A fairly common condition, endometriosis affects women of reproductive age, generally from 12 to 52 years old, and often results in chronic pain, inflammation, lack of energy, depression, feelings of isolation, excessive bleeding and fertility issues, among other symptoms.

If you believe you have symptoms of endometriosis, speak to your doctor. Keeping track of your menstrual cycle, and the pain and other symptoms you experience throughout the cycle, may be helpful in getting a diagnosis for "endo," as it's sometimes called.

Treating endometriosis

Your doctor will likely perform a pelvic exam and perhaps a pelvic imaging test, such as an ultrasound, to check for ovarian cysts caused by endometriosis. If the issue is still unresolved, your doctor will likely prescribe a trial period of birth control pills (or progestins), and if that fails, the next step is likely laparoscopy, a minimally invasive