Herbie Peterson, a young man diagnosed with a chronic illness, began experiencing premature ejaculation (PE) after his diagnosis. It was so severe that when Peterson (a pseudonym) went online to buy undergarments for his girlfriend, he came just from visiting the lingerie website.

Peterson's therapist, Jenn Bossio, Ph.D., a psychologist and owner of Tri Health Clinic in Kingston, Ontario, found he was experiencing a lot of stress-related to his chronic illness.

"That was really ramping up his nervous system, which was making ejaculation more likely to happen," Bossio said.

Bossio suggested Peterson try the start-stop method, a behavioral technique that involves stimulating the penis until right before ejaculation, then stopping. During penetrative sex, Peterson and his partner practiced stopping and not moving when he felt he was about to come.

"They'd have to wait quite a while, maybe up to a minute or even more, and then start pumping again," Bossio said.

After four therapy sessions with Bossio, and practicing the start-stop method with his