Researchers say the increase is slight and should not impact your use of contraceptives.
The contraception candidate robs sperm of motility and is designed to be taken 'on demand.'
The morning-after pill is best used for emergencies, not necessarily on a regular basis.
The morning-after pill is best used for emergencies, not necessarily on a regular basis.
YouTube content creators also often encourage discontinuation of contraception, researchers say.
Here's everything you should know about the possible long-term benefits and complications.
Here's everything you should know about the possible long-term benefits and complications.
An intrauterine device is a safe form of birth control, but if expelled, it can be dangerous.
George Washington students lead an effort to make the pill more accessible on campus.
Even if it seems like the time has obviously come, the procedure needs to be talked about.
The contraceptive is effective, but does it pose risks? Experts say study results are mixed.
For some women, the benefits outweigh the risks associated with 'the pill,' doctors say.
For some women, the benefits outweigh the risks associated with 'the pill,' doctors say.
A key to safe sexual activity is an informed decision about what contraception is best for you.
A key to safe sexual activity is an informed decision about what contraception is best for you.
Here's what you need to know about this emergency contraception.
Your swollen and sore mammaries might just be caused by your period.
The procedure—getting your tubes tied—sounds simple, but it isn't.
Here's a breakdown of the method that works and the ones that are myths.
Here's a breakdown of the method that works and the ones that are myths.
An FDA regulatory change allows retail pharmacies to register to dispense mifepristone.
New wording specifies that this pill is emergency contraception, not an abortion medication.
While light bleeding between periods is common and benign, it can sometimes be a red flag.
While light bleeding between periods is common and benign, it can sometimes be a red flag.
After making the big decision about the little snip, the procedure went swimmingly.
After making the big decision about the little snip, the procedure went swimmingly.
The idea of a birth control pill for men has long existed. It could finally be coming.
Here's why you shouldn't take certain forms of contraception if you are a smoker.
Some women still have to pay for it. Several rights organizations are fighting for them.
Learn how the two pills interact and whether it's safe to use both.
Just like over-the-counter meds, contraceptives come with expiration dates.
Birth control pills can work as emergency contraception, but they're not the best option.
Doctors discuss what to expect before and after getting your tubes tied or removed.
You started the pill to have sexual freedom, but now intercourse is a pain. Here are some tips.
The first question: What kind of contraceptive have you been using?
Your sexual health is important, so you need a doctor who makes you feel comfortable.
Opening up the conversation about contraception—and what happens if it fails—isn't easy.
'The snip' is safe and highly effective, but like other procedures, it comes with minor risks.
Your body is most likely shedding uterine lining or adjusting to hormones, but be aware.
We ask the experts if your emergency contraceptive is safe for you and your nursing baby.
Urologists explain what men can expect from a procedure no one should choose hastily.
The side effects of stopping birth control do not include triggering autoimmune diseases.
Knowing when to move from one hormonal treatment to another can be tricky.
This debilitating condition may be worsened by your hormonal contraceptive.
A lesser-known risk can turn a contraceptive miracle into a nightmare.
Hormonal contraceptives may be impacted by some medications. Here's what you need to know.
Are you taking contraception and didn't know you were expecting? Don't panic.
Blame the grumpies on the pill, but cheer up, because you have other options.
LARC methods provide reliable, convenient birth control with few side effects.
For guys, taking the pill won't prevent pregnancy, but it may produce side effects.
There's limited data to suggest you'll put on pounds with the pill, but you might with the shot.
What's the deal with this small but mighty birth control device?
Talking to your doctor prior to coming off a hormonal contraceptive can help you prepare.
Having 'the talk' doesn't have to be awkward.
Some physicians' refusal to remove the device can lead to complications.
Depending on where you live, you might be able to get contraceptives without a doctor's visit.
A week off my combined pill was enough to revive my sex drive—an antidepressant wasn't to blame.
The cervical cap and diaphragm are vaginal options that might be worth considering.
Here's why the pill is classified as a carcinogen, and why you probably shouldn't worry.
When it comes to having a baby—or avoiding one—every detail counts, including use of lubricant.
Birth control cessation can have some unintended consequences.
Choosing the birth control that's right for you doesn't have to feel like an impossible task.
This TikTok trend has many users collecting keepsakes from their uterus.
The majority of Americans support access to birth control, but many women face limited access.
Researchers are looking at a nonhormonal solution that might eliminate side effects.
Insurance remains a deciding factor in cost, care and availability of telehealth contraception.
If your period doesn't return in a few weeks or months after ending birth control, see a doctor.
It's about time for progress: The femtech industry is projected to reach $3 billion by 2030.
This lesser-known contraceptive option offers convenience and efficacy similar to the pill.
Do myths about the cervix contribute to the absence of sedatives?
Here's how the body makes this contraceptive injection last for three months.
The research is inconclusive, but here's what we know so far.
Researchers say hormonal contraceptive use by asthmatic women is linked to reduced flare-ups.
While it may be comforting to think a celestial body controls your period, science rules it out.
Though it's important to know about any dangerous side effects, this one is rare.
At best, it's a waste of money. At worst, it's dangerous.
To avoid menstruation, skip the placebo pills and go straight to the next pack.
According to the experts, it's not always a simple yes or no.
Conflicting evidence shows Plan B may not work as well for some people—but you have options.
You don't have to proceed with anything that feels uncomfortable.
A doctor weighs in on this sperm-blasting, dissolvable vaginal birth control method.
A supportive doctor can mean better communication and better overall health outcomes.
Over 3,200 patients reported similar experiences with Paragard, resulting in 500 lawsuits.
This natural family-planning option can help identify ovulation by observing discharge patterns.
No matter what contraceptive you use, there are factors that can complicate things.
Some foods and supplements can decrease the effectiveness of the pill. Here's what to know.
Eating disorders affect hormonal health, but do hormones increase your risk of developing one?
Taking an extra contraceptive pill is common and rarely cause for concern.
Despite the evidence, some still think emergency contraception causes abortions.
The pervasive history of 'fatphobia' in studies has negatively impacted contraceptive care.
For people who struggle with pills, chewable birth control could be an alternative.
Not looking to get pregnant anytime soon? The pill could treat this uncomfortable condition.
Don't worry—you're not the first person to ask this question.
Experts reveal a 5-step plan for achieving great casual sex.
Deciding when to stop hormonal contraceptives can be tricky if you don't know what to look for.
Urinary tract infections can lead to a life-threatening condition. Here are the warning signs.
It's been more than 60 years since women got The Pill. What's the holdup for guys?
OB-GYNs warn about the dangers and recommend clinics if you can't access your main provider.
Most intrauterine devices will work past their expiration dates, but don’t wait too long.
BBT can help you be more in tune with your cycle but won't work as contraception for all women.
SB4 takes effect Dec. 2 and is the latest addition to the state's strict abortion laws.
Using talcum products on your genitals may slightly increase your risk.
How humans progressed from crocodile poop and weasel testicles to the miracle of the pill.
This form of abuse involves control, and it's happening all around us.
Giddy talks with Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance about promising scientific advancements.
Five universities will look at a growing number of reports on less-discussed side effects.
How to get frisky without being risky: 18 effective contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy.
While intraductal papilloma is usually benign, you should still get screened to rule out cancer.
Hormonal contraceptives can help ease mood disorders. Sadly, the opposite can also be true.
Find the contraceptive method that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.
The pill may put you at risk for gastrointestinal issues, including inflammatory bowel disease.
Whether you're thinking about going on or off the pill, it's important to know what to expect.
The right prophylactic for you is much more complicated than whether it uses animal products.
Even though the contraceptive procedure is quick and fairly easy, there's a lot more to know.
Finding a physician to perform a tubal ligation can be more difficult than the procedure itself.
Women in low-income, rural communities often face barriers to affordable contraceptives.
Your flow shouldn't stop you from living your life.
Don't let this easily treatable condition create more issues in bed.
When your estrogen levels go off a cliff, you can lose motivation, focus, confidence and drive.
Synthetic hormones gave me my periods until I chose to fight to get them back naturally.
The Jill of all trades in women’s care is often underestimated and misunderstood.
An OB-GYN weighs in on the connection between birth control pills and your gallbladder.
Looking to get busy abroad? Know what to bring for sexual encounters.
For some, the debilitating side effects of oral birth control aren’t worth the trouble.
This permanent form of birth control comes with both risks and rewards.
Emergency contraceptives are available as a second line of defense to prevent pregnancy.
Women heading abroad should prep for sexual health needs and be ready for spontaneity.
Some women find their IUD has benefits beyond pregnancy prevention.
Careful decisions regarding conception and pregnancy are nobody's business but your own.
Check out the pros and cons of each procedure, because only you can choose what's right for you.
Various health issues can cause blockages for your sperm—and fertility.
Even after 'the snip,' you can still enjoy a robust sex life, without the fear of pregnancy.
If your birth control lowers your sex drive, take these measures to counteract.
Breast health can't be separated from full-body health, and there are many benefits to both.
Sometimes periods aren't as timely as they should be. What's to blame?
Hysterectomy may offer major relief for endometriosis, but it's usually a last-resort measure.
Hormonal contraceptives are linked to candidiasis, but other factors can cause them, too.
It’s about to get real—let’s talk about vaginal discharge.
Vaginal dryness can have numerous causes, but your birth control might be the culprit.
After a pandemic-induced dry spell, Americans are ready to glove up.
I've learned some lessons after two decades of hormonal birth control.
You shouldn’t have to decide between clear skin and safe sex.
Facial hair and infertility may be signs of a larger issue.
Gain a better understanding of emergency contraception.
A new attitude about periods has led to innovative products meant to help women deal with them.
Knowing actions to take when you forget to take your daily pill can help you avoid pregnancy.
If pharmaceutical or barrier contraception methods aren't for you, you may want to try FAM.
Here’s what happens when it’s time to remove or replace your IUD.
Before making that dreaded trip to the drugstore, look online instead.
If your bleeding is excessive or your period painful, it may be time to consult your doc.
A brand-new, easy form of contraception has hit the market, but be sure to read the fine print.
If you suffer from endometriosis, including your partner in your struggle can bring comfort.
Higher estrogen levels pose risks, but if the pill is not for you, alternatives are available.
A heavy flow or gush is not always normal and can signal more severe health issues.
Long-term use of certain oral contraception may help prevent some reproductive cancers.
Pain from endometriosis can be unbearable and hard to treat. Massage therapy may help.
Endometriosis surgery is invasive, but technological advancements could end your daily pain.
Most of the time, they're nothing to worry about, but stay prepared regardless.
Don't rush into a vasectomy decision. Take the time to balance the benefits against the risks.
The pill may be a miraculous drug, but it's not perfect. Here's what you need to know.
There are a few ways to handle this difficult syndrome.
Men can hurt after an abortion, too—sometimes with serious psychological ramifications.
The causes of endometriosis are still relatively unknown, but helpful treatments are available.
Whether you're trying to conceive or stay child-free, understanding your fertility is key.
As long as humans have known how babies are made, we've looked for ways to prevent having them.
Here's what you need to know before you get this highly effective contraceptive.
Aligning your exercise routine with your hormones can maximize health and wellness.
Getting your 'tubes tied' is an effective and permanent way to prevent pregnancy (but not STIs).
One in 78 women will get ovarian cancer. Know your risk factors, find it early and beat it.
Life with endometriosis can be improved by implementing strengthening and stretching exercises.
If you've thought about getting an IUD but feel a little unsure, here are some considerations.
Options can be good but overwhelming. Here's what I found during my birth control search.
Most contraceptives work preventively, but the morning-after pill gives you more flexibility.
The closer to the time of ovulation you have sex, the better the chances to conceive.
You had a vasectomy, but now you want to conceive. What are your options?
Common myths create added stigma around a medical procedure that is both safe and legal.
When it comes to birth control, choose the type that's best suited to your lifestyle.
To soothe persistent suffering, many are turning to products made from marijuana plant extracts.
Blemishes and pimples can make menstrual periods even less fun. Try these simple solutions.
Copper IUDs are more popular than ever, but they may come with a price.
Don’t let misinformation keep you from finding your best method of contraception.
Couples should know the pros and cons before deciding on a vasectomy or tubal ligation.
States are trying to make intentionally slipping off or damaging your condom a criminal offense.
Spotting is definitely annoying and inconvenient, but is it cause for concern?
Reality differs from our collective imagination of how an abortion looks and feels.
An oral contraceptive has side effects, but so does stopping it. Know what to expect.
Given the possible side effects, consult a doctor about your health before taking birth control.
PMS is more than just a regular inconvenience for women who suffer serious symptoms every month.
There’s much to consider before getting a vasectomy. Here are the things you need to know.
So you went through with 'The Snip.' Now what?
One in 10 women has endometriosis. I was one. Here’s how I found someone to listen and help.