Therapist and author Bat Sheva Marcus offers solutions to common female sexual health problems.
Therapist and author Bat Sheva Marcus offers solutions to common female sexual health problems.
'The O.C.' star sends fans into a frenzy trying to figure out who helped her reach the 'big O.'
Here is a woman's handy guide for orgasms and intimacy, and how to make both better.
Sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller talk about their expanded ode to the 'big O.'
Sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller talk about their expanded ode to the 'big O.'
Sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller talk about their expanded ode to the 'big O.'
Starting an aerobic exercise routine might be the key ingredient for more powerful climaxes.
Starting an aerobic exercise routine might be the key ingredient for more powerful climaxes.
Climaxes release chemicals that increase feelings of intimacy and satisfaction among partners.
Rare examples of lethal climaxes have been recorded, but underlying causes are usually to blame.
It's very rare, but POIS can cause flu-like symptoms at one of the worst possible times.
A study says yes; experts say no. Let's look at clitoral, vaginal and blended climaxes—and more.
A study says yes; experts say no. Let's look at clitoral, vaginal and blended climaxes—and more.
Studies show that excessive use of the platforms may negatively impact sexual function in women.
Is it a problem if your self-pleasure style can't easily be replicated by a partner?
Blood pressure changes, ED medication and other conditions can affect your vision.
Blood pressure changes, ED medication and other conditions can affect your vision.
Here's your guide to sex, orgasms and how to make it all better.
Here's your guide to sex, orgasms and how to make it all better.
Studies show a complex connection for 'addicted' users.
Studies show a complex connection for 'addicted' users.
Taking awhile to climax can be frustrating, but it doesn't mean sex can't still be enjoyable.
Taking awhile to climax can be frustrating, but it doesn't mean sex can't still be enjoyable.
Everyone fails to climax from time to time. There's no reason to panic if it happens.
Myths fed by the internet have no place in sex education.
Myths fed by the internet have no place in sex education.
Myths fed by the internet have no place in sex education.
The first-ever count discovers more than 10,000 nerve fibers in the erogenous organ.
The first-ever count discovers more than 10,000 nerve fibers in the erogenous organ.
'Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste' dives in.
Stimulate this often-forgotten erogenous zone through perineum massage and other methods.
Ejaculate and the process that sends it out of the penis are both a bit complicated.
It sounds awkward, but this condition is painless and harmless—unless you're trying to conceive.
Grab a pillow and get in the go-to position to generate blood flow and, potentially, an orgasm.
Here's what determines how frequently a man can climax and when he should give it a rest.
They are two different, often simultaneous, processes that take a split-second to occur.
After ejaculating, most men need some time before they're ready to go again.
It may feel unpleasant, but this condition is usually no reason to panic and is often treatable.
You may be struggling to climax for a variety of reasons, but you can make behavioral changes.
Getting in tune with your body and communicating your needs may be the answer.
Stimulating the anus, vagina and clitoris in combination can take pleasure to the next level.
Men diagnosed with MS may have complications with erections and orgasms.
Normal levels of penile discharge vary widely but depend on the substance in question.
If you ever want to simulate the big O, learn the playbook.
It's time to unlearn prioritizing men's sexual gratification over your own.
These benevolent partners simply live to serve their grateful bottoms.
Become acquainted with these feel-good spots so you can show your partner a good time.
All right, guys, let's dive a bit deeper into the moment of truth.
Orgasms, sensual touch and intimate connections play roles in a vibrant love life and longevity.
Delaying orgasm can help you reach the limit of sexual pleasure—and then shoot past it.
Intrigued by claims of enhanced sensuality, I booked a remote hypno-sex session.
Just because an object vibrates or looks like a penis doesn't mean it's safe for masturbation.
Don't be selfish. Let your partner enjoy 'all of those deliciously tender nerve-endings.'
Experience orgasms at the gym without having sex.
It's great to know what you like, but masturbation is a safe time to try new approaches.
Here's how to nail this highly intense, multiplayer sexual experience—even if you're nervous.
Getting pierced in the privates has a few negatives, but the fun side is the payoff.
It's possible to lose the magic touch—with yourself or a partner—but you can always get it back.
When your body is constantly aroused but your mind is not, daily life can get tricky.
Jumping under the covers might get your contractions started.
There's a gap for women, but keeping track may allow you to be more in touch with your pleasure.
Difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating may have a mental or emotional reason.
It's not easy to get a firm grip on the facts behind a persistent internet tall tale.
Reevaluate your expectations of sex to make it less of a competition and more about intimacy.
There are many things to avoid during pregnancy. Making love isn't one of them.
Don’t fear the worst. There are many other ways to express love, affection and ecstasy.
Whether using water-safe toys or a running faucet, your clitoris will thank you.
Hopefully, you have some fuel left in the tank because we have more tricks for you to try.
Cancer is bad enough. When it forces removal of the bladder and prostate, that's a lot to face.
A little-known fibrous bundle in the perineum holds the key to male sexual happiness.
Self-pleasure may help boost your mood and ease discomfort.
Much more than a blow job: removing pressure, exploring boundaries
Achieving orgasm isn't just about what happens between the sheets.
How to achieve good vibes only right from the jump.
The downsides to self-pleasure and ejaculation are limited, so let yourself go and let it flow.
Their sex-positive messages on pre-cable TV changed the way we look at sex, love and friendship.
A painful climax does not mean a permanent ban on pleasurable experiences.
If your hormones aren't in line, chances are your orgasms aren't, either.
This combination fluid is possible for most vulva owners to achieve.
I can’t tell if there’s something wrong with me, my vagina, or the sex I’m having.
Antidepressants, especially SSRIs, are effective for many men who ejaculate too quickly.
My orgasm looks like blues, greens and yellows.
If you're ready to inject some new life into your climax, here are a few tips and tricks.
Your body says one thing, but your brain is saying something else—it's natural but inconvenient.
Why do beats and tunes get us in the mood?
You may 'drink and know things,' but if you want to do things, put the alcohol down.
Diabetes, thyroid disease and prostatitis are among the ailments potentially linked to PE.
Thanks to the pandemic, more of us are feeling less horny.
To ensure a better sex life for everyone, society must evolve past patriarchal views.
You may know how to reach your best climax, but what's actually happening from start to finish?
When you combine a room full of strangers, marijuana and tantric massage, expect the unexpected.
Feeling focused after you finish isn't just a guy thing. Release provides mental benefits.
Despite what we've seen in Hollywood and in porn, how should you really approach it?
Orchiectomy is still the gold standard, but some men can retain part of their affected testicle.
This type of auditory porn can give you both orgasms and 'brain-gasms.'
Here's a useful guide for managing expectations in a 'situationship.'
Most of it is not visible—and it's way bigger than you might think.
What those interfering ruminations are trying to accomplish and what to do about them.
Ready to level up your solo sessions and partner sex? There's a toy for that.
What's really going on in our brains when we're busy getting it on?
If climaxing is causing more 'ouch' than 'aah,' there could be a treatable source.
Embody your pleasure and get into the nitty-gritty of focusing on yourself.
Here are seven types of tools for women who want to take charge of their own pleasure.
Put aside your hangups about solo sex—it’s for the greater good.
No Nut November is a fun challenge, but don't buy into the fringe health benefit claims.
Not all sex requires penetration. Take some tips on how to please your partner in other ways.
While most people feel euphoria when they come, others are unlucky—they have sexual anhedonia.
This urethral penetration kink makes many men feel incredible—but it's not without risks.
This grown-up version of red light, green light can help men overcome premature ejaculation.
Sex isn't always necessary to achieve climax. Sometimes all it takes is some fun and relaxation.
It's rare, but some women experience the most powerful climax of their lives.
Despite being rarely discussed and understudied, 'laughgasms' are definitely a thing.
It's all good as long as you're having fun.
Anejaculation is the opposite of ejaculation and there are many reasons for it.
Pleasure should be an all-access area, regardless of physicality.
For the newly sober, sex can be weird and awkward but also bedframe-shaking.
The good news is that serotonin from an orgasm can cure a migraine. But the bad news…
Some things even you—an expert in the field—may not know about one of your favorite activities.
Cannabidiol has been used to relieve stress and reduce pain, but it could be useful in bed, too.
Having sex can be a great stress reliever, but it may not solve your problems.
Does your head ever hurt during or after sexual climax? Experts say you’re not alone.
Learn how to put your best foot forward—each and every time.
Most guys may think lasting a long time in bed is a blessing, but for many, it's a curse.
Kick the cancer sticks or risk erectile dysfunction.
What your mother never told you about holding in your urine.
No matter your age, getting walked in on while you're pleasuring yourself feels weird.
Every time you make your 'O' face, you get these mental and physical benefits.
Delta-8-THC may have found anecdotal success, but not all experts are on board for broad use.
Yes, getting rid of the disease is primary, but keep an eye toward life after treatment.
The road to mental health recovery is long, and dating along the way brings its own challenges.
Peak amounts of stress and solitude changed the way our brains connect with our libidos.
Internal feelings or external stimuli? Here's why some women experience sleep orgasms.
For men with retrograde ejaculation, the big O is accompanied by the big 0—as in no semen.
Slow down, speedy. You deserve a better orgasm. Take your time and enjoy yourself.
Your craving is about much more than just being deprived of physical contact.
Pleasuring myself opened up a new world of understanding how society views my body.
You're not a failure if you don't climax. There are much more important qualities to consider.
The person behind your eyelids isn't the person next to you in bed. Should you be worried?
Take masturbation up a notch by making a sexy voice memo.
Nocturnal emissions continue through adulthood, and they're nothing to be ashamed of.
Experts say we might be staying on these medications for years longer than we should.
Not lasting long enough can have emotional and relationship consequences. Get answers.
Strengthening this muscle group is important for everyone, especially women entering menopause.
You have no problem with giving, so what's stopping you from receiving?
It's not always easy to switch into 'sex mode,' but you can gradually train your brain.
Years of sexual experience don't make you immune to this common issue in the bedroom.
Whether it’s a little extra lubrication or full-blown orgasms, women can have wet dreams, too.
A decrease in semen volume can be caused by many factors, as well as indicate other troubles.
Studies suggest the ideal length of sex might surprise you.
With so many nerve endings, proper stimulation creates 'incredible sensations from head to toe.'
A look at how nipple, penis and clitoral hood piercings can enhance your experience.
Being stuck at home isn’t the miracle recipe for masturbation we may have thought.
Some honest answers from sexually active adults.
Antidepressants can affect sexual function, but giving up your medicine is not the answer.
Sex involves the mind and body, and your orgasm difficulty may have causes rooted in either.
The start-stop and squeeze methods can address PE and improve your sex life.
But a few small changes can improve your sexual performance.
Liven up your workouts, and you can liven up the bedroom as well.
Check out the pros and cons of each procedure, because only you can choose what's right for you.
Various health issues can cause blockages for your sperm—and fertility.
Discovering why you aren't feeling it like you used to can help improve your sex life.
A solo show or a mutual jerk party with your partner can heat things up in the bedroom.
Forget the old 'think about baseball' trick and use these tried-and-true tips instead.
Even after 'the snip,' you can still enjoy a robust sex life, without the fear of pregnancy.
If your birth control lowers your sex drive, take these measures to counteract.
People can't get enough of this royal facesitting position.
Our Q&A should encourage you to explore your hidden—and hot—erogenous zone.
You're better off single if you're missing sexual communication with your partner.
Exercising your pelvic floor now will save you from having to endure serious issues later on.
FOD is a sexual disorder that can seem overwhelming without the right approach.
A 101 guide to fitting a whole hand inside a vagina.
Working on your solo game can open new doors with your partner, too.
Are you finding it hard to climax? Here are some tips to get out of your own head.
Despite some scientific controversy, many women swear by the magic of the G-spot.
Scientific backing is scant, but practitioners of semen retention claim it has sexual benefits.
For guys concerned about their performance, every minute matters.
Aching joints don’t have to ruin your romantic life.
Parkinson's gives you enough to handle without having to worry about sexual difficulties.
Understanding the causes of uterine prolapse can help you avoid this common condition.
We're not messing around here: Amp up your anal sex pleasure with these positions.
So your ejaculations have a little less oomph. Is age to blame or are other factors at play?
Understanding the physiology of climaxes may help you achieve better ones—and more often.
Pleasure is only the beginning. Did you know orgasms can also be beneficial to your health?
Masturbation may be a 'get in and get out' operation for you, but here's how to really get off.
Feeling nervous? If you're starting out, let's work on the best positions for maximum intimacy.
As long as masturbation isn't controlling your life, it can have helpful hormonal effects.
There’s a time & place for your furry friend to be in the bedroom.
There’s a time & place for your furry friend to be in the bedroom.
There’s a time & place for your furry friend to be in the bedroom.
Inhale. Exhale. This mindful technique may be the answer.
Keep the skin on your bikini line smooth and irritation-free with easy-to-implement pointers.
No matter how much we learn about female and male orgasms, misinformation continues to abound.
Solo pleasure is as natural an activity as there is. So why all the masturbation myths?
Let's set the record straight on how it 'should' be done.
Crunches—among other exercises—can indeed make you climax.
Medical procedures may offer a fix for ED, but you need to know the risks involved.
Yes. Or no. It depends—and here's everything you need to know to resolve your issues.
We all know masturbation is normal, yes, but it might have more benefits than just having fun.
We have all heard the myths, but what do we actually know about female ejaculation?
Sex in the shower can be sensual and steamy, plus it opens up all kinds of possibilities.
As long as humans have known how babies are made, we've looked for ways to prevent having them.
Hollywood loves a splashy sex scene, but what are the realities of underwater sex?
Stressed and overworked? Creativity and communication can keep your sex life alive.
While many people don't think twice, it turns out uppers can be a real downer for your penis.
Life with obsessive-compulsive disorder is difficult, but your sex life doesn't need to suffer.
Male breast enlargement and erectile dysfunction share a common cause, but both can be treated.
A clinical setting isn't a big turn-on, so use our tips for getting this important job done.
Treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction and chronic pain may improve their sex life.
Cycling is great for maintaining an active life—but daily rides may impact your sex life.
Solitary satisfaction can be perfectly gratifying without relying on commercial sources.
A common cause of so-called dry orgasms, retrograde ejaculation can also cause fertility issues.
Knowing your type of sleep animal can help you identify the ideal time to mate.
Masturbation isn't a boys club, but it does look different for women than it does for men.
Spend more time enjoying sex by finding a solution to premature ejaculation. We have options.
Wondering if you have some kinks in you? Finding out can make for some fun exploration.
Women who persistently experience low sex drive could suffer from sexual dysfunction.
Understanding your and your partner's sexuality is a path to a deeper connection of intimacy.
Whatever works, works—but there's a lot more you could be doing to improve your orgasms.
Speedy sex can be thrilling, but faster isn't always better.
Equivalent to the female G-spot, the P-spot can become an integral part of full-body orgasms.
Here's the nitty-gritty on how to perform and receive oral sex during that time of the month.
Help is available for the physical and mental well-being of prostate cancer survivors.
Sure, check up on your swimmers in the privacy of your home—but only as preliminary research.
Two sex experts dish on how you, too, can enjoy fifth base.
A threesome might be a great way to spice up your love life. But how do you make it happen?
Changing attitudes and laws are giving consumers new cannabis-related products to try.
And why do we only ever talk about blue balls?
And it has nothing to do with your (or your partner's) performance.
Self-pleasure can be casual or a big event, but in any case, it has some great benefits.
When occasional sexual disinterest or discomfort becomes persistent, it may signal dysfunction.
Don't panic, here's what to do when bodily fluids end up in the most inconvenient spot.
Let's break down this mythical erogenous zone and find out if the fantasy can come true.
Sexual intercourse gets the blood pumping and the sex position might feel like some form of yoga
Cancer of any kind can have a huge effect on your life, and prostate cancer is no different.
Prostate orgasms can offer a new realm of pleasure for the curious.
It can be good for your health and mind blowingly pleasurable—sometimes both.
Here's what it means when nothing comes out.
There's nothing 'icky' about the benefits. Trust us.
Before you yell 'Party!' know the negative impact the party drug 'X' can have on your sex life.
BTW: It's totally normal not to know whether or not you're having one.
Though there's little science on the subject, studies indicate men can have multiple orgasms.
Experts explain the link between rest and romance, and how to score more of both.
Why getting laid in the A.M. may help jump-start your day.
Learn about your spunk—it can tell you a lot about your health.
Diabetes can cause side effects in unexpected ways and places, especially in the bedroom.
This ‘warm’ and ‘euphoric’ erogenous zone may be your new favorite thing.
Cannabis-infused products promise an added high when you’re getting down.
How delaying climax can help your hard-on.
Whether an old hand or a new practitioner, you can always learn more about masturbation.
It’s in everything from lotions to smoothies, but does CBD have a place in the bedroom, too?
More patients are surviving rectal cancer and getting back to a better quality of life, and sex.
The best sex isn’t just physical—it also comes from the mind.
Find kinky DIY options where you least expect them, around your own home.
Here's how to avoid the dreaded 'death-grip syndrome.'
It’s uncommon and not widely known, but yes, POIS exists; you can get sick after ejaculation.
You’ll blast off like never before once you try these tips and techniques.
Using some basic anatomical knowledge and debunking, the female orgasm isn’t so mysterious.
Recognize the roadblocks to orgasms and learn the potential solutions to getting off.
Rethinking your sex positions may lead to a solution for lasting longer in bed.
Large people shouldn’t be shortchanged on sexual pleasure.
Spice up your sex life by trying these 11 poses for you and your partner.
Spice up your sex life by trying these 11 poses for you and your partner.
Orgasms are awesome, so have more of them by using these clever positions and techniques.
Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and penis rings. Everyone can have fun with toys in the bedroom.
While men may give their foreskin little thought, it can be a source of confusion for women.
Our vagina guide covers the ins and outs of lady parts. Learn how to make the vagina happy.
Sex starts way before intercourse—even before anyone’s clothes come off.
It might be time to give more attention to your often-ignored prostate gland.
Are you experiencing urinary incontinence, premature ejaculation or ED? Let’s talk Kegels.
Looking to add some new life to your sex life? Exercise may prove helpful.
Looking to break up the monotony of…well, everything? Try this beginner’s guide to kink.
Here’s what you need to know about achieving orgasms and how they impact your health.
The male reproductive system includes many components and you want all of them working properly.
Pubic hair grooming habits are constantly evolving. What pubic practice is best for you?
Being pregnant changes everything—including sex. You have questions; we have answers.
For men who suffer from prostatitis, natural treatments may provide much-needed relief.
The bacterial infection prostatitis is common and highly treatable with lifestyle changes.
Living with PE is challenging but not hopeless. Solutions exist. Find one that works for you.
Because the causes of PE are so varied, finding the right treatment option can be a challenge.
There’s much to consider before getting a vasectomy. Here are the things you need to know.
Various treatments for prostate cancer may have more outcomes than just managing your illness.
Anxiety is a common problem, and it can affect your libido. Learn how to take back control.
If you’re starting HRT, here’s how to make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer.