Pregnancy can best be described as…weird? No. Uncharted? Hmm. How about an epic journey? Better.

While it may seem like the epic journey comes to an end with the arrival of your new baby, that is only the beginning of the next part of the adventure.

While your baby is getting used to a body, so are you. Your body is undergoing a whole host of unfamiliar experiences and strange feelings in the weeks and months following delivery. Maybe you, like many women, feel like the shape of your body has changed forever. Maybe you feel like your head is fuzzy and you’re fatigued. All of these are normal reactions to the relationship you now have with your body after childbirth.

Because of this, you might be eager to return to your pre-pregnancy exercise habits or even pick up a new exercise routine. If you don’t feel ready, physically or emotionally, give it time and/or start out very slowly and easily.

In any case, exercise done safely and carefully can be a benefit for new moms.

Postpartum exercise guidelines

Let’s start with some medical guidelines. After childbirth, most women will require four to six weeks to