You're mid-hookup. You're feeling sexy, your partner's hitting the right spots and you're really enjoying yourself. The promise of an orgasm is bubbling up and you close your eyes, then your partner whispers in your ear, "You like that don't you, Mommy?"

Cue the cringe, a crippling combination of discomfort and secondhand embarrassment so many of us are familiar with.

While it's naive to think you'll love everything your partner does all the time, in bed or otherwise, there are some moments that reveal a disconnect more clearly than others. Unsavory pet names, questionable requests, abrupt announcements, entirely too much eye contact—sex provides ample opportunity for awkward exchanges.

But discussing it all can feel like a dangerous dance when there's potential for hurt feelings and damage to the relationship. So, how should you handle this delicate situation?

Cringe explained

From the notorious post-sex "Did you come?" inquiry—if you have to ask, probably not—to being "booped" on the nose in bed, everyone has at least one cringeworthy sex memory.

"[He said] 'American women don't know how to make love, they only know how to fuck,'" said Mary, a 27-year-old in