Television host, sportscaster and radio personality Jillian Barberie, 54, sat down with Giddy's Marisa Sullivan for a transparent interview about overcoming breast cancer, navigating depression and speaking openly with her kids about sex. For Barberie, it all started years ago when her coworker Lisa Ashley, the head makeup artist at FOX NFL, created an annual event called "Mammograms, Mimosas, Massages" to encourage fellow employees to commune and take charge of their health.

By 2018, the 12th year of the MMM program, Barberie was still reluctant to attend—her work schedule was full—but accepted a mammogram appointment at Ashley's insistence. It was there that Barberie's world changed forever.

She describes being called back again and again for testing: "They gave me a sonogram, and I was like, 'Uh-oh.' That's when I knew something was really fucked up."

Barberie's general practitioner called her with the news before a biopsy could even be scheduled, telling her she had "textbook breast cancer." The diagnosis came as a shock to Barberie, as, years earlier, she'd tested negative for the BRCA gene mutation (the breast cancer gene).