If you've ever felt like Goldilocks searching for the mental health provider who meets all of your needs "just right"—you might be a therapist-hopper.

It's true mental health is a journey involving trial and error. As you discover more about yourself, you'll probably notice your needs changing over time. This isn't a bad thing. Changing and growing is the goal of undergoing treatment in the first place. To keep growing, it's important to seek the right support along the way. Inevitably, this creates pressure to break up with your current therapist if you feel you've outgrown them or if they aren't giving you the support you're looking for.

Despite the awkwardness, it's worth working toward an "open relationship" with your mental health care providers, as opposed to a clean break. Sure, it might feel similar to cheating on a partner at first, but many practitioners encourage clients to seek outside input and customize the journey to their individual needs.

"So often when people think about mental health, it's about getting support from only one person," said Kaylee Dueber, LMHC, a New York–based counselor. "