Starting estrogen replacement when menopause symptoms begin could help protect women's brains.
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Can't remember to take your birth control each day? Here's a strong contender for a new option.
Disregarding your body's signals won't make them go away.
Disregarding your body's signals won't make them go away.
Disregarding your body's signals won't make them go away.
Oprah opens up about her menopause experience: 'I thought I was going to die every night.'
Androgen deprivation therapy is a useful tool for doctors and patients, sometimes on its own.
Short-term shrinkage is normal, but testes that continue to get smaller should be examined.
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The challenge to overturn 'freeze-frame' policies is a long—but not impossible—road.
A shortage of hormone replacement therapy is affecting menopausal women in the United Kingdom.
The anabolic sex hormone is involved in many bodily functions that are vital to men's health.
This debated diagnosis is often associated with several conditions.
Here's what you need to know to get through your menopausal transition safely.
Most men experience some erectile difficulty during the first year; others face a longer road.
While understanding hormones during menopause is helpful, there may be better ways to do it.
When male breast tissue proliferates, erectile dysfunction can result. The reasons are complex.
The menopausal transition doesn't have to be the end of your arousal, desire or pleasure.
Detection rates, treatment options and outcomes all vary depending on where you live.
If your hormones aren't in line, chances are your orgasms aren't, either.
Research has shown hypnosis can be effective for some women in reducing vasomotor symptoms.
Infertility, pregnancy and postpartum life all have unique stressors, but help is available.
The latest research adds to mounting evidence Pfizer and Moderna are safe for pregnant people.
It's rare, but an IUD can break inside you. Using one anyway is an individual decision.
The side effects may outweigh the benefits for women seeking relief from pain.
Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease and the number-one cause of hypothyroidism.
Cortisol is essential in regulating your nervous system, but there's such a thing as too much.
For people who struggle with pills, chewable birth control could be an alternative.
Not looking to get pregnant anytime soon? The pill could treat this uncomfortable condition.
Largest study to date brings new insights into benefits of MHT for postmenopausal women.
Oral medications and nasal sprays create an innovative pathway for in vitro fertilization.
People are using gels for a boost in clit size to experience stronger orgasms.
Like most things in life, getting gender-affirming care isn't always easy, but it is worth it.
The process is challenging both physically and mentally—be prepared.
The pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles together promote sperm and testosterone levels.
Trial results for Lu-PSMA-617 offer hope for men with metastatic, castration-resistant cancer.
An underactive thyroid is a lifelong condition, but it's highly manageable with early detection.
While intraductal papilloma is usually benign, get your boob screened to rule out cancer.
If low-T claims you as a victim, you should get TRT, right? Well, not necessarily.
Whether you're thinking about going on or off the pill, it's important to know what to expect.
From mood swings to shifting sex drives, the first few months can complicate your social life.
Gels, injections, pellets, patches: Doctors weigh in on the best treatments for hypogonadism.
Experts weigh in on this unregulated hormone treatment option.
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a potential complication of hormone-boosting drugs.
Researchers are testing CCS1477, a drug whose nondescript name belies its powerful potential.
The low-intensity poses of restorative yoga can calm your endocrine system and enhance wellness.
Transitioning from female to male can be a long journey. Here's what you need to know.
Treatment takes a toll on the body, but you can take steps to manage day-to-day difficulties.
While rare, this inherited disorder causes issues for men who want to have children.
When cortisol circulates in excessive levels over time, sexual function may suffer.
For some, the debilitating side effects of oral birth control aren’t worth the trouble.
Certain treatments slow the growth and spread of prostate cancer by limiting needed hormones.
Too little or too much of this sex hormone can impact your path to parenthood.
If you're anxious about having a testicle or lymph nodes removed, learn what you need to know.
Ease your worries by asking your doctor these questions during your check-up.
New tools are about early, accurate and/or outcome-changing detection; they're pretty cool, too.
A surprising cause of erectile dysfunction is an overload of an essential mineral.
From finding a facility to providing blood and a semen sample, here's how the process goes.
What you eat can profoundly impact hormone levels and overall health.
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Here are some key things to know about your DNA when trying to conceive.
Sometimes a creative touch is needed to manage endometriosis pain.
Know where to start and what questions to ask before finalizing your fertility clinic choice.
Certain genetic disorders can cause infertility in men, but treatment options are available.
It can be administered in five ways, three of which are at-home easy.
If needles make you squeamish, you may have trouble with some of these fertility medications.
Tackling infertility begins with understanding the possible causes.
You may not be aware of all the risk factors for breast cancer. Here's what you need to know.
For many trans-masculine people, the decision to get bottom surgery is a complicated one.
As testosterone levels decline with age, men may experience a range of symptoms.
You have plenty of options (and many pros and cons) to consider for testosterone treatment.
Curing the disease can cause infertility, but it’s possible to minimize that risk.
Anticipate what's in store for this momentous step of the in vitro fertilization process.
Grief, doubt and frustration—heavy emotions can take their toll on a partnership.
Coping skills are essential to navigating fertility issues effectively.
The short answer is yes, but the path to diagnosing it is much more complex.
How to protect your emotional well-being before divulging the details of your family plan.
If you struggle with infertility, here's what you should know before heading in for treatment.
Treatment for testicular cancer can affect the survivor, both physically and psychologically.
Studies of testosterone's effect on diabetes also offer insights into erectile dysfunction.
Unfortunately, the early symptoms of this dangerous disease are minor and easy to overlook.
Surprise: Silicon Valley is ready to capitalize on a multibillion-dollar market.
Treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction and chronic pain may improve their sex life.
If you need to boost, lower or maintain your estrogen level, pay attention to these 10 foods.
Scientific advances in conception continue to offer fresh hope for men facing infertility.
There's no stopping your changing body, but you don't have to lose all the aspects you love.
One in 78 women will get ovarian cancer. Know your risk factors, find it early and beat it.
Women who persistently experience low sex drive could suffer from sexual dysfunction.
In the fight versus prostate cancer, ADT can be a strong defense but also an unwelcome opponent.
Each type of disease has its own symptoms and risks.
Testicle removal is never desirable, but artificial testes can restore a natural look and feel.
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When it comes to birth control, choose the type that's best suited to your lifestyle.
Fluctuations in testosterone levels can alter a man's mood.
IVF is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility and conception. Get the facts.
Testosterone is crucial to male physiology, but what do you really know about it?
Menopause can turn your life upside down; HRT might flip it back around. Is it right for you?
Men who use opioids are 95 percent more like to have erectile dysfunction.
Hormone replacement therapy comes with obstacles. Take it from someone who’s been there.
Consider this information when you weigh the options for hormone replacement therapy.
Sex changes as you age, but it still can be just as fulfilling as it was when you were younger.
Menopause doesn’t mark the end of sex. These remedies can help sex stay enjoyable at any age.
Thanks to embryo cryopreservation, you can safely put your future offspring on ice.
You’ve survived testicular cancer. That’s the good news. Now, let’s consider what comes next.
Treatment options may bring you out of your funk, but be sure to make the right choice for you.
Prostate cancer can be treated with either traditional or alternative options.
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