When it comes to breast cancer, treatments such as mastectomies and chemo are life-saving, but they also cause drastic physical side effects for the patient. "Hair loss is one of the biggest fears of cancer treatment," said Jean Sachs, chief executive officer of Living Beyond Breast Cancer. "Patients are most concerned with how these treatments will impact their body."

Sachs went on to explain that many cancer patients are surprised at how long it takes them to recover from their treatment. While not all patients lose their hair, for those who do, it takes time to grow back and may never return to its original thickness or texture. Women with stick-straight hair can suddenly find themselves with curly locks.

Thankfully, cold capping is a treatment that can help prevent hair loss and increase hair regrowth.

An overview of cold capping

Cold capping, also called scalp cooling and scalp hypothermia, is a process that has been used