When your brain anticipates a reward—such as a climax from sexual stimulation—it releases dopamine, and the more it produces, the more enjoyment we feel. And more enjoyment for yourself is always the goal, right?

Well, maybe not. It's important to be mindful of what's really going on when you chase that dopamine high.

What does sex do to our bodies?

"Stress is really hard on the body and can create a lot of dysregulation," said Kate Balestrieri, a sex therapist. "For some people, that means their nervous system goes into hyperarousal, and for others, it means their nervous system goes into a state of hypoarousal, where you might be exhausted and disassociated from everyone and everything. Sex actually creates a whole process of neurochemicals that can help someone's nervous system get regulated."

According to Balestrieri, people who go into hyperarousal under stress are more likely to indicate feelings of anxiety or anger and experience obsessive thoughts or rumination.

"They might even be exhibiting some signs of obsessive-compulsive behavior. They might feel like their foot is on the gas pedal, and they're a bit revved," Balestrieri explained. "Different neurochemicals can help bring