Tara, a 30-year-old travel blogger in London, started taking Yasmin birth control pills when she was 25. Shortly afterward, she found herself unable to regulate her emotions and experienced massive mood swings, plus she felt lethargic no matter how much she rested.

Figuring she needed to try another brand, she discontinued Yasmin and, at 26, went on Levonorgestrel, which led to the most emotionally agonizing time of her life. "I had hyperpigmentation on my face and was [so] sad," she said. "My noodle soup would arrive and I'd sob in the restaurant."

After three months, she opted out of the pill altogether and saw an immediate improvement in her mental health. "The sad cloud that had been following me lifted," she continued. "I was back to my usual self and happy to be alive."

Tara's not alone in ditching the birth control pill: A 2018 Cosmopolitan and