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Stop Therapist-Hopping and Build a Care Team

Just as your needs may change, so should your mental health care.

By Megan DeMatteo

What Twice-Exceptionality (Really) Means for Mental Health

One mental illness can invite another, but why, and what can you do about it?

By Megan DeMatteo

But What Do My Mental Health Symptoms Really Mean?

Try this step-by-step process to identify what's really going on.

By Megan DeMatteo


How to Navigate STIs With a New Partner

Asking about a new partner's testing habits is an awkward but necessary part of dating.

By Megan DeMatteo

What My Stimulant Prescription Did (And Didn't) Do

The decision to take medication for ADHD wasn't easy, but for me, it was the right one.

By Megan DeMatteo