Though it may be the source of embarrassment for some, premature ejaculation—when you ejaculate sooner than your or your partner would like— is one of the most common sexual disorders among men, with one study finding that up to 39 percent of guys may suffer from PE.

PE can be very frustrating and can make sex less enjoyable. Fortunately, men can use behavioral techniques to develop more control over ejaculation. Some of the most common and effective are the start-stop method and the squeeze method.

Start-stop method

The start-stop method, also known as edging, involves stimulating the penis until right before ejaculation, then stopping until the urge to come goes away. Repeat these actions several times until you are ready to orgasm. The start-stop method will delay your orgasm as well as make it more intense.

The start-stop method is about finding your point of no return, meaning the point where ejaculation is inevitable.