Years ago, when I was going through a tough time, Kristen said to me, "Just keep it moving." They were simple words, but they stuck with me, and whenever times were tough, I would whisper them under my breath.

Kristen and I were two young women trying to make it as transplants in New York City. We had been through a lot together, from breakups to lousy roommate situations. We met other extraordinary women along the way and formed a group of girlfriends. I later moved out of state, and she stayed, married a great guy from Jersey, and had two beautiful children, but our group of friends always kept in touch. We are family.

This connection most recently became significant when I realized I had forgotten to get my mammogram. My anxiety about it had me posting my frustrations on Facebook. I was frustrated that most insurance companies require women to first get a referral before scheduling a mammogram. As if any doctor would tell a woman over 40 no.

That Facebook post also reminded Kristen she was due for her own mammogram. She was still breastfeeding her daughter, and her physician suggested that she wait. When breastfeeding