Bring more intimacy, connection and pleasure back into your relationship. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
Bring more intimacy, connection and pleasure back into your relationship. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
Bring more intimacy, connection and pleasure back into your relationship. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
When is the best time to discuss your sexual fantasies? And how do you start that conversation?
Don't let shame diminish your sense of exploration.
Don't let shame diminish your sense of exploration.
Take sexual activity to the next level by heightening the experiences of taste, smell and sound.
Take sexual activity to the next level by heightening the experiences of taste, smell and sound.
Author Julie Fennell dispels myths about the BDSM scene and offers advice for the curious.
Whether you want to be chained up or spanked, describing your desires is imperative.
Katoptronophilia: Why some people love to watch themselves while they're having sex.
For some people, a little degradation goes a long way toward emotional and sexual relief.
Our kinky origins are neurological, conditioned or may align with our interests and experiences.
Explore what it's like to visit a professional dominatrix. (Here's a tip: Bring a gift.)
These benevolent partners simply live to serve their grateful bottoms.
Intercrural sex has a surprisingly long history, and plenty of popularity in the present.
The infusion gives people a roller coaster of sensations.
Being tickled makes us laugh and lose control, and for some people, that's intensely arousing.
Modern sex-positive gatherings are much different, and likely safer, than blasts from the past.
Exploring fantasies shifts the focus from finishing to fun.
Would you accept an invitation? If so, go in with your eyes open and play to your strengths.
Getting pierced in the privates has a few negatives, but the fun side is the payoff.
Whether giving or receiving, here are the facts to do things safely.
Candy G-strings and sugary foods are tasty ways to spice up sex, but precautions are crucial.
Staying connected after sex can improve the experience as a whole.
Neurodiverse minds encourage an unconventional approach to intimacy.
Yes, you can reveal your secret, spicy daydreams—even if the thought makes you cringe.
You don't have to be a pro to create an unforgettable experience. Try these 7 steps to heaven.
The fires of passion may have cooled down but that doesn't mean the spark is gone for good.
A sub and a dom explain how name-calling, mocking and public punishment can be super-hot.
From explicit sex scenes to emotional depths, racy novels can make us hot.
Helping people feel safe and comfortable while they explore sexual interests is crucial.
While people claim the trend has benefits, experts say it actually causes harm.
Keeping your medical professional in the loop may benefit your healthcare.
Being subjected to public masturbation can have lasting effects.
This scandalous genre has some hidden benefits, so don't judge it by its cover.
When you combine a room full of strangers, marijuana and tantric massage, expect the unexpected.
Being viewed by others in a sexual situation can be hot, as long as you're careful.
This type of auditory porn can give you both orgasms and 'brain-gasms.'
Is it pain or pleasure? Find your hot spot by learning the best methods for this sensation play.
A therapist who offers erotic sessions talks about enforcing her limits on the job.
From 'lover' to 'daddy,' learn what they want to be called during sex.
This urethral penetration kink makes many men feel incredible—but it's not without risks.
Political activism and education are key for this escort.
Life-like robots evoke science fiction, but some real people prefer sex with high-tech toys.
This subgenre capitalizes on the allure of, shall we say, compromising positions.
Two female adult film actors discuss the social changes that revolutionized an industry.
They're different from appreciating compliments, and like other kinks, they can make sex hotter.
Jennifer Coolidge of 'American Pie' isn't backing down from the label.
Learn how to put your best foot forward—each and every time.
There’s a difference between appreciating a larger body and objectifying it.
Food in the bedroom can be fun, but it can also create a hot mess.
While it may feel freeing, it can come with triggering risks.
Expert secrets on setting up a successful three-way—and making sure everyone has a good time.
How were members impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and what do the new guidelines look like?
Heed an expert's advice on what you'll need to prepare before heading inside.
Take masturbation up a notch by making a sexy voice memo.
From urine to blood, fluids can be a huge turn-on for some.
Make sure you have a plan for what happens later.
A look at how nipple, penis and clitoral hood piercings can enhance your experience.
This sex act is relatively common, but there are serious risks to consider.
Media encourages men to dominate, but listen and learn from your partner about what they want.
Daydreaming about that steamy barista probably doesn't always mean you're doomed
Experiencing an erection while pooping isn't abnormal, but it's also probably not recurring.
People can't get enough of this royal facesitting position.
You're better off single if you're missing sexual communication with your partner.
Before you go seeking new highs, check that these products won't put you at new lows.
It's normal to be curious about your partner's sexual history, but be careful how you ask.
Getting someone pregnant can be more than just a biological impulse.
Here are all the juicy details you’ve wanted to know about BDSM but were too shy to ask.
If you’re flirting with making your sex life more exciting, maybe introduce a little kink.
Looking to break up the monotony of…well, everything? Try this beginner’s guide to kink.
Hollywood loves a splashy sex scene, but what are the realities of underwater sex?
Solitary satisfaction can be perfectly gratifying without relying on commercial sources.
The biggest surprises were…well, just read on and you might be quite surprised, too.
Consent and risk-awareness are sexy practices that bring greater pleasure to everyone.
Wondering if you have some kinks in you? Finding out can make for some fun exploration.
Speedy sex can be thrilling, but faster isn't always better.
Here are some practical tips to get the most out of BDSM negotiations with your partner.
Opening up about your desires and needs could lead to a relationship with hotter sex.
BDSM offers a unique release to differently abled kinksters.
Wielding a strap-on can help change gender norms in the bedroom.
Do you have some secret desires you want to explore? Right this way!
Turn your fantasies into reality with this guide to kinky roleplay.
Get out of your comfort zone and fantasize. It will add a little sizzle to your sex life.
How delaying climax can help your hard-on.
Safer sex isn’t just about preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
What is roleplay if not sexy improvisation? Use your ad-lib skills to create erotic thrills.
Find kinky DIY options where you least expect them, around your own home.
People who are submissive during sex still have control over scenes, and their lives.
If your kinks are must-haves, you need to address them early with new partners.
Communication about your sexual needs can lead to a more fulfilling and engaging partnership.
Be open and honest with your partner to build a foundation for healthy and rewarding sex.
Let's clear the air and reframe some of the most common misconceptions about BDSM.
There’s no reason for sex to be routine or boring. Perhaps all you need is a new direction.
Looking to break up the monotony of…well, everything? Try this beginner’s guide to kink.