When you go to get a haircut and your hairdresser asks, “What would you like me to do today?”, you typically don’t reply, “Go crazy and do anything you want.” Even if you don’t have a complete mental picture of what you want done, you might tell them what you like or what you don’t like, and you’ll definitely let them know what will not be OK. (Mohawks are so 1980s!)

Your sex life should be no different.

No means no

Communicating consent is something important you need to be very clear about.

To keep with the helpful hairdresser analogy, you wouldn’t let just anyone chop your gorgeous locks. You decide who cuts your hair and provide that person with specific guidance as to what you want.

Whether you just met someone or have known someone for years and have been intimate with them, you should always have the option to say no to any sexual activity.

Sometimes people may feel as if they have led someone on by accident and have sex out of guilt. Other times, someone may initially want to have sex but change their mind for any number of reasons and then feel too intimidated to take