It could be part of a social trend, a rite of passage, an act of rebellion, a personal catharsis or merely a cosmetic "looks cool." Everyone's reasoning behind getting a piercing is their own.

But we're talking about nipple piercings here, and you're literally getting a needle shoved through your areolas, the accompanying milk ducts and nerve endings. Ouch! It certainly seems like an extreme choice, but will it have an extreme effect on your breast health?

You may have some questions

Can I get an infection?

All piercings can become infected with bacteria from the outside world. If you've ever had your navel pierced, you're likely aware of how easily piercings inside your shirt can get irritated and infected. Nipple piercings are no exception. While rare, it is possible to contract and then spread hepatitis B or C, and even HIV if the piercing equipment used has not been properly sterilized.

Nipple piercings specifically put you