It can. Try a few of these yoga poses during your time of the month and beyond.
'Soft sex' can be great sex, especially to help you minimize pain and pressure.
'Soft sex' can be great sex, especially to help you minimize pain and pressure.
When pelvic exams and other procedures don't reveal a cause, some common conditions are likely.
When pelvic exams and other procedures don't reveal a cause, some common conditions are likely.
How to contextualize and interpret chronic pain and your next steps to relief.
How to contextualize and interpret chronic pain and your next steps to relief.
It is not a sexually transmitted condition, but heat triggers it and intimacy may be difficult.
Along with being debilitating, this neurological disease is often misdiagnosed.
Not tonight, honey, I have a migraine…except that sex may be part of the solution.
First identified 100 years ago, the condition is still controversial and often misdiagnosed.
Coping with a CF diagnosis is difficult. Find the ideal method for you.
Discomfort during penetration can be caused by many physical and emotional factors.
Although not usually serious, they can become a cosmetic problem.
CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.
CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.
Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of penile friction burn.
Here's how to change your lifestyle habits to prevent a common but uncomfortable condition.
Here's a deep dive into the various stages of the reproductive health condition.
Symptoms of your period can linger and cause anxiety after it is finished.
Finding love while living with a rebellious immune system is complicated but not impossible.
Millions of people have chronic pain, affecting their daily lives and their sexual health.
We all use store-bought medications, but the side effects could be affecting your sexual health.
Yes, it's that time when the environment starts putting a damper on your sex life again.
Discomfort can make life—and sex—challenging. This herbal item might help, but do your research.
Vertigo doesn't have to make your love life spin out.
Your splitting headache might take more than a pill to relieve.
Intense pain and other side effects shouldn't keep you from making a meaningful connection.
Several weeks into uneventful treatments, everything hit at once. But I got through it.
In a place where abortion is illegal, I am grateful I was able to choose.
The side effects of chemo can be harsh, but this alternative medicine may help.
Some physicians' refusal to remove an IUD can lead to pain and other complications.
It's possible to rebuild your libido while living with this vaginal muscle condition.
HS is a painful, little-known skin condition that requires a commitment to care.
Jumping under the covers might get your contractions started.
It's not just a childbirth issue—menopause also causes problems—but prevention is possible.
This TikTok trend has many users collecting keepsakes from their uterus.
While PMS begins before menstruation, PCS symptoms can appear anytime.
More stiff joints don't have to equate to less sex. Confidence and some assistance can help.
If chronic pain gets in the way in the bedroom, there are other wonderful ways to stay close.
No matter how hot your love life is, you still need to keep warm.
Key nutrients such as magnesium and calcium might make your PMS symptoms more bearable.
Sedation is commonplace for colonoscopies and vasectomies, but not for IUDs. Why is that?
When the ibuprofen won't cut it, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation might help.
What do our prescription trends tell us about our state of suffering?
Treatment for dysorgasmia means painful climax does not have to be permanent.
More than just relaxing, a professional massage can help with medical ailments, too.
A chronic condition is challenging, but some well-placed needles may give relief, a study finds.
Often misdiagnosed, PGP can be debilitating for pregnant women—but there are solutions.
This rare chronic pain disorder affects the nerve pathways in the pelvis.
Shivering may not sound like the best way to start your day, but many swear by it.
The side effects may outweigh the benefits for women seeking relief from pain.
Varicoceles usually don't require treatment unless they affect quality of life or fertility.
Maintaining sexual function in the face of constant discomfort is a challenge, yes, but doable.
This modality can provide a critical element of hope for long-suffering patients.
Considering their impact, your medications should be an important conversation with your doctor.
Until more research is done, the FDA and physicians advise caution with this delivery method.
A specialist can help expecting mothers with back pain—and encourage safe delivery.
Cancer treatment can come with traumatic side effects. Studies show this can help.
While autoimmunity remains incurable and its cause unknown, dietary changes may help.
Doctors agree TENS works, but more conclusive studies are needed on this alternative treatment.
Tylenol has long been recommended for pain relief during pregnancy, but now caution is advised.
Western medical practitioners may be skeptical, but many women swear by the treatment.
The good news is that serotonin from an orgasm can cure a migraine. But the bad news…
Most drug research doesn't analyze sex-specific data, which puts women at risk.
Injury to the pudendal nerve can cause intense pelvic pain. Here's what you should do.
Despite anecdotal reports, there's no evidence that the reusable devices relieve period pain.
Menstrual cramps are par for the course for many women. Cannabinoids could change that.
Aura migraines, a heavy burden on their own, may have connections to further sensory disorders.
Changes to the central nervous system’s pain response can cause anxiety and depression.
Research shows acupuncture might offer an effective, safe solution for period pain sufferers.
Getting your doctor to understand your pain is real takes time and detailed documentation.
Bouncing from one specialist to another is common when seeking an endometriosis diagnosis.
Explain how vaginismus impacts your life—and how it can affect your partner—before having sex.
These tube-shaped devices aren't pleasurable, but they're essential for overcoming painful sex.
These tube-shaped devices aren't pleasurable, but they're essential for overcoming painful sex.
CPPS hurts, especially during erections and climaxes, which can cause an aversion to intimacy.
From cramps to childbirth, women face plenty of pain, but they're not superheroes because of it.
Keep these items on hand to manage tearing, bruising, sore nipples and other common troubles.
The ancient practice's whole-body benefits could very well perk up certain pleasurable parts.
Three women share their harrowing journey to an endometriosis diagnosis.
Standing up for yourself in a clinic is intimidating, but it may save your life.
Arthritis pain and stiffness can both be reduced with exercise, but easy does it.
Women worldwide know their pain won’t be taken seriously, a burden with deadly consequences.
Cancer of your penis? It can happen. Find out how to identify and treat it.
Try these top 5 ways to manage endometriosis from the comfort of your own home.
Postpartum pelvic floor issues are common, but it is possible to regain control of your body.
Daily yoga and meditation practice can treat and prevent the most impactful menstrual symptoms.
Don’t panic—here's when you should consult a doctor about issues with your penis.
Restless legs syndrome sufferers have an uncontrollable urge to move their legs, even at night.
Are you living with chronic pain but don't want to resort to narcotics? You have options.
Aching joints don’t have to ruin your romantic life.
Management techniques can make endometriosis bearable and reduce the severity of its symptoms.
The causes of endometriosis are still relatively unknown, but helpful treatments are available.
Though effective in the short term, long-term narcotics use has its share of serious risks.
Intimacy after surgery isn't out of the question, it just takes work.
You can feel better...naturally. Here are some possible remedies for you to manage your pain.
Are you clenching your jaw at night? Here's why and how you can cope.
Millions of Americans suffer from this form of inflammatory bowel disease. Know the signs.
Here are some simple ways to take care of mastitis so you can continue breastfeeding your baby.
You don't have to live with pain. Learn the facts and don't be fooled by misconceptions.
When it comes to opioids, it is important—possibly lifesaving—to separate fact from fiction.
Multiple labor pain-management options exist, so here's what to consider for your delivery.
While these medications are effective for pain management, some side effects could cause problem