Your depression hasn't improved and you've been referred to a psychiatrist. What now?
Depression and the medication used to treat it can complicate intimacy and pregnancy.
Depression and the medication used to treat it can complicate intimacy and pregnancy.
The FDA approved an oral treatment specifically designed to help with postpartum depression.
The drug that's often used to treat mental illness could help in the bedroom, too.
The drug that's often used to treat mental illness could help in the bedroom, too.
The drug that's often used to treat mental illness could help in the bedroom, too.
We know exercise can help relieve symptoms of depression, but it's difficult to get motivated.
We know exercise can help relieve symptoms of depression, but it's difficult to get motivated.
Don't let the pressure to be the perfect new mom stop you from asking for help.
People with irritable bowel syndrome are far more likely to experience anxiety and depression.
It's OK to feel sad. Humans evolved to experience difficult emotions for a reason.
The new drug can help to alleviate crippling depression in as little as three days.
Staying connected to friends and family improves your mental well-being.
Stigma, withdrawal and a lack of support can lead to feelings of isolation.
If delusions set in after childbirth, it could indicate a serious mental health condition.
Is depression a side effect of using birth control? Here's what the science has to say.
Is depression a side effect of using birth control? Here's what the science has to say.
Research indicates that meditation and related practices can benefit both the brain and body.
The weather affects your mood, yes, but so do the time of day and the seasons.
The weather affects your mood, yes, but so do the time of day and the seasons.
The ties between poor sleep hygiene and mental health can initiate or worsen conditions.
You can find ways to minimize a breakup's impact on a partner's mental health.
The nation's doctor likened the impact of social seclusion to 'smoking 15 cigarettes a day.'
The nation's doctor likened the impact of social seclusion to 'smoking 15 cigarettes a day.'
Emotional impulsivity can profoundly affect your sexual health and general well-being.
Emotional impulsivity can profoundly affect your sexual health and general well-being.
This condition, along with psychosis, can profoundly impact sexual health and relationships.
SSRIs may carry bothersome side effects for men, including dysfunction in the bedroom.
SSRIs may carry bothersome side effects for men, including dysfunction in the bedroom.
Lifestyle habits of men with erectile dysfunction also factor into mental health, a study says.
Lifestyle habits of men with erectile dysfunction also factor into mental health, a study says.
Lifestyle habits of men with erectile dysfunction also factor into mental health, a study says.
In a magazine interview, the reality TV star gives advice to new moms who may be struggling.
Recent evidence may be the final nail in the coffin to the long-hypothesized connection.
This time of year may be especially difficult for people with seasonal affective disorder.
Know the differences between these two mental health conditions and how to handle them.
It's more closely associated with mothers, but dads can feel the effects of PPD, too.
As we change the clocks, get ready for your sex life to take a hit from the winter blues.
Given the staggering statistics, more people with TRD are struggling with trust and intimacy.
Your identity inevitably changes with motherhood, so how do you retain your sense of self?
Evidence suggests suffering from either condition could predispose a person to the other.
Here are 5 reasons I'm glad I talked to my doctor about my mental health after I beat cancer.
Who could feel alone with social media, TV and worldwide mass communication? Maybe a lot of us.
Where should we draw the line between 'taking the edge off' and prescribing our own medication?
More than art for art's sake, it's simple, expressive and might help your anxiety or depression.
Men do suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. But what is it and how is it treated?
Evidence-based strategies addressing personal and structural factors can save lives.
Understanding the shakes and zaps when SSRI/SNRI medication is discontinued.
Learning how to identify overlooked signals can reduce suffering and loss of life.
No tears may seem like a stoic approach, but it's more likely a harmful response to trauma.
Learn how to take care of yourself in the workplace and to look out for your co-workers, too.
In a place where abortion is illegal, I am grateful I was able to choose.
‘Hours of my life have been spent on my bathroom floor, pulling my pubic hair out with tweezers’
With impressive accuracy, trained canines can sniff out all kinds of illnesses in humans.
The U.S. economy takes a $210 billion annual hit in lost productivity due to stress and burnout.
A sleep test in a laboratory can be inconvenient, but it can accurately identify your disorder.
HS is a painful, little-known skin condition that requires a commitment to care.
Difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating may have a mental or emotional reason.
With adrenal insufficiency, your body doesn't produce the hormones it needs for daily function.
PPD is a common but often isolating experience. Help from others can make all the difference.
PPD is surprisingly common in men, but it often goes undiagnosed.
If this important chemical messenger is out of balance, libido and mental health can suffer.
For people without the physical affection they need, touch practitioners can come to the rescue.
Despite decades of demonization, weed is turning over a new leaf in America.
The symptoms of PPD can be debilitating both physically and mentally, so seek the help you need.
Treating mental health is hard enough, but assembling the best medical team can be overwhelming.
SSRIs don't have known interactions with hormonal contraceptives, but other options might.
The condition can hit post-weaning rather than immediately after birth.
Antidepressants, especially SSRIs, are effective for many men who ejaculate too quickly.
Infertility, pregnancy and postpartum life all have unique stressors, but help is available.
As drug abuse numbers climb, keep an eye on certain red flags to curb the risk.
An estimated 50 percent of men with the penile disorder also suffer from depressive symptoms.
While absolute quiet works for some, you may doze off easier with a sleepy soundtrack.
For anxious people, returning to a well-loved program unlocks all kinds of benefits.
Even if the physiological side is good to go, the psychological side can battle the bulge.
Nobody can avoid stressors, but eliminate the ones you can and deal better with those you can't.
When you just can't shake yeast overgrowth, your mood may be next to go.
The conditions conspire to create what may seem to be an insurmountable twosome. It's not.
Weird vibes? Strange turns-of-phrase? How to tell a therapist isn't the right fit for you.
When it comes to your health, a good night's slumber should be top priority.
Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease and the number-one cause of hypothyroidism.
No, you're not imagining it—dry spells can affect your mental and physical well-being.
If the season has been anything but merry and bright, you aren't alone.
Knowing how to support someone who's grieving isn't always easy.
While somnambulism is a rare condition most are familiar with, it says a lot about your sleep.
The correct way to store medicine, how long to keep it and when to hand it over to a pharmacist.
You may think you know this disease, but even the experts are changing their minds.
From dance clubs to the therapist's couch, Special K leads the psychedelic therapy revolution.
This modality can provide a critical element of hope for long-suffering patients.
Why do we expect our psychiatrists to be miracle workers?
Medication is simply one of many tools that can help you to better manage your mental health.
If you prefer a nonpharmaceutical option, TMS should be high on your options list.
Your baby's needs must be met right this second, but you and your partner have needs, too.
Ringing in your ears may sound like no big deal, but there could be worse to come.
Most people feel euphoria when they orgasm, but those with sexual anhedonia aren't so lucky.
The professor and psychiatrist leaves a long legacy of groundbreaking research.
It's all good when celebs support a cause, but it shouldn't be all about them.
Meds aren't usually the sole cause of erectile issues, and their effects can be minimized.
A new study shows the unique challenges it posed to new moms.
Your fight-or-flight response is always on, you're irritable, paranoid and you can't sleep.
Put down that cup of joe. Try these instead and cut down on the jitters.
The challenges of finding the right specialist depends on your diagnosis, history and goals.
The actress shares how she rebuilt her life after sexual abuse and assault.
An easily overlooked nutritional deficiency can seriously starve the brain.
You might accept your own post-traumatic stress, but other people could be less understanding.
A daily routine can aid the mind, body and soul—and maybe ease erectile dysfunction symptoms.
The causes of ED often differ between older and younger guys, but the effects are the same.
Those fluttering kick-like feelings are very real and can occur long after pregnancy.
Dissociative identity disorder allows me to deal with my trauma, without being alone.
Managing both conditions comes down to common sense. Talking to your doctor is a great start.
Therapeutic interventions, diet and exercise may help you overcome mental health conditions.
Psychedelics may be more effective than traditional drugs for some psychiatric conditions.
Though rarely discussed, antenatal depression may affect as many as 1 in 10 pregnant women.
Can routines like qigong and tai chi help people coping with trauma or other crises?
It's the little things that mean the most to help with this common, yet devastating, illness.
Therapy designed specifically for sexual function bridges patients' mental and physical issues.
Complaining that your job drives you crazy might not be hyperbole— it could be a warning sign.
Having sex can be a great stress reliever, but it may not be the best way to cope with problems.
Mental health issues can deliver a double whammy to erectile function, so weigh your options.
If you suffer from depression, antidepressants can be a lifesaver. But do they pose risks?
Changes to the central nervous system’s pain response can cause anxiety and depression.
A mutually beneficial sex life is achievable following a lupus diagnosis.
Some women experience more than just physical pain at that time of the month.
Research indicates a direct link between what we eat and how we feel.
Just as your needs may change, so should your mental health care.
One mental illness can invite another, but why, and what can you do about it?
There's a direct link between personal hygiene, self-esteem and mental health.
Talk to your doctor about therapeutic interventions and lifestyle adjustments.
The road to mental health recovery is long, and dating along the way brings its own challenges.
Depression and anxiety can cause ED, and vice versa, so tackling mental obstacles is vital.
Emotional highs and lows don't solely affect the patient.
Try this step-by-step process to identify what's really going on.
It’s not just a hot topic: It’s a real practice that often hurts those it claims to serve.
A sex educator discusses why therapy can be good for you and your loved ones.
With reflection and communication, your sex life can transform into a validating experience.
This disorder can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself and the world around you.
Losing a pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the end of your parenthood journey.
Mental struggles can impact your bedroom performance. Here's how to get out of your head.
When your estrogen levels go off a cliff, you can lose motivation, focus, confidence and drive.
Experts say we might be staying on these medications for years longer than we should.
Bipolar disorder led me on a journey from numbing drugs to healing, creativity and self-love.
You've bared your soul to your therapist, but seeing them buy milk and TP might be too much.
As FDA trials progress, there's some key info to know about this (potential) path forward.
We all know activity is good for you, but what is it that makes you feel so mentally refreshed?
There’s still hope, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything.
You want to look your best, but there are costs to getting the perfect selfie.
If it’s not noisy neighbors or an uncomfy bed, the culprit might be in your health or habits.
Your partner is struggling beyond your ability to help, but refuses to go to therapy. What now?
From addiction to dementia, the range of conditions addressed by DBS is growing.
Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, but chronic stress can be a literal downer for guys.
For some, the debilitating side effects of oral birth control aren’t worth the trouble.
Your brain and body depend on sugar, but how much is too much or not enough in your diet?
Polycystic ovary syndrome is scientifically linked to depression and anxiety.
Heart disease is just as common among women as men and every bit as dangerous.
It’s a huge change for both parents, so you’ll need to support each other.
The two identities often come in conflict with one another at their points of intersection.
Penile dysmorphic disorder is real, and so are its potential effects on your sex life.
This painful condition can be debilitating, but getting back to your life is possible.
Overcoming divorce’s mental health impacts can help you move on without emotional baggage.
Anxiety is more than a mental illness—it can easily become a third wheel.
Knowing the process can take the anxiety out of getting tested for erectile dysfunction.
After pandemic life and escalations in racial violence, coping becomes a survival strategy.
People with autoimmune disorders face a number of difficulties, including with sexual function.
Are you just a homebody or is it becoming a full-blown phobia?
Depression can leave you feeling unmotivated and sluggish—even in the bedroom.
Addiction can destroy a partnership, but providing support is essential for recovery.
The instability brought on by BPD can encourage promiscuity and risky sexuality.
Doing the right thing for a loved one may not mean playing the hero.
Here are steps to take, and not take, if a partner tells you they're battling depression.
If you have an anxiety disorder, experts say you're at greater risk of developing OCD.
Survivors experience bodily changes that can affect their physical and emotional well-being.
Antidepressants can affect sexual function, but giving up your medicine is not the answer.
There's no one-size-fits-all solution to recovering from sexual trauma. But there is hope.
Sex involves the mind and body, and your orgasm difficulty may have causes rooted in either.
A traumatic brain injury can significantly impact sexual function, both physically and mentally.
Support a partner with perceived ejaculate volume reduction by taking a proactive approach.
The conditions are related but to say excess breast tissues causes ED ignores other factors.
Here's the lowdown on what's happening down low if you're taking medications for mental health.
OCD is a serious mental disorder that can cause stress and interfere with daily activities.
While sex declined for many, others got more creative, studies show.
Frank communication with a partner about health is an important aspect of your sex life.
If you are overwhelmed by nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety or dark thoughts, try these solutions.
A watchful eye and intentional choices can reduce the suffering caused by PTSD.
The (bad) choices you make in five areas could increase your chances for erectile dysfunction.
Sometimes the heart speaks for itself—you should listen if you want to avoid complications.
The verdict is in: Good cardiovascular health is essential for keeping your hard-ons hard.
Even young men can suffer from the psychological and physical reasons guys can't get it up.
Ecstasy-based studies enter Phase 3 trials with promising data.
Kidney disease can cause sexual problems, but you have options to treat one and avoid the other.
Erectile dysfunction isn't just about your penis—often it's a sign of other health problems.
Beat premature ejaculation with gels, sprays and condoms that decrease sensation.
Learn what you can do to maintain your erections so diabetes won't wreck your love life.
They work for many men, but erectile dysfunction medications have potential complications.
Could reliving past trauma be the secret to recovering from it?
If you have a loved one with GAD, offering relief can improve life for both of you.
Recreational use is one thing, but younger guys who need ED meds may have other issues.
Bringing a baby into the world can bring emotional upheaval. Here's how to support your partner.
Identifying the links between erectile dysfunction and sleep issues can help you with both.
Treating one condition can often help with the other—if you're willing to talk about them.
Get out of your own head and back into the bedroom by making positive changes in your life.
No one can prepare for a cancer diagnosis, but there are ways to manage your emotions.
Experiencing a shocking or terrifying event can have a lasting effect on your sexual health.
Facial hair and infertility may be signs of a larger issue.
Moving about the office or home a little at a time will make your body and brain thank you.
Without enough sleep, all aspects of your health can suffer. But how much is enough?
As many individuals struggle with mental health issues, a range of treatments offer hope.
Supporting a loved one is important, but practicing self-care is essential to your well-being.
With some planning, you can enjoy time out on the town with loved ones, regardless of IBS.
Here’s what you need to know about vaginismus, which can cause sex to be painful or impossible.
How much does your state of mind shape your sexual health?
How much does your state of mind shape your sexual health?
Parkinson's gives you enough to handle without having to worry about sexual difficulties.
Exercise may be the best medicine for your body. But how effective is it to fight substance use?
Here are ways to recognize and treat depression—in yourself or someone you know.
Depression can affect your body as much as your brain, so treat all aspects of the disorder.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) creates obstacles for sex, but wise choices can mitigate them.
Minimizing anxiety and distress reduces the negative mental health impacts for patients.
Empathy and openness in discussing both physical and psychological issues are essential.
Erectile dysfunction can affect your emotions and mental state, but you can deal with it.
This method of treating PTSD optimizes brain processing using memories and eye movements.
Addressing one condition can help with the other, but only if you speak up.
Seeking treatment for PTSD may help prevent premature dementia and hypertension in older adults.
Coping with cancer is daunting. Learning about the next steps and hopeful outcomes can help.
Choose from countless forms of exercise and meditation for a regular anti-anxiety boost.
Grief, doubt and frustration—heavy emotions can take their toll on a partnership.
Post-traumatic stress is a life-altering anxiety disorder affecting millions of females
Coping skills are essential to navigating fertility issues effectively.
Left untreated, anxiety can lead to serious long-term physical and mental health complications.
Healing after sexual trauma is not straightforward, but it is possible.
Exercise can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and improve sufferers' quality of life.
PTSD can affect anyone, so it's important people are aware of the stages they may go through.
Depression is manageable, but avoiding treatment can undermine every aspect of your life.
Meditation is a risk-free way to improve many conditions, and it may be easier than you think.
Anxiety and other aspects of mental health can be complicated to track or articulate.
It's normal to feel down sometimes when caring for a newborn. But at what point is it dangerous?
Your body and mind go through a lot during 'the fourth trimester.' Pay attention to them.
These tools and techniques may help alleviate the devastating effects of PTSD symptoms.
Depression is a complex root cause of erectile dysfunction, but some simple changes can help.
Chronic depression and anxiety can be a struggle to live with, but there are ways to cope.
Millions of people struggle with depression and anxiety. Both disorders, luckily, are treatable.
Depression and anxiety can affect every aspect of your life. Getting treatment can help.
Millions of Americans are impacted by depression and anxiety every year.
Lifestyle changes and proper treatments could help get you in the mood.
It's not all in your head when it comes to ED, but some of it might be.
If the relationship is no longer serving you, here's how to confidently navigate an exit.
Men can hurt after an abortion, too—sometimes with serious psychological ramifications.
Yes. Or no. It depends—and here's everything you need to know to resolve your issues.
Few conditions are as stigmatized as mental illness, but that's because misinformation abounds.
Much more than just 'having a bad day,' these conditions are serious and worth knowing about.
Mental illness isn't always obvious—recognizing signs is the first key step in recovery.
Understanding what lies behind mental health issues is just the first step in the battle.
Numerous studies show a strong interplay between depression and erectile dysfunction.
Feeling depressed? Forget the social stigma and get help—for your body as much as your mind.
Reducing anxiety is critical in PTSD treatment, and there are countless ways to get started.
Life with OCD is difficult, but your sex life doesn't need to suffer.
Male breast enlargement and erectile dysfunction share a common cause, but both can be treated.
Finding the right PTSD treatment can restore your sleep cycle and help rein in your symptoms.
Erectile dysfunction may be unknown territory for some men, but time is a great guide.
IBD is actually a variety of digestive disorders that affect about 3 million people in the U.S.
When grieving a lost relationship, common practices definitely work, but so do new techniques.
It's not uncommon for a period of grieving to cause a spike in arousal.
Take back control of your life and your depression with the right stress management tactics.
COVID-19 has put us all on edge. Can we ever get back to normal?
Flashbacks, guilt, fear and avoidance can all be signs telling you to seek a doctor's diagnosis.
Though LGBTQIA+ people have come far in public acceptance, there's still a lot of work ahead.
Knowing when to seek treatment is essential to prevent depression from controlling your life.
If you've thought about getting an IUD but feel a little unsure, here are some considerations.
Attitudes about sex have evolved significantly—so, too, should the attitude toward herpes.
If your past is weighing you and your sex life down, it's time to stop facing it alone.
Unchecked, depression can negatively impact all of your relationships, including intimate ones.
There may be reasons for the rumors, but no actual proof that vasectomies contribute to ED.
Post-traumatic stress disorder can upend life for patients and those who love them.
Today, we know more about both erectile dysfunction and depression than we ever have.
It's a remarkably common phenomenon, but some PE cases may be more problematic than others.
A rebound may make you feel better for now, but experts say it’s probably just a distraction.
Postpartum depression can create rifts between partners and sever intimate bonds.
Feeling down can impact your interest in getting down. Here, how to reignite the spark.
The stigma left by the HIV/AIDS epidemic is almost as harmful as the disease. Let’s change that.
You can navigate a healthy pregnancy even with eating disorders or body-image issues.
Studies have found correlation between PTSD and ED, so coping with one may help with the other.
Copper IUDs may be the cause behind your pain and bloat.
Ongoing depression during pregnancy and afterward is a common condition. Recognize the signs.
Exercising after giving birth can be important to your physical and mental well-being.
Chronic pain impacts more than 1.5 billion people and can cause harm to a healthy sex life.
About 121.5 million adults in the U.S. suffer from heart disease. Many feel its effects in bed.
Post-traumatic stress disorder affects not only those suffering, but also partners and family.
From everyday stress to chronic disorders, your anxiety has a direct impact on your erection.
Don’t let depression dampen your romantic life.
While a lifeline for many people, SSRI antidepressants are notorious for their side effects.
While a lifeline for many people, SSRI antidepressants are notorious for their side effects.
The best sex isn’t just physical—it also comes from the mind.
Transgender individuals aren’t 'other people.' They can be your loved ones, so support them.
Here's how to avoid the dreaded death-grip masturbation syndrome.
Though little known, perimenopausal depression can occur in women during a transitional time.
Difficult to define and diagnose, narcissism can be a very serious disorder.
Through support and healthy adjustments, you’ll be more equipped for postpartum depression.
A journey of ancestral discovery can have some unwanted detours but a rewarding destination.
The mind can be as important as a pill or a pump to restore sexual function and well-being.
Researchers believe erectile dysfunction could be a sign of cardiovascular problems.
While there’s no cure, there are mental health tips to help you deal with genital herpes.
Here’s what everyone should know about different types of female orgasms.
Many women expect mood swings during their cycle, but understanding why helps you take control.
PMS is more than just a regular inconvenience for women who suffer serious symptoms every month.
There are critical steps to manage PPD, a serious condition that affects moms after childbirth.
While this medical procedure has highly successful outcomes, there are issues to consider.
A penis curvature often caused by trauma, Peyronie’s disease can affect your comfort during sex.
Living with PE is challenging but not hopeless. Solutions exist. Find one that works for you.
The decision to get a penile implant is a serious one and calls for some serious research.
Mental health issues often cause problems with ED. But you don’t have to suffer in silence.
Male infertility can have many causes, but a proactive approach can yield positive results.
Anxiety is a common problem, and it can affect your libido. Learn how to take back control.