After decades of being shunned, menopause—the vaginal dryness, the mood swings, the all of it—is stepping into the spotlight. Shapewear promises to make "menopause belly" go buh-bye. A new collection of menopause-wellness products called Womaness can be found in Target stores coast to coast. Heck, even goddess Michelle Obama used her podcast to open up about how "everything started melting" when hot flashes hit.

And, at long last, tech is taking on this lifestage's most disruptive symptoms. Silicon Valley's cold shoulder towards menopause can be attributed to the fact that "tech startups have been disproportionately led by millennial men who only innovate in areas that interest them," said futurist Tracey Follows, CEO of Futuremade brand consultancy and author of "The Future of You." Now, "Gen X women are taking leadership positions, and they are often going through