Don Becker had a lot going for him—a successful career in health care, a wife and two children—but he had trouble maintaining an erection during sex. He wasn't alone; tens of millions of men have the same issue. A generally anxious individual, Becker struggled with low sexual desire.

What made Becker different from a lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) was how he sought help. He saw sex therapist Jenn Bossio, Ph.D., owner of Tri Health Clinic in Kingston, Ontario.

"We started practicing mindfulness right away," Bossio said of Becker (a pseudonym). "He took it very seriously."

Becker practiced five minutes per day while listening to a meditation. This was formal practice, in which he remained aware of his physical, emotional and mental state in the moment. For informal practice, he performed regular activities—chores as mundane as washing the dishes—mindfully aware and without judgment.

"He had an elderly dog, so he'd