Let’s skip the foreplay and get right to the technicalities: The average guy ejaculates after four to five minutes, according to the Mayo Clinic. Ejaculating any sooner than that is likely to wreak havoc on a guy’s psyche—just think about how Missy Elliott immortalized the "One Minute Man."

But coming too soon is not uncommon: Every guy has the occasional instance of overexcitement, but about one in three American men between 18 to 59 years old have more persistent problems with premature ejaculation (PE), according to the Urology Care Foundation. By definition, this means you’re either having an orgasm before intercourse or it’s happening less than two minutes after you start having sex, said Tobias Kohler, M.D., a urologist and professor of urology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

There are two types of premature ejaculation: lifelong and acquired. The former is a result of a genetic predisposition, Kohler said, “but it’s not very common for fathers and sons to have a