On some level, we all understand porn deceives us.

We know things like how big penises really are, how long sex should last and how often pizza delivery guys actually get to deliver to apartments full of giggly, naked 20-somethings ready to tip generously.

One area where many of us may feel we've been misled by porn is just how much moaning and groaning is okay. I mean, even us longtime porn connoisseurs can agree that sometimes the wild shrieks of performers are a bit much.

But does some level of vocalizing during sex make it better? And who are those moans and the screams for, anyway?

Is noisy sex natural?

Making some sort of sound during, let's face it, a pretty pleasurable act may seem completely natural. However, silent sex is often the norm for a surprising number of people—which may prove confusing for their partners. Approaching the subject gently and openly can sometimes help.

"I might ask first: What stops them from making noise