As many as 1 in 3 men in the U.S. suffers from premature ejaculation (PE), a condition when a man has a rapid ejaculation and it causes distress to him or his partner.

The good news is that nearly all cases of PE have successful outcomes.

Communicate your issues

Meeting with a psychotherapist is an excellent way to identify if you have any underlying conditions, such as anxiety or depression, and will allow you to work through any feelings that might be contributing to your PE.

A therapist can teach you how to mentally work through any issues and steer you toward helpful support groups. Being able to share experiences with others who have the same issues can be therapeutic. You can discuss the treatments you’ve tried and what’s worked for you and get feedback from an empathetic audience.

Take matters into your own hands

Techniques exist that you—or you and your partner—can use to build up your resistance to premature ejaculation, giving you more control. There are two methods you can try right now: the Start-Stop method and the Pause-Squeeze method. A third method is to try Kegel exercises.

Start-Stop method

As the name suggests, when you’re having sex with