big decision. Here's what to know.
While there is no cure for this condition, preventive measures can help keep it at bay.
Is a vampire breast lift the best solution for me if I want to avoid surgery?
Discomfort and swelling may occur during PMS, but there are ways to reduce it.
One woman's journey through breast cancer and lifesaving surgery.
How TV host Barbarie balances work and parenting after a cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy.
As they seek more donations, official banks also stress the risks of informal sharing.
While intraductal papilloma is usually benign, get your boob screened to rule out cancer.
One woman tells her story of being diagnosed with Poland syndrome.
Galactorrhea could be a sign of an underlying condition.
The short answer? Nipple piercings can impact women's health. Here are some things to consider.
More research is needed, but doctors say the data is real.
Enlarged lymph nodes are affecting test results for some immunized women.
Let's look at the evidence on whether your favorite pick-me-up puts you at risk for cancer.
Keep these items on hand to manage tearing, bruising, sore nipples and other common troubles.
A litany of mysterious postsurgery symptoms all seem to have one solution in common.
It's more likely to develop in the left breast, and it might not always be a lump.
From smelling like soap to tasting metallic or turning pink, feeding time offers many surprises.
Yes, you can wear a bra to bed.
Advancements in targeted therapies mean increased survival rates for breast cancer patients.
The option to have children isn’t taken away from you when you’re diagnosed.
The global perspective challenges Western assumptions on breast cancer care.
Survivors experience bodily changes that can affect their physical and emotional well-being.
By assessing the type of pain you're feeling, we can narrow down the cause.
Learn the symptoms of common breast conditions to stay proactive with your breast health.
Three women offer tips and tricks they learned for reducing and eliminating cancer scars.
When a diagnosis turns your life upside down, you need all the comfort you can bring in.
Updated recommendations have caused some confusion. Here's clarification.
Before assuming the worst about a lump, see what evidence says about cysts and cancer risk.
Breast health can't be separated from full-body health, and there are many benefits to both.
Without treatment, duct ectasia can lead to mastitis. Home remedies may help.
Being one-breasted and/or flat-chested are options more and more women are choosing.
Treatment is a challenge, but a surmountable one. Here are some tips to get you through.
While mammograms are more common, you do have options for preventive health.
If you're considering sizing down, there are a few things you ought to know.
It may be nothing, it may be something, but either way you'll be ready for the next steps.
From reconstructive surgery to natural remedies, there are a range of ways to mask your scars.
Wearing a bra doesn't increase your risk of cancer, but taking them off isn't a bad idea.
Wearing a bra doesn't increase your risk of cancer, but taking them off isn't a bad idea.
These two bodily stages have overlapping symptoms, making it hard to determine their origins.
Find out the answer to that all-important question, ’Should I wear jeans?’
Breasts inevitably change with age. But there are steps you can take to slow down the process.
Discharge can occur for many reasons, but it's not necessarily a red flag.
You don't have to feel helpless—here's how to take action.
Lumps in the breast are completely normal, and learning how to react will reduce stress.
You may not be aware of all the risk factors for breast cancer. Here's what you need to know.
Don't fret—those tiny bumps on your areola are actually normal.
You have choices for breast cancer treatment. Here's what to expect from different procedures.
Minimizing anxiety and distress reduces the negative mental health impacts for patients.
A plant-based diet may aid recovery, while processed foods are best avoided.
Curing the disease can cause infertility, but it’s possible to minimize that risk.
Common breast conditions may cause worrisome symptoms, but most aren't cause for worry.
Self-care is a good remedy for the negative side effects of radiation therapy.
Your body and mind go through a lot during 'the fourth trimester.' Pay attention to them.
As we learn more about breast cancer, it’s important to separate the facts from the fiction.
Any breast procedure can be intimidating, so let’s start by separating fact from fiction.
Breast wellness is an important part of overall health, so don't fall for misinformation.
Yes, your body changes during and after pregnancy, but you may be blaming the wrong factors.
Use our guide of do's and don'ts to get the care you need while caring for someone else.
Experiencing the miracle of carrying a life may leave your breasts feeling less than perfect.
To protect your and your baby's health while breastfeeding, take action and be prepared.
Support your partner during menopause in a way that fosters a healthy dynamic for both of you.
They're not guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Nipples come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but changes in appearance could be a warning sign.
These five tips will help you navigate a difficult situation and be a valued resource.
Keeping nipples healthy during breastfeeding can prevent serious health complications.
First steps in the breast cancer fight: Know something is wrong; get a professional diagnosis.
Know your risk and how to minimize it to decrease the odds of a breast cancer diagnosis.
Small bumps on your breasts may be unsightly, but they're probably NBD.
There's no stopping your changing body, but you don't have to lose all the aspects you love.
Your breast health isn't just about cancer. Daily care can prevent other complications, as well.
Dense tissue can put women at a higher risk for breast cancer over the course of their lives.
Education and routine self-exams are the best practices for long-term health.
Regular mammograms dramatically improve the chances of surviving breast cancer. Just do it.
As women get older, they may want to reassess how often they get mammogram screenings.
More than 27,000 women under age 45 are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
Are your breasts high or low density? Here's what you need to know.
A mastopexy can have real benefits, but there are risks involved. Know them.
Committing to a regular practice benefits many areas that affect your breasts.
Surviving breast cancer isn't a checklist, and remission isn't the end of the journey.
Here are some simple ways to take care of mastitis so you can continue breastfeeding your baby.
Each type of disease has its own symptoms and risks.
Four women discuss navigating intimacy after losing feeling in their chests.
Wearing one won't increase your cancer risk, but keep in mind other health issues.
Know the truth about the solid, noncancerous breast lumps often found in women.
There's a clear link between drinking alcohol and increased risk for breast cancer among women.
Feeling yourself up is more likely to cause anxiety than deliver a breast cancer diagnosis.
Know how to conduct a regular breast self-exam the right way.
Breast surgery procedures could affect your ability to breastfeed.
If you know you’re at high risk for developing breast cancer, learn your options.
Cohesive silicone breast implants are safe, but complications are possible.
Women who want more comfort can take a literal weight off their shoulders with breast reduction.
While these often require no treatment, a biopsy or removal is necessary in some cases.
Breastfeeding is preferred in most cases, but for various reasons, not all mothers can do it.
Breast implants are not meant to be lifetime devices. Understand the maintenance they require.
Breast density may not affect a woman’s day-to-day life, but it can correlate to breast cancer.
Using tattoos, women are turning painful memories into symbols of creativity, beauty and power.
Knowing what to expect during a routine mammogram screening can ease first-timers’ stress.
Found in women’s breast tissue, complex fibroadenomas may increase the risk of breast cancer.
It was taking too long to read my mammogram. A biopsy was ordered. I had stage 2 breast cancer.
Sleeping with breast support isn’t dangerous, but it won’t stop age or gravity, either.
The 'cancer gene' might be new to your knowledge base, but learning more about it can only help.